G1 Launch Parties!

See above.

  • merd

    What About Denver??!?!! AARRGH!

  • T1 Connect

    find out where it is in ny and ill sneak in.

  • mad

    Hurry up and being the android dammit!!! junior needs to get rid of that brick!!

  • Erika

    So Why Am I Still Sad?….:( {{{cute sad face of course}}

  • T1 Connect

    no presale thats why

  • Damn I stood up late last night to see if the pre-sale was really going to happen….I woke pretty sleep and disapointed this morning….Well time for another slow week of waiting!

  • marc

    No Boston?

  • JimDog

    What worries me about that list is, if your city is not on that list, does that mean you won’t be able to buy the G1 until the last party (i.e. past Oct 22nd)??? I hope not $%^*#@*#$%!!!!!

  • Cisco

    What’s all the hoopla about concerning the so call Dream phone that want even record video, does it work with the SlingBox! What is so special about the so call Dream phone, because if it will not record video, it’s a nightmare. I don’t mean to rain on your party, but this is just another Jedi Knight iphone marketing trick for your $$$$$$$$$. Now, can anybody tell me what this Dream phone does, that no other mobile phone can do. Is this Dream phone the iphone killer or just another Google marketing tool for $$$$$$$$$…….!

  • WazzuKirk

    Since the last party is October 22nd, my guess is that the phone will be in our hands and at retailers on October 23rd. That sounds the most logical to me.

  • Fastball5050

    The thing is that you actually could have been right when you broke the story, but with T-Mobile, things change. T-mobile has announced that certain things were going to happen, only to change the dates. You are doing a good job!

  • Sidney

    This just shows more irresponsible reporting on the part of Tmonews. For weeks, they’ve been showing a countdown calendar on their front page to today as a pre-sale date. When today comes with no pre-sale, they say “plans changed”. No plans didn’t change, you either got duped or you lied to try to get more traffic to your website.

  • se30chris

    I guess I will be invited to one of those parties… :)

  • when is it comeing to Sacramento?

  • T1 Connect

    here we go with the iphone killer thing again i haven’t heard that in a long time. man not even the jobsphone 3g had such a hype as the g1. they are making a really big deal out of this.
    i dont think i can wait another week.

  • David

    Sidney, thats a really good argument. I’m going to go with option C though and say that I don’t care enough to lie to everyone just to drive traffic. That’s a shallow method to use and I think anyone who posts with me on the forums quite the opposite of your “theories” are true. I never said once I didn’t believe in the information or that I am regretting posting it, quite the opposite. Yes plans change, is that really a shock to anyone who follows this business?

  • T1 Connect

    @Sidney the presale info shows up in the system. tmonews pointed that out a month ago way b4 you knew anything about it so how can they be wrong even fastball5050 says it things change with tmobile maybe this is one of them.

  • curlin31

    @ Sidney: How are you going to get mad at the reporting of a blog site? Anyone with common sense knows that you should take all of this info with a grain of salt, and even the guys at Tmonews have emphasized that point, and stated that the 17th might not be the day. Why don’t you get mad about being lied to on a daily basis by the mass media, like Fox or CNN? If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say it all. These guys have done a great job of being as accurate as possible without being Robert Dotson himself.

  • T1 Connect

    ouch did that hurt sidney

  • dat chyk

    Great answer David! Things change in our own personal lives and nothing is ever really concrete until it happens. We are all disappointed that the pre-sale did not happen…but…there is nothing ANYONE can do about it…it’s just not happening today so you might wanna just “let it go”.

  • dat chyk

    Oh yea, the last part was for Sidney.

  • curlin31

    Oh and Also. Anything about the majority of these cities seem familiar? How about the fact that most of them have 3G! I would take this as a strong indicator that the cities on this list that don’t have 3G yet will for sure have it by the date of their party. This means, San Francisco, Chicago, L.A., Seattle, Atlanta, and I don’t know what’s going on with Minneapolis, but if they don’t have it already, maybe their coming up as well.

  • tmotech

    the way things are liiking. we were informed that it may be released on oct. if tmonews pic that proves a presale and the way things are looking now; I think the presale may be what is actually coming in oct. the phone could launch NW in nov. all tmob said was that its launching Q4.

  • T1 Connect

    man i think google done lost thier minds they released street view for high end phones i thought that was only going to be a android and pc feature

  • Thats true I got invitation :), btw it’s not just for employees its also for some other people…you forgot Developers :)

  • SheShe

    I hope its not released in november

  • kujoe

    In response to the person above who said the phone was crap because it wont record video. That is not a deal breaker for me, as that’s why I purchased a camcorder. I need my phone to be functional for me, and video is not a necessary part of that, even if what you say is true.

