Lets talk for a moment:

I’ve removed the party information so I can write a little bit more so that T-mobile doesn’t suffer because of our news. I want to be clear with everyone that while we stand by what we are told, it was never done with malice toward our beloved magenta carrier. If anything we hoped to create the type of hype and excitement that gives a little extra boost to the Android launch. While we are confident in the quality of the information we receive, the information was incorrect, at least for today. I’m not above brevity but I will say that we do not condone people contacting T-mobile and inundating them with calls for a sale that does not exist. What follows below is today’s original statement:

Update: We know today was the expected day of the pre-sale. You were excited, we were excited and we were all hopeful to wake up this morning, order our phones and sit back and relax dreaming of Android glory. Sadly, today is not that day. I can’t say what happened or why, I simply don’t know. I’d be lying if I sat here and said I wasn’t disappointed that a story we helped break didn’t come “true.” We had information that was without any shadow of a doubt believable and reliable. Sadly, plans change, dates change and thats the way this business works. The GREAT news is we have but 6 days left until we DO find out the answers to all our questions, hopefully. Sit back, relax and enjoy the last few day of summer. Don’t be disappointed, good things come to those who wait.

  • deafptl

    Whatever. Never trust any source without at least 2 or more sources to back it up. Obviously that did not happen this time. Shame on you! Other than that one big blip you do do a good job and have been 99% accurate.

  • SheShe

    I think its been made clear to take everything with grain of salt… I think you guys have done a great job!

  • danny

    come on give to us more information about the dream is ok, i understand this was a mistake the presale, everybody makes mistakes, but give to us more information, more photos one clear videos something like that man.

  • dude

    who gives a fluck no one is turning their backs on TMO now; especially me! Keep reporting….by the way which one of you knuckleheads has the ballz to put this good TMO info out?

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TmoNews….I’m loving it

  • dat chyk

    I agree with dude 100%! There is nothing we can do about T-Mobile not having a pre-sale today…other than to just WAIT! I think you guys here at TmoNews have done an awesome job and please keep up the great work! I’m loving it too! It is a shame how some of the complainers sound like little children (brat’s to be exact) about the pre-sale not happening. Please GET OVER IT! MOVE ON! It is not TmoNews’ fault that it did not happen. No one is perfect…not even you (complainer)!

  • tmotech

    everyone makes mistakes. I like this site. its awesome. keep up the good work.

  • tfan

    Listen all the haters that have been bashing tmonews can go and f*&k themesevles tmonews is always 99% correct with their informations you guys hea at tmo are awesome and please don’t stop giving us the scoopes about tmobile phones especially the andriod aka g1 !!!!! Tmo rocks!!!!!!

  • T1 Connect

    i swear i love this blog even in bad times it shines and everyone is right this site is great and dedicated.

  • danny

    is true this website is great, is awesome, dont worry about everybody makes mistakes, keep doing your job, is awesome information every day i love TMonEwS

  • Neo

    well if people are that upset over not having an android… there’s a forum at XDA developers where they put the Android OS on at least 3 different phones. One is similar to the Tilt. So get a tilt and load android problem fixed.

  • T1 Connect

    first thing i do when i wake up is check tmonews your like morning cofee

  • RS

    no worries…i rather have tmobile get 3g first before they launch a 3g dream phone.

  • Change of Address

    I for one don’t believe anything that tmonews says. In fact, I dont believe it’s a real website and I don’t believe that T-Mobile exists either. I don’t believe anything at all because nothing is real and certainly not substantiated. hehehe… What if something out of the scope of anyone’s imagination could have delayed the launch, or presale or anything? Something like a cargo ship sinking could cause a delay. Maybe a delivery truck getting stolen, maybe a power outage at HTC’s plant. Who knows?? I for one think it’s silly for anyone to hate on tmonews for lying. Hate all you want people, just dont hate up on my phone when I whip it out and use the Dreams stun gun on you!

  • tfan

    How would one load an andriod os on phone?

  • max

    More info on the T919 please!

  • T1 Connect

    yo tfan i can tell you after i try it later cause right now im using open touch 6.1 lite diamond spb on my wing and i have a installer that could load any htc rom to any htc phone

  • tfan

    Oic i wish the g1 phone would have been the HTC HD andriod on that would be awesome……..ok max i’ll wait let me know if you succeed

  • mark

    any word on release dates on the t919 or holic?

