We hate to do it, but….


After all the good news we have been able to bring our readers recently, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to cover everything T-mobile, the good, the bad, and the worst must be reported. First and foremost, for those that hadn’t already noticed, month-to-month contracts have been delayed and a release date has yet to be determined. It could be technical problems, and it could be T-mobile playing the market, we’re not sure, we just hope that it is released soon. Number two: the free trial of e-mail and Internet with the purchase of a Shadow or Pearl and been indefinitely delayed and a new date has not been set. This final bit of news has come to us from multiple sources within T-mobile so although we don’t have any confirmation, there is little doubt to its legitimacy. When the JD Power awards come out this Thursday (tomorrow) T-mobile will no longer be ranked #1 in Customer Care. Our best guess is that Sprint Verizon, who has been getting closer and closer in the rankings, has overtaken T-mobile to take the #1 spot in Customer Service. We apologize if this post has made you depressed…if so, please read the Android post below, and your spirits should be lifted. 3G, the TM506, and other upcoming events are still scheduled for their respective dates. We’re also looking into a second 3G Sony Ericsson coming to T-mobile sometime in Sepetember or October. We’re hoping for some good news to come today too. Stay tuned!

Update: Here are the official standings. The interesting thing to note is that the press release makes no mention of T-mobile not having the top spot anymore. Either its no surprise or simply not a big deal.