  • Anna

    I’m with Cisco (#9), what is so special about this phone. How can a phone so “great” not have something like video recording. Even the razr has that. Yeah I know the Iphone doesn’t have it either, but I don’t want an Iphone.

  • T1 Connect

    well the os is called android for a reason this thing is fully customizable so why can video be added down the line. it might have it b4 it gets to us.

  • tmotech

    That’s funny. Anna believes that a camera or video capture are required for a phone to be great. I guess the BB 8820 is not as good as the razr. Can you teach us the ways?

  • T1 Connect

    if your only interested in recording 21secs of vid get a rzar. the g1 is going to have video sooner or later i downloaded and app on my boys jobsphone why cant you do that on a os called ANDROID remember lt. commander data he was and android he always customizing something about himself to be better.

  • se30chris

    We’re arguing about video camera recording? Nice. Maybe, uh, I don’t know, wait for the phone to actually come out before you start criticizing it?

  • T1 Connect

    its just talk who the hell is arguing im just going off what i know from spec listings.

  • se30chris

    I’m talking about the people saying that the phone sucks now that it doesn’t have a video camera…

  • se30chris


  • tmotech

    this website just made it in to streamline. and also now andreoid is expected for holidays so its more likely nov. lol.

  • T1 Connect

    what is streamline a internal tmobile thing

  • greg

    Disapointed, but so not surprised on presale. of course its stupid to be mad at a blog site… any reasonable person knows that.

    Just like its silly to knock the iphone, it changed the landscape of smartphones more than any other cellular product in recent history. the iphone continues to be the measuring stick for every typical smartphone user. period. if you think otherwise then your’re a on-off user (needing a feature that the majority of folks dont see as critical).

    on the dream, weve all seen the device, the video, the demos. ive used the sdk and have seen the OS. there are really no surprises left, just ”official” announcements. its a nice OS, has decent hardware and features, its almost exactly like the iphone in ability. android is more open to new apps, but lacks tight integration and slick aaple polish. if you like what youve seen then youll be happy, if not then its false hope to expect a differt device or breakthrough feature .

    for me im torn between this and an iphone; damn shame the touch hd wasn’t the dream and won’t be out in the us.

  • Rudy Smith

    Why don’t you just call this a rumor site instead of a news site? That way when you get things wrong it won’t look so bad. Let’s face it, this is NOT a news site by any stretch.

  • David

    @tmotech, what do you mean this website just made it into streamline?

    @Rudy, thanks for the update.

  • T1 Connect

    @rudy smith bitch get up otta here

  • Rudy Smith

    why am I a bitch? This site reports that “things will happen” instead of “our sources tell us this will happen, it’s the best info we’ve got”. There is a big difference and journalistic integrity should dictate as much.

  • se30chris

    It made it to streamline?

    I’m going to streamline to check this out…

  • T1 Connect

    how many times has it been said by multiple users and administrators that said nothing here is set in stone. the reason people come to this blog, the reason i come to this blog is that the info that is given to us by tmonews is 99.9% correct the only thing that didn’t happen is the presale and it is still going to happen. just a slight date modification so why are ya being such a bitch.

  • David

    Someone tell me whats said in streamline????

  • SheShe

    Oh Rudy Rudy Rudy its so dumb to blame them… I really don’t get y people are blaming tmonews… this is a BLOG

  • T1 Connect

    what is streamline

  • tmotech

    can someone tell david what it says in streamline? I am not that brave. se30. its the first article in breaking news. IM NOT SAYING ANYTHING THAT IM NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY. EVER!!! lol.

  • Rob

    @Rudy, stop being so rude…E… LOL

    date modifications happen all the time. If your bitching about it, find your own damn source! (that goes for sidney too)

  • here.david

    A few points, if I may:

    A pre-sale is not depended on any actual date of delivery, unless there is:
    a. A legal reason that mandates within a set numbers of days or BIG payment of $$$ to regulators.
    b. A major change in the device, more ram, etc. so the final pricing in yet to be figured.
    c. The management can not agree on the profit, plan costs, etc.
    Anyway you slice it, very poor customer care, not to put a stick in the ground and live with that management decision. A set date, with a cap on the cost and plans for those that sign-up and then grandfather them in if the costs/plans go up. Get non-refundable funds (with the float that it would earn) which would more than pay for itself should the pricing go up due to both the customer service and cash on hand.

