7 days…


Need I say more? No, probably not. For now, even if tomorrow passes by uneventful we have but 7 days remaining before the truth be told. No more Indiana Jones like scouring through tips, no more digging through FCC docs and photoshopping what our idea the phone should look like. No, just 7 days until we hear it from magenta themselves.

  • GrkEngineer

    Wohoo!!! Can’t wait to have solid info on price and availability.

  • SheShe


  • marc

    Any confirmed shots of the phone yet?

  • Change of Address


  • Juan

    What’s another week?

    I nearly drove myself insane waiting for the CTIA failure. This will be cake. I think I’ll attend classes and work as per usual – that might work.


  • Erika

    BLAST!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeseeee let tomorrow be the pre-sale start date……the agony……ughhhhhhhhh

  • cubs

    Where did this shot come from?? T-mobile site?

  • Jimbo831

    It wasn’t posted anywhere. It was actually sent out to members of the media as an invite to the event.

  • cubs

    Beautiful! Can’t get any more official than that..

  • T1 Connect

    was reading something on android community popped up had to send to tmonews fast.

  • I’m kinda bummed that there’s probably not going to be any pre-sale till next week, but at least we’ve finally heard something official from T-Mobile.

  • rahul

    Hey but how sure r u guys that we WILL have a presale on thr 23rd? Maybe its just an intro to the phone

  • kdee

    O, so there is an “official” press conference on the 23rd….

    When can we actually pre-order or buy the damn thing??

  • mojo fett
  • dat chyk

    That sounds good…but I still hope there is a pre-sale! I am excited about pricing, and the date for 3G in ATL. Anyone have a likely date for 3G in my area? (besides October 1).

  • Colin Small

    Any word on if existing users will get a deal/price break on this phone?

  • kristo

    Portions of T-mobiles website have been acting strange all day. Cant access my balance, cannot so the upgrade my phone option. I hope this points to website refresh or something to go along with the pre order.

  • quahog_convo

    I can’t waittttttttttttttttttttttt!

  • Galen

    Yuss!!!! Concrete Information Alright!!! Cannot Wait!

  • mr.gadget

    Let the count down begin

  • jjarrin

    thank god

  • Steven I

    Would be hard for t-mobile customers to pre-order something they know nothing about. With that being said, I find it hard to believe the pre-sale with start before the 23rd. Unless they release the specs on the dream tomorrow and actually have the pre-sale, but that would steal a lot of the thunder from the official announcement of the 23rd.

  • Josh

    Tomorrow will not be pre sale. I hear that the release date is set for late October, if anything the pre sale will begin 2 weeks before that.

  • tmotech

    I tried to have faith against all odds with you guys but oct is also a maybe. We will see.

  • holden

    your countdown clock has been wrong for quite a while. i have been telling u this via email twice and in posts here. plus there will be NO pre sale on this phone.

  • T1 Connect

    ya know this phone was probably gonna go presale tomorrow but due to all the hype surrounding it tmo was like hey lets make a big thing out of this and make them wait and build more hype.

  • holden

    this phone was NEVER GONNA BE PRESALE I know. Where does this blog gets its info, from VZW employees?

  • Juan

    ^ you must be that same character from the other day.

  • SheShe

    I think it will build up more hype if theres a presale soon people are getting tired of waiting for it

  • tmofan12

    that screen shot just got me excited.. i can wait till the 23rd.. but it better be worth!

  • tmotech

    holden what’s the point of being so mean? they just want the phone. I believed the presale rumor to be possible even one week before the timer was up. This site is cool. A lot of people from work check this site out. Its pretty cool.

  • T1 Connect

    well on this coast is 11pm 1 hr to go to find out if this presale thing might happen. NY RULES

  • tmorep

    If there wasn’t a presale then why is there is SKU that indicates “HTC G1 PRESALE color”? I checked this out today and that is what I saw.

  • holden

    tmotech it isn’t my intention to be mean as u put it. i do like this site … but very frustrated with the really poor “tips” they are posting. if u are gonna run a blog then at least know the difference between reality and fantasy. the phone as of last night had NEVER been scheduled fo rpre-sale. if that changes so be it. but obviously the blogs dates have been very wrong about this phone. there will be no pre sale on the 23rd either however you will actually get a look at the REAL device. AND tmorep the phone comes in 3 colors, a ugly brown a not so nice white and a cool black.

  • holden

    btw since i am on facts there is no planned nationwide launch of 3g either. a total of 25 markets will roll out by the end of the year … about 18 left to go. i believe philly should be next if i recall properly. but i am positive on no set date as this blog indicates of a nationwide 3g launch. sorry :(

  • John

    I liked the rumors that said it was going to be announced today… would have been an OUTSTANDING birthday present for me. :-)

    But I suppose I can wait another week.

