Lets talk for a moment:

I’ve removed the party information so I can write a little bit more so that T-mobile doesn’t suffer because of our news. I want to be clear with everyone that while we stand by what we are told, it was never done with malice toward our beloved magenta carrier. If anything we hoped to create the type of hype and excitement that gives a little extra boost to the Android launch. While we are confident in the quality of the information we receive, the information was incorrect, at least for today. I’m not above brevity but I will say that we do not condone people contacting T-mobile and inundating them with calls for a sale that does not exist. What follows below is today’s original statement:

Update: We know today was the expected day of the pre-sale. You were excited, we were excited and we were all hopeful to wake up this morning, order our phones and sit back and relax dreaming of Android glory. Sadly, today is not that day. I can’t say what happened or why, I simply don’t know. I’d be lying if I sat here and said I wasn’t disappointed that a story we helped break didn’t come “true.” We had information that was without any shadow of a doubt believable and reliable. Sadly, plans change, dates change and thats the way this business works. The GREAT news is we have but 6 days left until we DO find out the answers to all our questions, hopefully. Sit back, relax and enjoy the last few day of summer. Don’t be disappointed, good things come to those who wait.