More Android "in the wild…"

While we all know tomorrow is the hopeful pre-sale date, we do believe any announcement looks more and more likely for the 23rd. For the moment, to get your Android fix of the day, enjoy this video of the “purported” Android phone. Filmed in London at the Google Developers Day 2008, the phone sure looks alot like what we have been saying and reporting as the “Dream.” Suspicision of course rises with videos like these when “tape” covers all relevant carrier and manufacturer info:



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  • Erika

    Yayyyy Im TOoooooo Hyped!!! And First..lm(pretty)ao

  • hockeydude77

    Sure looks like this’ll be the G1. Did you notice that he said there was a built-in GPS with this device? And that the phone went into landscape mode without opening the keyboard?

    That’s two questions down.

  • Alex


  • mr.gadget

    Yahhhh I must have the black dream

  • I doubt the pre-sale is happening tomorrow….but damn I really hope I’m not just buying into the hype….like I did for this brick of a phone (sidekick lx).

  • sam

    i can’t waitttt! :):):):):)

  • unrulywizdom

    Looking good. Looks responsive as hell, too.

  • Gmones

    I believe this phone is “Dream” and is the one that will be for sale to the public in the near future. I don’t buy into any rumors that this is a prototype meant to throw fanboys off the scent of the “real” phone. Having said that, it does seem odd that the HTC production code is clearly marked on the phone demoed here. It is visible in this photo
    which is linked from this article
    I can only assume that the production code is stamped on phones taken out of the production chain (ie; before packaging, shipping, etc.), but why is it on this one and not the two white ones we’ve seen in the spy shots and the youtube video? What is the branding below the screen that is covered here, but not printed on the white unit we’ve seen before?

  • illuminati

    At this point i dont care if this is what it really looks like, i’ve been fascinated by the software, and the software has me sold!, though it does seem very weird for them to cover up the branding, especially the tape thats covering the screen just before the chin, i agree with Gmones, i wonder what it says

  • Mags

    Got this article off phonescoop. Pretty interesting.

  • Mags
  • T1 Connect

    no questions asked ive been sold. tmonews you went a long way ive watched that coundown timer on the side of the screen run down and down. haven’t looked at it lately and i just looked at it 21hrs left to go for the dream. holy sh– im excited.

  • Jessica
  • T1 Connect

    no my dear that is the touch hd but hey they could be throwing us off with the dream really being a keyboarded version of the touch hd would be nice though

  • danny

    why he dont open

  • @ Jessica I really do hope that is the “Dream” that phone looks like king shit!

  • Galen

    WHoot!!! Looks to be VERY Responsive and REALLY close to being done!!!

  • danny

    in 17 hours, 46 minutes, 45 seconds

  • ACE
  • Exciting!

    do check out for all the latest video’s

  • ACE i think that is the phone . looks tight

  • bobby

    Have you seen the newest HTC phones? Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, S740 and Touch HD? They look miles beyond Dream in terms of design aesthetic. Which makes me think all of the leaked photos and demo’d devices are production dummies meant to show the software only … and that the real thing is gonna knock people’s pants down.

    I mean, there’s NO WAY Google jumps into the fray against iPhone and Bold with something that looks like what we’ve seen. Are you kidding? It looks like a nightmare, not a dream.

    Why would the sliding panel over the keyboard not either run the full length of the device (a la EVERY HTC QWERTY PHONE EVER) or be centered (a la sidekicks)? It makes no sense to have it offset. Think about typing with it: One hand is right on the keyboard edge and the other is offset by the navigation panel. What kind of sense does that make?

    Either I’m missing something (very possible), this is a ploy by Google and HTC to lower our hardware expectations, or Google’s about to launch Android on one of the ugliest-ass, least ergonomic devices ever conceived.

  • holden

    there will be NO pre sale for this phone.

  • markca


  • Random!!!!

    damn the blue dot game was so amazing. I hope it comes pre installed on all the dreams :p

  • Carlos Estremera

    Here’s the full demo on the phone by one of the google people themselves…

    And here’s just the compass feature (REALLY COOL!!!):

  • mad

    Jr stop trying to get @ Jessica…fucker!! Put the brick down and work!!

  • mad

    Junior is a android feen!!!

  • T1 Connect

    me too

  • Adam

    I don’t get it. What’s so special? I didn’t see anything actually useful demonstrated that isn’t already available on all other smartphones. Windows Mobile has been capable of all of that for a while now. Remember the 3D acceleration in the Dell x51v? And the home screen looks just like the Omnia. The web browser and Google Maps were just like every other smartphone out there.

    Hopefully the unlock pattern can be shut off ’cause that looks annoying.

    I guess Android is supposed to be more “open” to developers, but so is Symbian and no one seems to have trouble completely customizing Windows Mobile.