T-mobile Experiences Data Outages


Across the country T-mobile users have been experiencing issues with text and picture messaging, as well as data services such as EDGE and 3G. According to Reuters, the outage is only through out the eastern United States, however problems have been reported across the US. With SMS delayed, data inaccessible, and some reported call problems, T-mobile users may be wondering why this is happening. Ah well that is what we’re here for. At least a piece of this is due to a power outage at a large data center in Atlanta. Services ranging from Callertunes, to T-zones, to messaging, to logging into your T-mobile account have been affected. Reuters reports that the outage was over at 7 pm on August 13th, however users are still seeing services plagued with problems. That said, most services are back up and running, maybe not at 100% though. We’d like to hear what kind of issues did our readers experienced, and where you were when your service was (or was not) affected.