Hope yet for the presale?!


This little goodie hit my inbox a few moments ago and it is nice! While we definitely have all expressed doubts that the 17th is looking less and less likely as day 0. The Reuters article discussing the 23rd “announcement” renews any hope that may be gone for the pre-sale, if anything we MUST wait until next week before coming to conclusions. For the moment, we discuss, we dream and we wonder what oh what will Android be like. So much is left unknown and we want to know every little detail, unfortunately the release of information isn’t keeping up with our Android passion. Anyway, enjoy this screen shot and hope and believe the pre-sale is not yet forgotten.

Cool_C…you rock!

  • Pecoy

    so does this means that the 17th is still on or not??

  • Jeff C

    Wait two more days and find out… nobody knows yet.

  • Jeff C

    1 day, 13 hours and 9 minutes, i should say.

  • Will

    Oh goodie, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these phones…such a good thing for TMo…long overdue.

  • Hardknock

    I would just like to say Thank You to Cool_C!! It’s great that we have some genuine insiders here to keep us updated!

  • knytphal

    That’s a very nice find indeed from Cool_C!

  • illuminati

    I agree with david,if not the 17th then we have next week to look forward to, if next week goes by with no information about the G1, then we should start worrying lol.

  • T1 Connect

    very nice so all the people that said it wasnt going to happen tell me this, do you have faith now.

  • Pecoy

    Cool_C is a celebrity now!

  • T1 Connect

    this is avery good thing cool c now you gotta make a album. i just wanna see the actual handset

  • This damn G1/Dream phone is making day’s past really slow waiting for it….I hope its worth all the wait!

  • T1 Connect

    yo i hope theres a pic for it tomorrow something i know the os is off the meat rack but i wanna see the phone

  • markca

    Ugh… makes the wait even more unbearable!

  • DSX

    According to some of my friends that work at t-mobile one of them said that they had something pulled up in their computer code named “G1”. So my hope for wednesday being the pre order has just went up

  • drivethruboy168

    Well… For everyone that has had t-mobile for years, this is for you… The new sim cards that have been coming out, I believe on the the whole card itself before it is detatched, needs to be R20 on it to support the 3G data, soo… People will be needing to change there sim cards if they want 3G services on there phones when this G1 comes out. Just make sure they transfer your info from 1 to another or you won’t have your contacts on your brand spankin new shiny G1! I just found out today. And it was confirmed L.A 3G launch date sept. 20 not 16th.

  • T1 Connect

    damn hit and run im calling for one right now

  • BrY

    The reporting on this site is so DRAMATIC.

  • David

    BrY, sorry you feel that way, I happen to enjoy the writing on this site!

  • tmofan12

    honestly, i dont care when we get the phone as long as we can pre order it NOW, get a date when we’ll get the phone and get the price. i just want those facts and ill be happy. as far as looks go im going to buy it regardless of what it looks like. im more interested in the billion things its suppose to do.

  • mike

    Soon folks, real soon

  • TomCruise

    this wait period is a drag…….I just hope G1/Dream/Android live up to the expectations (& hype) that has been building up with each passing moment.

  • SheShe

    I can’t wait I really want to see how it looks and make sure I have mine :)

  • guojenman

    Forget the G1 480×320???? i want the diamond or HD at 640×480 and 800×480 respectively. I’m so closed to switching to Sprint because T-Mobile is dragging their feet on new phones.

  • quahog_convo


  • J-Hop2o6
  • SL

    Is it possible that the touch or touch pro is the Android phone???


  • blake

    that is probably very unlikely.

  • kdee


    Holy shit, if we get the X1, i’m going to shoot a load in my pants. That’s the phone I’ve been really waiting for….

    It seems unlikely we are getting the G1 pre-sale tomorrow…

  • holden

    there will be no pre sale for this phone