  • J-Hop2o6

    any info on the SE-X1 ???

  • T1 Connect

    ul only for now on the x1 next yr for us

  • drivethruboy168

    I will forever check tmonews every morning when I wake up. They are the ones who make my day at work, and if any consumers check this site out, I’m pretty sure it’s helping T-Mobile keep a lot of customers from leaving. Like everyone is saying, don’t be mad at tmonews for the presale/release date getting pushe back, I also heard from before tmonews announced it that the presale was going to be on the 17th. And my sources were very reliable. Now dates change for EVERYTHING… It’s a phone. How often is a phone released on the date that is originally announced? Hardly ever. For instance, the Blackberry Bold. Engadget estimated it to hit t-mobile in September, but AT&CRAP hasn’t even gotten it yet or even mentioned a release date. So a lot of sites announe something that doesn’t follow through because of operating problems or maybe T-Mobile likes to keep everythidng sitting at the edge of there seats! Tmonews… You guys are the best… Keep doing your thing and never give up!

  • justin

    OMG you guys lied to me I’m so mad. /sarcasm
    look at macrumors they post something new everyday and 9 out of 10 Is wrong. This is how things work on the interwebs big deal time, at least we know for sure something is going to happen next week.

  • Rodrigo

    hey what happened to the countdown clock section??

  • yaa

    no apology necessary. i work for a large company – things change all the time. i’m glad you have your sources and obviously until the company states something themselves, all should be taken with a grain of salt. insider info is always subject to change.

  • Vision77

    You guys just stay focused and keep up the good work. Change is inevitable. Its how we deal with it that counts. Tmo changed their minds on the presale situation. That doesn’t make your blog any less relevant. I’m still getting a G1 and I’m still gonna read this site everyday…..Take that HATERS!!!

  • inca

    Several Web sites and trade blogs are reporting incorrect information regarding the launch of a T-Mobile device operating on Google’s Android platform. One site falsely states that the device is available for presale beginning September 17.

    T-Mobile has stated publicly that we expect to have an Android device available for customers by the Holiday season. An official announcement is scheduled for September 23 in New York City. Detailed information about the product and its availability to customers will be available then.

    Given the large expectations for this launch in the marketplace, there may be many more rumors and speculations occurring in the next few weeks. Follow your normal escalation path for any additional rumors you may hear.

    Note: This article can be found in the Call Handling section of Current News once it is removed from Breaking News.

  • This latest development (no presale on the 17th as previously suggested) does no real harm. And it is *not a mistake* on tmonews’ part. Also I can’t say I have the same sentiment toward the ‘beloved magenta carrier’, but I have been feeling a lot more positive toward them since the first believable details about the Android G1 emerged here.

    BTW, did the appearance of the Pearl Flip 8220 on T-Mobile’s site seem almost like a substitution? Personally, I like flip phones better than full qwerty sliders, so there’s no telling where this will end for me.

    And in any case, magenta is magenta, but tmonews is brilliant!

  • Ermac

    september 23 ppl, september 23. that is all.

  • Nnidiffer87

    Hey man… I am an employee of Tmo and I appreciate everything you do on this website. Your support and loyalty to Tmo is incredible. I honestly check the website everyday so don’t trip on a little mess up. Keep up the good work and let me know if you need anything.

  • you were just a week off.

  • iceryder

    DUDE I just got off the boy genius report page and tmobile will be getting it for national launch oct 17 freaking sweet now I can tell the world I can’t wait to get back to work to tell all the customers a date now since it isn’t in streamline yet

  • Rafiki

    Give me android news and shut up!

  • holden

    i like this blog too but your information is really off base. in fact just in the comment section, which i know u don’t control, people are stating as fact a launch date that is also completely wrong. that aside your sources are very weak. time for new sources as your record, like the so called national 3g launch is not even close to being correct.

  • T1 Connect

    yo holden are u doing this stuff on purpose cause u must be

  • AjDaGreat

    Keep up the good work guys.. I love this site…. You made me fall back in love with T-mobile all over again.

    Keep yall heads up and keep all the unbiased information coming in.