  • T1 Connect

    @holden why are you so negative alright if you know theres no presale shut up about it and just wait. and if your worried about tips give tmo some. you said you like the site. then why do you keep wanting to make them look bad. just chill son.

  • T1 Connect

    and by the way no one can access the tmo site right now i wonder what they are doing.

  • barokzi

    this looks different than the dream we know.. looks like a version of the diamond though…


  • Josh

    Yeah it looks different then the dream that we have seen. I bet that the phone in that link will only be for Europe. The articule said it was gonna be available for T-Mo UK. Its sucks because I think that version looks better then the one we have seen.

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    Sorry, please try again later.
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    i tryed going to see if ant news and i got this message . it problly means nothing

  • Gapboi954

    The phone in the link is the HTC Touch HD. If you keep reading the article you can see that they do mention the HTC Touch HD

  • B.

    I just wanna know where the hell holden is getting all this info that he is so sure about that makes him so passionate to prove us all wrong . Tmonews has yet to steer me wrong in the time I’ve been here. I say cite your sources or hold your tounge. Better yet start your own blog. On the plus side I’m stoked for the dream.

  • cb.jacked

    I seriously doubt that the G1 we have seen in the FCC documents and in these videos is the actual phone we will see next week. It doesnt make sense to me to show the phone in these presentations and then reveal it in this grand ceremony next week when we have all seen it already. That HTC Touch HD looks like a real dream to me, i hope we are all in for a surprise next week.

  • Nathan

    HTC Touch something!! I really hope this phone is different than the one first pictured. even in Black or Brown that first phone was awful.

  • tanonym

    I know some of you get excited when your not able to access the upgrade link in the website. That’s actually either a known issue or web site maintenance. I have never seen a phone be added on tmo.com before it appears in streamline and and the dream hasn’t yet. If the website its down its not because they are adding the dream. maybe their adding one of the 4 phones that are in streamline that are not in the website. And there is also no NW 3G launch. Only certain markets by the end of the year.

  • Naz

    i hope the start the pre-sale on the 23 after the conference. would be logic…..

  • rahul

    Come on presale!!!

  • T1 Connect

    its 10am on the east coast. do you know where your android presale is.

  • Armo

    i am almost certain that the pics we saw of the dream r the real thing. which means that we (as in tmobile) need something else. something that can take on the iphone, instinct and now blackberry storm. im hoping its the t919 that saves us. but, unless they give it at least a 3 inch screen (f480 had a 2.8 inch) its not gunna be much of a competitor. yes the G1 is goin to be a great phone. compared to all the other smartphones with full keyboards any other carrier has, the dream is a winner. but when it comes down to the actual touch screen war, or even looks war, its anything but a winner.

  • TomCruise

    i’d rather there’s no presale before the 23 conference. what would we make our decision based on? cool factor of the OS? i want to see the device, see the reviews, know what’s available in terms of apps……. then decide.

    and looking at Touch Pro, Touch HD…… I hope TMo decides on getting those phones, and soon!

  • T1 Connect

    dude if theres a presale. and you have to go to mytobile.com to upgrade there will be a picture do you think tmobile is that stupid to sell you a phone youve never seen. or even if they do put a price and no pic just specs they have to give an option for you to cancel your order before you get charged. not that theres anything wrong with the looks, frankly i dont think thats the phone. Andy Rubin says and i quote“If we come out with a dud, people will go, ‘Well, that was a waste of time. if you dont like the way it looks again dont buy the sh–. and if you do buy it and still dont like the look. here’s a website for you. http://www.skinit.com put your own damn look to it.

  • badbob001

    The picture is 640 pixels wide. VGA on the G1 confirmed!!!

    … just kidding.

  • I wonder if you will be live blogging, I want to get whole list of bloggers that will live stream and live blog the event.

    If you know anyone please post comment or send me an email , I would appreciate that

    See here:

  • T1 Connect

    @livecrunch here you go dog 10:30 am est be there or freakin square

  • holden

    T1 Connect i don’t need to wait :D also portland tomorrow for 3g then chicago, philly and denver are next up all by oct 3. about 14 left after that through year end not oct 1.

  • T1 Connect

    so what youre saying you know something cause if you do spit it out

  • hey guys dont get so down there will be an OFFICAL announcement made about android on sept 23 ;)

  • TomCruise

    @T1 Connect buddy thats what i meant. if the presale would have happened today, they’d have released info atleast a day or 2 ago. since that didn’t happen the chances of presale today were less.

    i’m all for a presale after 23 when we get more information i hand

  • sorry hun i work for tmobile and there is NO presale we would have already known

  • T1 Connect

    @tom i just wanna see the phone thats all to satisfy me

  • tmorep

    @tmobiletech, I think there will be a presale but not sure when it will start. We have the presale sku in our watson systems.

  • Dream for $199.00?

  • BigBoi