Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Baltimore getting 3G


Anyone up for some more 3G news? Well lets start out with the Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Baltimore markets, all launching before the end of August. Thats right folks, all four markets are locked and loaded to go live with 3G by the end of August. With Minneapolis rumored to have August 20th date, and the other markets with unknown dates, we’re going to have to count on faithful 3G testers to see when launches occur. Oh yeah, and for those not cool enough to live in any of those four markents, we have some good news for you too. By the official launch date of October 1st, T-mobile plans to have at least 23 of the 25 markets already launched. That means we will be seeing 16 markets go live during September alone, for those who are not math-inclinded. Las Vegas, Austin, and New York markets are all already live with 3G, and with 20 more planed markets in the next 1 month and 2 weeks (see the sidebar to the right for a countdown) T-mobile plans to drasticly expand their 3G coverage across the US. Upcoming 3G phones include a 5 mexapixel Samsung, 2 Sony Ericssons, the HTC Dream, and more. The remainder of 2008 is looking to be quite exciting for T-mobile users!