  • ight tmonews keep up the good work that dream will come out soon or later keep being the first to give it to us cuz we need it like a drug and I do Check this first thing in the AM and before I lay my head in my bed at night but I read all 25 comments and I did not see any complainant

  • I’m with holden. I too like the site and the passion, but I would really advise to stear clear of ‘breaking stories’ on release dates, etc. until it has been officially announced (Which is shortly). I know that you are just trying to generate some excitement, but any ol’ body can post release dates and news that they have gotten from ‘reliable sources’ for months on end…but when it’s all said and done, nothing was accomplished in doing so (Except for having to write an apology post). Just leave the speculation up to your readers. Take care of the facts when they indeed become fact.

  • tmonews is just fine. noone should be complain as we all said in previous comments below, everyone makes mistakes. some people(the impatient complainers) seemed to have taken it the wrong way and think that if there is no “pre-sale” for today that the htc dream/g1 phone isn’t coming out at all. i know the phone is still coming out and plus we’ll hopefully know more in 6 days, if i’m correct, yes? plus, 6 days is not far away. let’s just be patient.
    good things will come to those who wait as mentioned in blog!

  • employee

    I work in customer care at tmob and you wouldn’t believe how many people are calling and accusing me of not knowing my job because of this, lol

    Customer: Uhh.. yeah, I’d like to put in an order for the Android.

    Me: Sorry sir, but T-Mobile has not officially released this phone, more information is to come on the 23rd.

    Customer: No, your wrong, TMoNews says it’s happening today, give me your supervisor as you obviously don’t know what your talking about.

    Me: Sigh….

  • Hardknock

    Hey guys we appreciate your hard work. Keep reporting what you hear! In the future all you need to dois put “RUMOR:” in all caps at the beginning of the story. This should alleviate any and all problems.

  • holden

    T1 Connect Says:
    September 17th, 2008 at 6:16 pm
    yo holden are u doing this stuff on purpose cause u must be
    i really have no clue what u mean, no clue at all. if this is your blog and u don’t want me to post here anymore just let me know.

  • taylor

    hey tmonews no hard feelings what so ever. i was disappointed about the no presale but hey release dates are never exact. i love how you guys run the site and post news in a timely professional fashion and i will not consider going anywhere else for my tmobile news. thanks guys and keep up the superb work! oh yeah and feel free to post more about the G1!

  • team_magenta

    Yeah for real this website is awesome, I learn about things before I can even hear about them at work. This website makes me happy. I can’t wait to hear about all the specs the first android phone will have and finally know all the official info about it. Thanks tmonews!

  • T1 Connect

    holden this isn’t my blog and i cant and wont tell you to leave i like talking to you guys i just think your being kind of negative. and for all the info these guys get i imagine it must be a hell of a task seperating fact from fiction. so a mistake was made not even a mistake a date error they said it was gonna happen. just not the day they said but as previous posts show the presale is in tmo’s system is showing presale info.

  • Jen


    I was one of the people who called t-mobile up asking about the android. But that’s all I did was ask about it. I called maybe..two days ago just to request some information about the phone. But none of the people I spoke to knew ANYTHING about the presale (which is understanable..because I was skeptical myself) However, what shocked me was they knew nothing about the actual phone itself. I was even told that it WASN’T coming out. Regardless of this, I wasn’t rude…just confused and a little annoyed after I hung up.

    Nevertheless, I do appreciate this website because It allows me to stay on top of the new devices and things happening with the carrier.

  • WazzuKirk

    I read everything on this site daily and it’s absolutely FABULOUS! Just keep doing what you are doing TMONews, you guys are great.

  • Tyrel

    HAHA i work for tmo and saw in there system today a warning about people calling in about the pre-launch and websites giving incorrect dates.

  • holden

    Jen Says:
    September 17th, 2008 at 7:55 pm


    I was one of the people who called t-mobile up asking about the android. But that’s all I did was ask about it. I called maybe..two days ago just to request some information about the phone. But none of the people I spoke to knew ANYTHING about the presale (which is understanable..because I was skeptical myself) However, what shocked me was they knew nothing about the actual phone itself.
    most of the front line employees do not know when the device will be released. but i assure you they ALL know about the phone and at least 50% of them have seen it in person. the phone was taken to the majority of the call centers last week and finished the others on the list this week. also, keep in mind that all employees are monitored and in their tools they are informed NOT to discuss the android at this time. that will change after the 9-23 announcement.
    as for those mentioning indirect has a pre-sale date i can’t comment i no little about indirect. if you do get a presale then i was obviously wrong about presales.

