Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Baltimore getting 3G


Anyone up for some more 3G news? Well lets start out with the Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Baltimore markets, all launching before the end of August. Thats right folks, all four markets are locked and loaded to go live with 3G by the end of August. With Minneapolis rumored to have August 20th date, and the other markets with unknown dates, we’re going to have to count on faithful 3G testers to see when launches occur. Oh yeah, and for those not cool enough to live in any of those four markents, we have some good news for you too. By the official launch date of October 1st, T-mobile plans to have at least 23 of the 25 markets already launched. That means we will be seeing 16 markets go live during September alone, for those who are not math-inclinded. Las Vegas, Austin, and New York markets are all already live with 3G, and with 20 more planed markets in the next 1 month and 2 weeks (see the sidebar to the right for a countdown) T-mobile plans to drasticly expand their 3G coverage across the US. Upcoming 3G phones include a 5 mexapixel Samsung, 2 Sony Ericssons, the HTC Dream, and more. The remainder of 2008 is looking to be quite exciting for T-mobile users!

  • center rep

    hell yeah 3g baby I live in south tx and were gonna have 3g by january tmo management told me on the dl

  • rommel

    im in richmond va.,those phones dont do me any good.

  • antoine

    when will detroit get some 3g love?

  • alvinmathew88

    sweet finally Dallas is getting it

  • money69

    Im in Houston, can’t wait. All I have to do now is to wait for some decent 3G phones to come out. I like the tm506 and SE phones are great but I need some sort of smartphone. Im definitely gonna pick up the G1 or Dream or whatever you want to call it when it comes out. Either way, great news and im excited.

  • Steven I

    Anyone know when Chicago is supposed to come online? I know there was some rumors back a month or so that it would come online prior to October 1st, anyone know if that is still true?

  • Technology1

    Let’s be for real on the 5MP camera deal, their is only one 5MP camera Samsung mobile phone on the market at this time, unless something new is coming. We all know it’s the Samsung Omnia i900 {Will the real iphone killer please stand up and take a bow} this is the mobile phone that everybody wants for xmas and mr. TMO know it too. Mr. TMO please keep all the current features on this phone including the front camera, because we know already you are coming out with video 2way calling real soon. Please also include the TV out cable plugin in the package. Merry xmas to you Mr. TMO and merry xmas to you also Mr. Sam Man for making this a done deal, the Samsung Omnia i900 3g AWS 2100/1700..!

  • danska

    I live in the north loop of chicago and have seen t-mobile’s 3g network on my 3g data card for the past 2 days. I can’t register on it but it does show up. It goes away late at night and shows up again in the afternoon. So, they are at least testing the network. I hope to use it one day!

  • David


    Nothing specific on Chicago, for the moment I’d count as October 1 until someone (including ourselves) points to otherwise. Trust me, I’m keeping tabs on Chicago…

  • ratchet


    You are dead wrong. The samsung 5mp phones that are on the market are the F480, U900, G810, G800, F490, G600, and there are more to be released by early 09

  • Utahcon

    Still need to get SLC listed in the 3G rollout… they are missing a very tech savvy culture

  • Matt

    WTF?!?!? lol T-Mobile turns on NYC, and now Baltimore… why can’t they just turn it on for us here in New Jersey!! lol we’re in between yet too far to catch signal from either one…

    ohh well.. I’m waiting for an HSPA enabled device anyway(android Dream probably)… my i900 will have to hold me over until 3G goes live

  • phoneking13

    When does Cincinnati, let alone Ohio get some 3G love?

  • it’s about time
    the 2nd SE 3G will be AWS variation of W760
    check early entry of this blog and BGR

  • Brent

    At least some of you know your 3G service will be on before or by Oct 1st. I would like to know when it is coming to New Orleans.

  • Technology1

    Ok, Mr. Ratchet, I stand to be corrected, but all those 5MP camera Samsung phones are very old and did not have a WM 6.1 OS. I believe Mr TMO knows the 5MP Samsung phone that all the people wants, if does not know, I feel sorry for him, have fun dude…..!(lol)

  • ratchet

    thats true. I know I want the Omnia more than any other phone samsung has…

  • justinhub2003

    i feel ya PHoneking, I AM from cincinnati and am waiting for android and my 3g here. hopefully soon.

  • mingkee

    OH should be able to get 3G during massive rollout the rest of the year
    you should look at log on speedtest.net, some ppls located in OH (at least the server location) got 3G speed

  • drivethruboy168

    Come on L.A… Come on…

  • rommel

    technology1,your wrong-samsung released the soul about a month ago,eu and asia-5mp-all steel-touch sensitive.

  • jeff reineke

    I just spent the better part of today thursday with my ADR that is a indirect rep that services are account here in minneapolis, and he has not heard of any august launch. He dropped off 5610 dummys and sidekick 2008’s, but as far as he knows its october 1. I put a call in to a engineering friend to see if he knows anything and didnt get a call back. Hell my ADR didnt even know the first month free for data plans was halted.? But he is usually up on the latest even if he isnt suppose to say anything.

  • Matthew

    So does anyone have any idea when Los Angeles Will have 3g?
    Also, will the data plan cost the same as it does now?

  • Tucker

    when chicago 3g rolls out will i be able to catch a signal in racine wisconsin its about 62 miles from chicago

  • cirE

    no love for the city of brotherly love?