    If I am missed something, sorry for the venting…

  • Rudy Smith

    Yes it is a blog. But it advertises itself as a news site. And someone made a list of all the things tmonews reported that turned out to be false, it is far less than 99.9% accurate. I’m not trying to be a bitch, just pointing out that this is a rumor blog and not a news source. Can we all agree on that?

  • tmotech

    everyone knows this is a blog site. no point in pointing that out. even streamlike refers to the site as a blog site.

  • Brady

    Litte Android man will CUT CUT CUT YOU APART!!!!

  • Smoku

    im suprised they have chicago for g1 launch but no 3g yet of any sign .. but then some cities that have 3g are not listed for g1 event. wierd makes me mad!!! cmon chicago 3g

  • T1 Connect

    ok if someone made a list of things that tmonews did that was false let me know three and prove it

  • SaDudE

    I am thinking Chicago will happen on the 1st…I was hoping it would happen sooner but the G1 party isn’t till after the 1st so we chitown people should be straight.

    I am just waiting for the press release next week…i am happy its on the east coast, so I’ll know bright and early

    Lets go 3G and G1!!!!

  • i work for tmobile in their tech dept and i cant honsestly say as of NO 9/17/08 there is no presale on the device. now being a tech i understand that things change and they do it quickly but there is NO presale.

  • and to add there was never a presale

  • J

    Streamline is the customer service reps Bible. It is used to help them troubleshoot and answer questions that customers call in about.

  • David

    While I can’t lock the comments for this, I’ve addressed it in a new post. For those of you who think a pre-sale didn’t exist, you are wrong…not taking place and not existing are vastly different. Please read above.

  • T1 Connect

    oh here we go again

  • T1 Connect

    went outside to grab a smoke looked to the right at some construction site and guess what i saw a new tmo store now i dont have to go to west bbf to get some hands on with new phones. wasnt there when i left yesterday

  • Neo

    LOL so many tmobile reps talking about tmobile tools. LOL. The stream word is potential for being fired, LOL. I’m a PDA tech, haven’t heard anything but that doesn’t mean much as a posted earlier, they don’t tell us anything.

  • max

    T1 Connect you need to get a fuckin life. Everytime I come on here I see your pointless ass on here.Do you have a job? You need to do something with yourself besides posting on these blogs all day!

  • brian

    Where can I see the list of party dates?

  • Smoku

    search forum if the post was not edited also

  • T1 Connect

    @max mr asshole i have a job matter of fact i got two im a biomed tech in a hospital and a studio engineer part time i got freedom to do whatever whenever i fuckin want bitch i can come here from both jobs my notebook or my phone. so u see i probably have a better life than u so shut the fuck up.

  • danny

    this post was removed because lot people complain about the presale

  • greg

    a lot of us probably check this site too much; were cell phone addicts.

    t1connect just posts something everytime he’s here. no need to be a hater no matter how much you want to skip by his posts.

  • AjDaGreat

    <—– Cell phone junkie…. Big time

  • T1 Connect

    listen i got love for all of you i like to hear your opinions despite some crackpots. i blog all day cause i get bored easily and tmonews is my gap filler thats it.

  • taylor

    @t1 connect i blog all day too and i am 100% behind everything youve said on this comment post. Rudy Smith my sources tell me that you are in fact….a BITCH! Now listen, bitch, this site is the balls and this preorder thing is the only thing that i have ever seen that was incorrect. and i dont blame tmonews for the slip, i blame you for this misinformation because you are such a bitch. stop being a bitch please. Much love t1connect and tmonews!

  • bc

    I missed the info before it was taken down. Is there going to be a launch party in Detroit, by chance?

  • Lisa

    T1 Connect you know your lying loser ass does not have 2 demanding jobs like that.If you did then you wouldn’t have time to post your wack ass comments every ten seconds.Of course you can come on here and lie about what you do and who you are. You really need to get a life fast! So sad, so very sad.

  • Dustin

    @T1 Connect you can come on here and lie about your life as much as you want to.Face it your still a pointless loser with too much time on your hands.Like the man said earlier do something with yourself.

  • T1 Connect

    man i dont have to lie to anyone about where i work and what i do for a living and as far as being a looser i have time to post in a blog lisa and dustin im not gonna say anything demeaming but i guess this makes you loosers too. you found time to post those comments. maybe im too excessive with the comments and ill take it down a bit.

  • SheShe

    Y r u guys attackin some one for replying on a blog?? UGH does it really matter what he post?

  • Madonna

    One thing for sure, if someone with Google stock thought they were going to help spike the GOOG stock with pre-sale gossip, it didn’t work. GOOG stock has been going downhill for the last week.