T-mobile Experiences Data Outages


Across the country T-mobile users have been experiencing issues with text and picture messaging, as well as data services such as EDGE and 3G. According to Reuters, the outage is only through out the eastern United States, however problems have been reported across the US. With SMS delayed, data inaccessible, and some reported call problems, T-mobile users may be wondering why this is happening. Ah well that is what we’re here for. At least a piece of this is due to a power outage at a large data center in Atlanta. Services ranging from Callertunes, to T-zones, to messaging, to logging into your T-mobile account have been affected. Reuters reports that the outage was over at 7 pm on August 13th, however users are still seeing services plagued with problems. That said, most services are back up and running, maybe not at 100% though. We’d like to hear what kind of issues did our readers experienced, and where you were when your service was (or was not) affected.

  • T1 Connect

    noooooooooo oh wait i dont have any outages in ny works fine for me no outages here

  • Lil B

    My EDGE “E” was a x on my wing until late last nite, meaning no data. This is in Central Alabama.

  • Ben

    Starting last night, got several EDGE connection errors, more on my screen this morning… seems fine now. I’d imagine until 3G is fully implemented, there will be some bumps in the road ;)

  • Ben

    (oops, forgot to mention, EDGE issues were in Seattle)

  • voodoovixen

    AAAAH! So this is why my text messages were going crazy yesterday. I’m in New York (with an Atlanta number) and last night, well until about 12, I was getting delayed and duplicated messages both when sending and receiving. I don’t now if the Atlanta number was to blame, though, since the person I was texting with has tmobile as well and experienced the same delays/repeats.

  • Justin

    I had a phone problem.. I could not make anyout going calls and if you called me it said that the number was no longer in service.. I have the wing and the internet and text worked the whole time though.. Houston, Texas area….

  • Shawn


    Besides the fact I love your name, I’m getting the same problems in Minneapolis. At least I was yesterday, I’m not sure about today though. I’ll test it out.

    Looks like we’re going to have some fun news to post tomorrow morning. Definitely sounds like some exciting stuff. Stay tuned!

  • Kenji138

    I didn’t experience any problems yesterday or today in Austin, but then again, nobody ever calls me. I’m so lonely…… ha ha ha

  • da

    I had data problems yesterday afternoon to night. I don’t remember the exact time but it was a couple of hours. I had only voice and text were coming in late. Its all good now.

  • mingkee

    it started to happen 1800 yesterday in NYC
    BOOM!!! eyewitness news gone, thought it was T639 problem, switched to 3555, still had no 3G data
    until after 2300, everything was back to normal

  • i’m in minneapolis, and started having problems with SMS last night around 6pm. it’s still not corrected… i’m getting multiple copies of incoming text messages, and outgoing texts are delayed by several hours.

  • voodoovixen


    Glad you like the name :). I just did some texting a bit ago and everything seems to be up to speed today.

    Oooh I can’t wait for tomorrow morning! Excitement!

  • Brent

    In New Orleans, only problem was not being able to check messages. Gave the same recording often heard on Nextel phones. Any ways no 3G love expected here anytime soon so probably in the for the long haul.

  • I live all the way in arizona, and the outage affected me. Everythings back to normal here tho.

  • Tom

    In Missouri I didn’t get messages until hours after the other person sent them. Once they did come in it would be 4 at a time on my 8120.

  • I have had problems receiving calls. Callers get a message saying “This subscriber is not accepting calls at this time.” I should mention that my hacked up Nokia 5300 is on the verge of extinction, so this isn’t the first time I have had problems. Never of this sort though. I am in Los Angeles.

  • omg

    That would explain why i got 6 of the same text all in 1 minute lol

  • this better be because the 3g is coming with a vengeance. i’m already upset the verizon is beating out tmobile in customer service—-coolcolumn.com

  • Dario

    Well her in Fresno there was i little problem but for a short time only

  • I was just wondering about this cause my text’s from my Sidekick, and Download catalog were either not working or being delayed.

  • Paul

    I live in Philly area, have been in Vegas since Aug 10, edge service has barely operational at best here in Vegas!

  • Channelle

    I’m in El Paso, TX, and my text wasn’t going through, and when they finally did, they sent like 9 times…same for my sis in San Antonio…This was last nite, and it still isn’t working quite right.

  • Keat

    Wisconsin here, SMS mainly. Took 10 minutes to send, hours to receive. Call problems as well.

  • CatBoy

    Checked my tmail Wednesday night about 10:00pm CDT in Milwaukee, no problem. Got on at 4:30am Thursday morning and had lost GPRS connection. Restarted my SK Slide and everything was fine. No problems all day (so far).

  • lewis

    Now i know what was going on. Yesterday i was at Wal-Mart and i needed to check my Bank balance http://www.wf.com and the BB browser wouldn’t load the page at all. I try OperaMini and it gave me an error..

    Location: LA Vegas Nv
    Phone: Blackberry Pearl
    OS 4.5
    Connection: Edge

  • Alek

    My friend had some delay in messages that she was talking about. I thought it was the other provider. Guess not!

  • rommel

    this shit happens all time,dont move to richmond va.

  • Juan

    Hours delayed texts almost ended things with a girl I really like…and pissed my mother off who is a sprint user and couldn’t get in touch with me. Some EDGE outages too…but not many and ot for long.

    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Phone: BlackBerry Curve

  • mark

    iam from el paso tx and i was having trouble sending messages it told me to retry and retry and retry and now i know y hehe

  • Chris

    I live in Philly, and I thought it was my iPhones fault, i would recieve texts 3 hours after they were sent…

  • Chad

    Sms was acting screwy/delayed wednesday here in southeast texas

  • SMS taking a while to receive outside of Chicago this entire week. RAZR and BB Pearl having problems along with friends using Motorola W490. EDGE was down to edge on BB Wed. evening this week – emails coming through today fine…

  • I was experiencing a night of data outage while I was on my VACATION in Virginia Beach! T-Mobile fucked up one of the nights during my vacation, haha.

  • This is unacceptable. All week I’ve been delayed getting and sending messages by hours and hours. Why am I paying for service that doesn’t work?

  • Thought-provoking.

  • Raman san jose Ca.

    I had a same issue for about 3 hours. Called cs center they have me additional min.

  • E3acdude

    I have the nokia 6301 and the day before the outage my phone lost connection to hotspot @ home and wouldnt reconect. It gave a tmobile service error… The next day around @ 1:30 pm pst for about 1.5 hours i couldnt make calls but still could txt and web browse after that around 5 pm i couldnt do any thing but call (was getting an error for internet saying no network configurations) till around 11:38 pm ’cause i restored all default settings… Then i was back up and running. By the way i live in orange county california

  • Keri

    We just got services back this afternoon. I think the worst part is having no idea what was going on. For me I still can’t get on the network, but I never do. I have an oldschool phone and the only reason I would get on the network is to download ringtones or something similar. I can still receive texts, etc. My husband’s blackberry has no email and online capability. He uses it a lot for his work, so this is a serious setback. My daughter has lost her contacts and myfaves with her Sidekick. And when we called the service center? The person we finally spoke with put us on hold and didn’t have any idea. When he came back to the phone he simply said they were working on the problem and it would be fixed in 2 to 24 hours.

    With something so big, they couldn’t have had a recorded message saying, “If you are calling about the outage, we are aware and hope to have things back online in…” And how about some message out on their website? I think this was just really poorly handled.

  • Keri

    Oh – also we’re in the Twin Cities area. My daughter has her services back but I haven’t actually heard from my husband to know if he does.