  • holden

    jen, let me clarify my post above. they all know about the phone but as far as features, colors, and pricing that has not been released to their device tool yet. so they would not know details. if they did as i mentioned they wouldn’t tell you anyway at this time.

  • T1 Connect

    dude how come you never said that about the phone b4

  • SinCity

    I honestly think that the 17th was intended but developers maybe felt n wasn’t just quite ready. I feel this way bcause I read over on AndroidGuys that Andy Rubin said that they’ve been working hard to release a product that ppl don’t want to be dissappointed with. And they don’t want to waste anyones time. I think he said that because he knew ppl were expecting something on that 17th.

  • mingkee

    since W760t is false, told by hofo member
    then I can safely settle with either G1 or Tocco
    I can live with TM506 for now, but I’d wait till I get G1, then request unlocked code for both

  • BigBoi
  • T1 Connect

    android guys is saying that the price is pure speculation

  • Armo

    honestly, ppl need to quit b!tching. tmonews is doing the best they can. its like saying “the weather man said its not going to rain tomorrow, so im 100% sure its not goin to rain”. haha i know bad example but i hope im getting the point across. i think tmonews is doing a better the great job. they are great at wat they do and deserve the gratitude. GO TMONEWS!! now lets get back to the t919……………lol

  • fastball5050

    No apology is needed. I’m pretty sure at some point the 17th was the actual date but like a lot of things with tmobile, the date can be moved pretty easily.

  • Shawn

    @T1 Connect you must get paid to post on this blog because I see you on here more times than what seems normal. You can’t have a real life, if you do it must be a real joke just like you.Oh yeah and learn a new word besides bitch.You must be used to being addressed by that name since your so comfy with it.

  • bill

    i was reading my official t-mobile news at work.. and it said that internet sites were telling people about false pre sale dates.. i had no idea it was this site aha, you guys rock.. i go on this site more then i do the official t-mobile news site… its hardly ever updated anyway

  • drivethruboy168

    hey keep it clean everyone! It will me here soon according to tmob. September 23rd can’t wait! T
    Not that far away! I don’t know if j can wait! I want to cell this stupid unlocked iPhone I have right now! Wait did I say iPhone? I mean iPod that doesn’t deseve to be called a phone. It my portable computer. I love my curve and can’t wait for the bold to come to T-Mobile!!!!!

  • T1 Connect

    didn’t realize i was such a problem ill chillout.

  • B.

    @T1 Connect
    Keep it up bro, you always make me laugh.

    Man, YOU’RE the one who needs to check your sources I work for tmo as a care rep and we have not had ANY htc reps in demoing the phone. And to top it off half the people in my center are Completely clueless as to what the dream is at all.

    I can’t stand it when people talk ahead of themselves. Tmo news didn’t make any mistakes, ANYONE that works in the industry understands that it is all about change. The inly thing you can do is make your best educated guess with the info your provided and pray that its still the same tomorrow when you wake up. Its an ever growing ever evolving company. So smile be glad that the dream is on its way at all and hold on for the ride.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    “You can put lipstick on a blog, but it’s still a blog.”

    While Tmonews does their very best to provide us with facts, people need to remember that they do not have the same recources as the big news outlets. The pre-sale was presented as a rumor and that is exactly what it turned out to be. While the staff and followers all hoped for this to be true it did not pan out. People who are getting upset with the site need to realize that blogs are not held to the same journalistic standards as traditional news sites/networks. They do their very best, but I still wouldn’t recommend citing them on your research paper.

    Tmonews, keep up the great work. The information you have provided on the G1 is overall solid and you keep building my excitement with ever new blurb.

