FCC Approval is a "Dream" come true…


Happy Monday Tmonews fans, and a GREAT Monday morning it is! Oh yes, as you can tell by the picture above the FCC has graced us with what we all could have wanted to wake up to. No no, not 8 gold medals. Better! First “real” proof that the phone codenamed “Dream” is really not true to its moniker. Sporting a GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900 radio, these FCC docs give us the best news we’ll probably get all week, the 1700 WCDMA band. For those of you who have been living in a cave lately, that band is T-mobile 3G goodness. We’re reading bluetooth 2.0 compliance as well as a “jog ball.” For their sake I hope its slightly better than the “jog ball” that graces the current/future line of blackberries. Oh did I mention these docs give proof of life to on board WI-FI heaven?” No word on UMA here but WI-FI is always a welcome sign in my book. So feel free to take a break from re-watching Olympic history this morning and head on over to the FCC site and see if you can get all Sherlock Holmes on those docs and unearth anything us bloggers might have skipped over.

Thanks to everyone who helped wake me up by sending this in!

FCC: Read

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Update: We have confirmed that the HTC Dream will be released on T-mobile with a new kind of advanced SIM card. We find that a little weird since the phone is being sold to current T-mobile customers first, who all already have SIM cards.