TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome back!  Here we are, ready for the second installment of the TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up.  Now that we’ve had a little time to rest, unintentionally I assure you, we are ready to get back to business.  For those readers that may have missed the first compression of a weeks worth of forum activity, the plan is to bring all the excitement and fervor to you faithful TMoNews readers.  Because, let’s face it, we can’t all spend  every waking hour on the forum (though it sure might seem like it’s possible)!

We’ll start off this week with something of a recap about a nice little Samsung device that we now know is going to be making it’s way to T-Mobile.  Sure, it’s not a smartphone but it’s still a nice turn from what we’re used to!  The only other hardware info that I have to show (well, besides that little Android thing coming up) is actually from a couple of months ago, but it’s still a little relevant to those of you that currently have T-Mobile’s 3G data access and are looking for a better data card than what’s currently available.  One of our users has posted some info on using the Option GT 307 from Stelera Wireless and that it does in fact work with T-Mobile 3G.  So, if you don’t want to wait and see if T-Mobile is going to release a better laptop card that’s a good option.

If you have visited our forums lately (and if you haven’t, then why not?!) then you may have noticed the added section for Android discussion.  We figured that it was about time to get a centralized place for our users to talk about all things Android.  Oh, and don’t worry – when the Android devices start coming out, that section will still be there for all you Android specific questions.

Just a couple more things to cover this week.  First is a warning to those potential T-Mobile customers that are shopping around places like ebay or craigslist, so make sure you check here first.  Next, if you’ve ever had one of those annoying issues where the timestamp is off on your text messaging, well here is one reason why that would be.

That’s it for this weeks edition of the wrap up!  I look forward to seeing you in the forums!

  • Matthew

    I would actually prefer a windows mobile phone that has 3g and supports tethering. I have been hearing a lot about an andriod phone, but I am a die hard Windows Mobile guy! I mean, lets face it, Windows is the best operating system ever, hands down! I would like to see something like the Touch Pro for T-Mobile. Does anyone know when and what the next windows mobile phone will be? Also, do you know how T-Mobile’s 3g will compare to Sprint’s EVDO Rev-A?

  • dax

    Windows Mobile works. It is barely intuitive, and frankly should insult all of us. It is like they intentionally designed a cool system, and then shucked all of the cool, right out. I have had the Dash for almost 2 years. i love the phone, and can move around it pretty well, but can’t wait for the android thing. Face it bro, our kids will only know microsoft as a relic. We are gonna move to an open system so that everything communicates. Microsoft enjoyed it’s monopoly, now it is just like the designers don’t actually use the crap they design.

  • mingkee

    as far as backhaul support, HSDPA can go up to 21.6Mbps, a lot better than Rev. A
    and UMTS supports parallel voice and data

  • drivethruboy168

    Well some good news… I hear that T-Mobile is going carry all android handsets, soo like every phoen after the google G1 comes out is going to have android installed for a little more of a price tag or for the regular operating system for the regular price! Soo imagine, that samsung F480 with android in it!!! WHOOOO! I think I might end up with that!

  • just me

    I got to be honest here..When i first heard about the htc dream coming out i could not wait…But after seeing it and in my opinion it looks ugly i just might wait till the samsung t919 comes out….I am starting to like that phone more and more each day

  • John

    Will the GPS be free to use, or will we have to pay for it in the total internet package? I also wonder if this will have music recention ( put the phone up to a speeker and it can idenitify music) like Verizon has. That would be pretty cool to have.

  • This post reminded me of the Francis Thompson saying – “Nothing begins, and nothing ends, that is not paid with moan; for we are born in other’s pain, and perish in our own.” – I look forward for other articles you write!!