  • encoreorv

    I would like to thank u guys for all u do. I must admit I have called tmobile on occasion to get official info as well as to educate them about tmonews. unlike some of your other viewers I do realize that you guys are only a blessing not a curse.I have been sitting on a upgrade for over a year and believe me u guys are the reason I’m still with tmobile.I have emailed and text a bunch of old freinds and coworkers to hip them to u guys great job

  • Carlos Estremera

    Cheer up people!!!
    Here maybe this will help:


  • John

    @Mingkee, are you saying that TMO is not coming out with the W760t? I hope thats not true. I showed my wife that phone and she wants it when it comes out. I myself wants the Dream.

  • Andréa

    I guess most of the people complaining have never ever had a job , because as we all know that when ANY business says one thing the proof is in the action. I have been layed off of two jobs. Both companies up until the very end denied anything was wrong. one company was a big music retail chain that could not keep up with the economy and the second was a small family owned business that went south when one of the owners embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now I believe that tmonews stated everything to the best of their knowledge. Does that mean that t-mobile cannot change their mind? Oh yeah I have NEVER HEARD of a CORPORATION CHANGING THEIR MINDS ABOUT ANYTHING. heck I have never met a single person that has not changed their mind about something (clothing, food, where you want to work) give tmonews some slack and t-mobile for that matter too. I personally am really glad that tmonews is here and I love the website, I have been a t-mobile customer since 2002. I am glad that they can dedicate their time to a mobile service that most people overlook.

  • Android fans, engadget has two new post on the android. They have a release date of October 17th. As for TmoNews, I love this site! I am so glad that I found it a while back because I check it everyday…along with engadget. Again, keep up the good job of giving me more information than I could ever know on my own about T-Mobile. I like the insider info…it’s awesome!

  • dat chyk
  • Arsenka
  • Caseybea

    tmonews: You’re doing a great job – it almost appears you feel ‘at fault’ somehow for people barraging TMobile with calls. I actually find that kind of funny… Anyhow- you’re doing a fantastic job with this site – anything you post includes disclaimers about where the information may or may not have come from, etc.

    Of all the sites I’ve seen this is the most comprehensive and most informative – even if most of the information is unofficial!

    “But mom- it *must* be true– I READ IT IN THE INTERNET” :-)

    With this site, I’ve learned more about the upcoming Android-based phone. As a Tmobile customer– I’m excited about it, and I feel privileged that I know more about this phone than my colleagues. I’ve been out of contract for a long while (oh yeah, baby) – and was pretty close to abandoning T-Mobile for lack of innovative technology. Glad I stayed.

    OK- so this site published Sept 17th as a possible pre-release date. Everyone else said the same thing. And Windows 98 was supposed to be released in 1998. :-) :-) :-)

  • TomCruise

    the phone better release before oct 17th, i am going out of country on oct 17th for 2 weeks. if it releases on oct 17th, i’ll have to wait 2 more weeks before i get it.

    please please please please……………..

  • PittsburghGuy

    Great Job as always with your info. Obviously ever rumor can’t be 100% accurate or come to fruition – if that were the case none would be ‘rumors’ – they’d all be facts.

    This may be off topic, but has any news came out about the Dream being available in non-3G markets (Pittsburgh to be specific!).

    Thanks in advance.

  • dat chyk

    @PittsburghGuy…check the link I posted…Philly is scheduled for 3G along with 7 other states…scroll up to comment #68 for that info.

  • Danny

    I do like this site. Yeah, I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have 3G in Los Angeles according to that list floating around but hey stuff happens. We’ll live another week or two to see it.

    Thanks for all the information your site has shown us so far.




    yo..just let me say I READ TMONEWS EVERYDAY LIKE ITS CRACK!!!! Im an employee (254 CRT yesterday..good day) and i can see that tmonews holds it down…so why all the hate (say hi to all the haters t1)…the phone is obviously on the way..so patience is what you need…just let it be…CUSTOMERS please read you bill before you call in…stop begging for credits when you know charges are valid!! the same whining over the phone is the same crap im reading here…when he’s right..you all on his JOCK…ONE TIME..ONE LITTLE TIME HE WAS OFF BY 7 DAYS AND THE HABITUAL B@&?H COMPLAINERS COME OUT..IPHONE IS AT AT&T..if you are so pissed..pay the 200 and take your # with you..if not..thank TMONEWS for the work and the info….

