Not feeling Android, pre-register for the Pearl 8220!


That’s right, an eagle eyed tipster found T-mobile has posted a pre-registration/information page for the forthcoming T-mobile Blackberry Pearl 8220. We posted a Blackerry teaser page last week along with some specs and a quick glance doesn’t show any changes. So if you’re not feeling Android, Samsung or Moto, then this Blackberry may be the phone for you!

So hit the link for the T-mobile information page and to register for updated information about this exciting new Blackberry! Go T-mobile with the exclusive!

Update: The pre-register option takes you to the Blackberry teaser page where you can sign up there.

  • danny

    right so awesome phone but we want news about the dream more dream more dream 1 st

  • T1 Connect

    ya know david you should put a post about the android so these dumbasses who like to jump post could talk about the dream.oh u did hey dumbasses if ya wanna talk about the dream GO TO THE FORUMS

  • Tim

    Why is it that this phone is being launched w/o 3G?

  • Mike

    I’m sure its a typo but on T-Mobile’s site it says a Sidekick data plan is required? I dont think thats right…

  • T1 Connect

    probably doesnt need it not everyphone is going to have 3g

  • lol @ T1 Connect, and i think i might want this phone, i’m kind of excited. I wanted that other phone a while back,similar to this, that Samsung t719 with the Suretype keybad, with the Blackberry Connect, that failed, and this is it, just with Rim, and Blackberry COMPLETE functionality, and probably without the failing part, lol. But, i’m deciding between this the G1 Dream, and the Samsung Roxy

  • T1 Connect

    @david washington theres only 3 phones that can stop me from getting the g1 and thats the xperia x1, the touch pro and the touch hd. i got the sdk trying to figure out how this platform works(keep in mind i know nothing about it but im pretty good with software)but this is a blackberry post so im done with android in here.

  • timmyjoe42

    What is the point of this since it has the same features as the Curve and Pearl 8120? It flips, I get it…

  • T1 Connect

    dude you gotta be blind the os is different

  • tim

    Is this OS update coming to the Pearl 8120?

  • HB3

    Difference…Check the screen size, it is bigger than the 8120