Two more launches! Miami and Portland raise your glasses!


Ok Miami, we have heard you time and time again, you want some 3G. Well guess what??? The wait is over……TOMORROW!! That’s right, you launch September 16th!! I’m just excited because I love Miami and as you can see, I love Miami Vice! Not the Colin Farrel, Jamie Foxx cheapie version that didn’t even include the theme song that made the show. No I’m talking about Don Johnson when he personified cool, you know before the Nash Bridges days…

Portland, guess what, you launch on the 18th! That’s right, 3 launch cities this week. So head out to your local T-mobile store and pick up one of 5 currently offered 3G devices! Sorry Portland residents, Miami got the 3G launch city picture this week, I just couldn’t pass up posting a Miami Vice picture.

Enjoy 3G love Miami and Portland!

  • Leaders of the Free World

    so did the boston area get our 3G launch yet?

  • sk

    any info on tampa? or if the shadow 2 will support 3g?

  • Gapboi954

    Finally the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale market gets some 3G love. Woohoo!!!!!!!

  • Major90

    WHOO!!!! Finally Miami gets a better network!

  • Boston is active already
    don’t forget San Diego, which is active today

  • silk7

    Hey– that was my show Miami vice!!!

  • LR

    so there 5 3g devices right now??? which ones, i thought they only had like one or two…

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Congrats… not even going to say it……..yes i am. Come on Detroit!!

  • Galen

    Detroit 3G Launch!!!! NOWwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  • A.R.E.

    So does this include Dade and Broward Counties?

  • ShootingBlue

    Where the hell is chicago??

  • Drivethruboy168

    2 reliable sources say 3G in Los Angeles on Sept. 20!

  • lenden

    so yeah me too was wondering which are the 5 3g phones currently available from tmo?! anyone?!

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Nokia 6263 and 3555. Samsung t639 and t819. Sony ericsson tm506.

  • Armo

    wat the hell happened to phoenix!? when r we getting it?

    and any news on the t919?

  • J-Hop2o6

    A handful of other cities will be covered by 3G in September.
    San Diego will go live Sept. 15;
    L.A. and Phoenix go live on the 16th,
    Sacramento on the 17th,
    Portland on the 18th,
    Seattle on the 23rd (odd that T-Mo’s home town is so far down this list),
    followed by San Francisco on Sept. 24,
    and Orlando on Sept. 25th

    Other cities launching later this year include: Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Memphis, Miami, New England, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Washington, D.C.

  • lenden

    thank you, I must say I’m less than blown away by those offerings(current 5 3g phones).. I am a current tmobile subscriber but why must tmo always play second fiddle to the other carriers? I mean I know they have some cool phones on the way, I personally am looking forward to the samsung tocco, but I don’t believe that will be a ‘smart’ phone.. I’d like to see tmo get all those sweet upcoming phones like the HTC Diamond for sprint and other phones I just can’t recall. Tmo offers awesome phones in the U.K and Germany, checking out the UK tmo website makes me feel downright pissed! why not offer some cool phones here?!

  • ejbolt

    Wow, that’s great :S Orlando gets it and now Miami. I’m in the middle in Tampa Bay and no word yet.

  • flav

    I live North of Fort Lauderdale, it definitely was launched in Miami today I had strong 3G signal on my 6263 but the 3g phases out midway through Broward county. Nothing in NE quadrant of Broward.

  • MarceloL

    3G ? Where ? I live in South Dade and there’s no 3G down here ? Maybe in Broward, but all I get is an ‘E’, and not a 3G. Is there a different access point that you need to set up to get a 3G connection than ?

  • Pam

    Will North Carolina ever get 3g?

  • Robfactory

    3g works in a dif. frequency. It’s not like you can just program it like t-zones. Your phones needs 1700 or 2100 frequencies.
    I myself see the 3G is lacking in coverage. I have the G1 and I get the 3G network about 30% of the time.

  • Robfactory

    BTW I live in the kendall area and travel between the 33157 to 33176 to 33135 daily.