  • Caseybea

    Sadly– assuming the phone comes out in October… or even November.. or December!– it doesn’t matter. I unfortunately like in a metro area (Milwaukee) where 3G isn’t on ANY of the “lists” I’ve seen for T-Mobile 3G service.

    That puts me probably into LATE 2009 before I can even use the device properly… :-(

  • tfan

    The htc dream and the iphone 3g were compared in this artical but the htc and andriod wins 4 to 2 check it out

    martphone, which is to be launched in a couple of months. Now, if Google’s and partly HTC’s reputation is anything to go by, we can be almost sure that the Android powered Dream should most probably be an iPhone 3G killer. In this article we try to pit Android based phones (the Dream, as of yet) against the Apple iPhone 3G.
    As the HTC Dream’s hardware specs are not yet clear, we will mostly concentrate on the software and operating system front. Also, the hardware comparision between the Android based phones and the iPhone 3G isn’t fair at all as there will be many Android phones coming out in the next year from most of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, each with a wide range of hardware components so the iPhone 3G probably doesn’t even stand much of a chance on the hardware front. Still, for the sake of fairness, we try to pit the iPhone 3G against the HTC Dream when it comes to hardware.

    When it comes to design, the iPhone 3G wins hands down against the HTC Dream. The leaked images of the HTC Dream reveal a kiddish design, with rounded edges and a hideous sliding QWERTY keypad implementation. HTC’s design team could certainly have done a much better job with the first Android phone. The Dream has evoked very similar reactions from across the internet. The build quality does seem to be decent though. Also a bigger display size would have helped it a lot. Also, the iPhone excels when it comes to hardware components, except for some drawbacks like the camera, but overall it is superb. What it lags in are the software restrictions. We would surely hand this one to the iPhone 3G.
    Winner: iPhone 3G
    Considering the specs of the Dream, it seems to have superb hardware, very much in the league of the iPhone – Capacitive Touchscreen, 528 MHZ Qualcomm CPU, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM and probably some accelerometers and sensors thrown in. What adds to it’s appeal, is that the Dream will have a full fledged QWERTY keypad which is much more suited to text input than the iPhone’s touchscreen input. It should also probably have a 3.2 MP camera with erm.. video recording support. It should also support A2DP profile with Bluetooth. Having said all this, we would like to point out that the iPhone has superb hardware, no doubt. But the Dream supposedly gives us what the iPhone doesn’t – a QWERTY keypad, better cam, A2DP and much more.
    This one, we feel, should go to the HTC Dream.
    Winner: HTC Dream (Android)
    OS and Interface:
    The iPhone 3G has the best interface yet, when it comes to smartphones. It’s new MultiTouch interface completely revolutionized the way people look at touchscreen phones. It has superb animations and menu transitions that were unheard of in smartphones. However, looking at the several Android demos and videos online as well as studying the SDK Emulator closely, we can say that Android too excels in the interface department. It has various 3D effects and animations all strewn across it’s menu and settings. It closely matches the iPhone in this aspect, if it doesn’t actually surpass it.
    Also, when it comes to the core Operating system, Android is way ahead of the iPhone OS X in terms of features and capabilities. Almost every setting is configurable and you can actually tweak and alter the internals of the operating system to your liking. This is very much a better option to the ‘closed’-ness of the iPhone 3G.
    Winner: HTC Dream (Android)
    Application Support:
    The Android powered HTC Dream seems to be the clear winner in this aspect. It will have much better software support and availability than the iPhone thanks to its open nature. It will also have the much needed multi-tasking support which is missing in the iPhone. In direct competition to the hugely popular Appstore, the only means to get applications and games for the iPhone, Google has announced the Android Market for application distribution which functions quite similarly to the Appstore.
    As Android is expected to be backed by many open source loyalists and developers, it will have better support communities and forums. This should prove to be a major boost to the whole software development and distribution process of Android. On the other hand, Apple is, in a way, restricting application development for the iPhone by screening the applications and approving only some of them by some shady criteria. Also, comparing the SDK’s of both Android and the iPhone, we feel that Android’s SDK is much better than the iPhone’s. Creating applications for Android is much easier as it uses a custom language very similar to Java, syntactically and conceptually. One more point for Android.
    Winner: HTC Dream (Android)
    Multimedia Capabilities:
    In the multimedia wars, it should be a tough fight, with the Dream having a slight edge over the iPhone. We can safely assume that Apple would definitely take the crown easily from the HTC Dream in the sound quality department, it is an iPod after all. In the video department, both should perform almost similarly, with the iPhone 3G gaining slightly again, anyone can vouch for it’s video playback quality. Also, we would like to assume that the iPhone 3G should have a better display than the Dream. However, the Dream would definitely support a wider range of formats and codecs, and also offer a wider choice of audio and video players, while the iPhone is and will be restricted to it’s native formats and default audio and video players. This should level the playing field for both the giants.
    Also, considering the larger picture, Android as a whole will definitely win this war, as it will also have multimedia centric phones being rolled out, but we give this one to the iPhone 3G for the sake of fairness.
    Winner: iPhone 3G
    Other Features:
    The HTC Dream should give us most of the features that the iPhone 3G misses out on. As mentioned before, a QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth with A2DP and file sending support, a better cam with video recording and hopefully AF and Flash, multitasking capabilities and better internet capabilities. Agreed that the iPhone’s Safari is the best mobile web browser yet, but Android’s browser based on Webkit seems to be equally capable as well. It may even surpass Safari in some aspects, judging by the browser’s performance in the SDK emulator. It does support Java and should include support Flash as well by the time it comes out. Android will also support a version of Opera Mobile.
    It will definitely support setting MP3 files as ringtones, ;) and has much better graphic capabilities, both software and hardware. Also, we do hope that the Android won’t have any of the infamous bugs the iPhone 3G has – faulty chips, mediocre reception and security threats due to buggy software.
    Adding to these reasons, Android will run on many phones, ranging from the cheap to the wildly inexpensive and cover a wide range of hardware. It will have built in support for most Google products – Gmail, Orkut, GTalk etc. By observing the positive response at the launch of Google’s Chrome, we can definitely say that this feature will be very well received.
    Winner: HTC Dream (Android)
    Overall Winner: HTC Dream – Android

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  • Buster

    You guys do a great job, you not only provide us information that T-mobile on it’s own never would, but you provide a resource for us to get together and help each other, and vent a little bit too.

    So do not apologize, just wanted to say Thank You!

    Don’t sweat the small stuff, pet the sweaty stuff! :-)

  • curlin31

    @ Caseybea, wow you’re the first person i’ve seen on any cell phone forum/blog like thi that’s from Milwaukee like me! Lol, Milwaukee might not be completely hopeless…there’s a chance that T-Mobile might decide to lump Milwaukee in with the launch of the Chicago market. Outside of that, i’ve heard that all tmo towers in Milwaukee have been “upgraded” for 3G. So who knows, maybe Milwaukee may be one of the first markets to launch in the 2nd tier of markets.

  • Greg


    Great write up, appreciate the analysis. Agree on most accounts however I would say app support for now is tied or favors iphone. While android has the potential for much better apps and open support, we have not much out while iphone has fantastic app support (granted very controlled).

    Also not sure I would agree on the interface going to android, I would call it a tie. Having used Android SDK and from leaked videos I would say iphone has more polish and multi-touch while android is more configurable.

    So in my view it’s a tie 3-3-1.

  • holden

    Man, YOU’RE the one who needs to check your sources I work for tmo as a care rep and we have not had ANY htc reps in demoing the phone. And to top it off half the people in my center are Completely clueless as to what the dream is at all.
    LOL well i must have been dreaming then or you are in one of the call centers that didn’t get selected, as i mentioned in my post, maybe because as you put it no one in your call center seems to know anything about the device :D also i NEVER said HTC reps … trust me liner B i know exactly what i am talking about i have been correct 100% on what i have posted here and have sent to the blog owners. Do your research, use your tools :O

    i have dropped too many clues … enough said on this device by me. at least till its released.

  • T1 Connect

    @tfan i tried to find a android rom or software on xda developers to run android on my wing but i couldnt find one. just for a kaiser(tilt/tytn)ill keep checking. also xda is giving tmonews some props.

  • PittsburghGuy

    @dat chyk
    So is Philly considered part of the Pittsburgh Market? It is the whole way across the state…