We hate to do it, but….


After all the good news we have been able to bring our readers recently, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but to cover everything T-mobile, the good, the bad, and the worst must be reported. First and foremost, for those that hadn’t already noticed, month-to-month contracts have been delayed and a release date has yet to be determined. It could be technical problems, and it could be T-mobile playing the market, we’re not sure, we just hope that it is released soon. Number two: the free trial of e-mail and Internet with the purchase of a Shadow or Pearl and been indefinitely delayed and a new date has not been set. This final bit of news has come to us from multiple sources within T-mobile so although we don’t have any confirmation, there is little doubt to its legitimacy. When the JD Power awards come out this Thursday (tomorrow) T-mobile will no longer be ranked #1 in Customer Care. Our best guess is that Sprint Verizon, who has been getting closer and closer in the rankings, has overtaken T-mobile to take the #1 spot in Customer Service. We apologize if this post has made you depressed…if so, please read the Android post below, and your spirits should be lifted. 3G, the TM506, and other upcoming events are still scheduled for their respective dates. We’re also looking into a second 3G Sony Ericsson coming to T-mobile sometime in Sepetember or October. We’re hoping for some good news to come today too. Stay tuned!

Update: Here are the official standings. The interesting thing to note is that the press release makes no mention of T-mobile not having the top spot anymore. Either its no surprise or simply not a big deal.

  • rob

    who cares about awards. they dont suck, the customers know that, and thats all that matters.

  • gapboi954

    I kinda figured that they would lose the # 1 ranking. The service end has been lacking lately.

  • T1 Connect

    well that’s not so bad tmonews I got love for ya daddy. it would really disappoint me if you said the android was delayed but that news sonyericsson phone would cheer me right up. I hope its the xperia x1. ahh pure 1700mhz aws. you definetly got me phone crazy too bad none of my friends are not tech swavy(bastards).

  • mingkee

    probably some customers are too pissed the phone lineup, as well as late 3G rollout, that greatly hurt satisfaction
    if 3G, G1, 2SE are all successful, T-Mobile can grab #1 next time, no sweat

  • TMOWizard

    It is Confirmed
    30-Day Free Trial of Unlimited E-mail and Web Browsing with Pearl or Shadow Purchases Delayed

    The 30-Day Free Trial of Unlimited E-mail and Web Browsing with BlackBerry Pearl or T-Mobile Shadow Purchases scheduled to begin on August 13 has been delayed until further notice. T-MobileNews will be updated once a new begin date has been determined.

    Stores should not display any collateral for this offer until further notice.

    MAP Changes for Dealers on August 15

    On August 15, minimum advertised price (MAP) changes will take place for the Nokia 5310 and Sidekick LX Limited Edition Tony Hawk. The Nokia 5310 will change to $69.99 and the Sidekick LX Limited Edition Tony Hawk will change to $249.99.

    ADRs should notify their dealers about these price changes.

    Always refer to T-MobileNews for the most up to date information on pricing.

  • Brent

    I would agree, if T-Mobile did not always delay things, then they probably would not have lost the number one spot. Personally, I think customers are giving T-Mobile low scores due to its late deployment of 3G, the poor handset selection and other services when compared to other carriers. I think if T-Mobile would have rolled out 3G 2 years ago as scheduled then they would probably be ranked in the #1 spot, however, continous delays will always hurt you in the long run.

  • rHerr

    What a relief!! When I saw the title I thought that Android was going to be delayed…

  • TH3 GAM3

    The only thing T-Mobile was number one at was customer service. I guess we lost that bragging rights now.

  • Raholco

    @rHerr: After some research, I’ll believe it (Android) when I see it.

  • BIznitch

    I was like, OMG android and 3g’s gonna be delayed. Then this came up lol. Oh well the customer service is still really good, we’re still getting android, 3g’s coming out. We have high hopes tmo

  • Blibman

    I was offered the free trial with the Pearl today in a Tmobile retail store in Houston, TX. Hmmmm

  • omg

    I think theyre not making it number one bc of what i encountered, I kept calling them over an hour and it keeps saying all the lines are busy call back later

  • Technology1

    Concerning the the Sony phone, if it’s not the Xperia X1 coming to T-Mobile USA, then it’s bad news. The good news would be the release date confirmed for the the Samsung Omnia i900 or the HTC Raphael. Now when T-Mobile USA goes full 3g later this year and still don’t have any of the above mobile phones, it will be bad news. The good news will be then, it’s me and you AT&T and for a lot of other people too, it will be a mass Exodus……..!(LOL)

  • coloradogray

    I have to agree. Sadly customer service rankings are suffering greatly due to the delayed 3g rollout and the domino effect it has had on so many other things.

    Sadly, it’s not T-Mobile’s fault. One of the conditions of the auction in ’06 gave the DHS several years to stop using that spectrum. A lot of this delay has been waiting for them to get in gear.

  • T1 Connect

    tmobile customer service is better than verizon have you ever tried to load music unto a verizon phone that is the biggest pain in the ass in the world and try to get a rep to help you brainless! verizon is gonna go down in flames its just a matter of time. the gov wanted to split microsoft up. split up verizon they are a freakin monopoly. and after that we can reign supreme again.

  • steven

    Ive worked for tmobile for the last 2 years and have noticed the “customers” view on customer service” changed. Tmo customers are used to getting what they want just by simply saying if you dont give me what im asking for ill cancel… When i started working a tmobile customer service call center 2 years ago if you complained about a bill to high because they went over mins and threatened to cancel customer would get a credit. Free phone or something. This last year they focused on not giving out credeits to customers. and basically tell reps to tell the customer “the charges are valid”. as a rep we were required to sugar coat things. and only give Free “bonus minutes” im also know the phone line up if not up to par 3g delay and month to month flex pay not be available… flex pay is available but not for existing customers .. only ones with poor credit… there are still several system bugs with flex pay… tmo was also sued because they would not block text messaging, this has been a huge issue with spamming, they would not even credit for unwanted text . now out of the blue they will allow you to have text blocked…Somethings changing with the company, they are letting people go left and right. they converted customer service from 24 hours to 6 am to 10 pm pacific time. closing on several holidays they never closed for. offering reps to go home early and use personal time off to get paid for day or just take it unpaid…. lost of changes…..

  • rommel

    not suprised at all,i hope that second se is a cybershot.and get rid of all those samsungs!!!,maybe an n-series?-please.buying unlocked phones gets exspensive.

  • dutchboy

    I have not heard any info on the samsung phone?…Any good?..Also I am wondering how true that info is?…Sept 17th release date and 150.00 to tmobile customers?…Does not sound right.

  • tech 10

    I wish t mobile would just give the release date to everyone instead of all the hush hush and for once get us excited about something….

  • Flex Pay messed things up a little….. BUT DON’T WORRY!!!!!!!!! $”WE TAKIN OVER”$…….. $”ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME”$ shot out to Akon! 3G=ANDROID IN MY LAP!!

  • TH3 GAM3

    $150 sounds too good to be true. If its a high end phone. I would think $300 with a 2 year agreement.

  • rommel

    tmo is making me angry.

  • Pythagoras

    Rock our world with a new 3G smartphone, T!

  • Jay

    September 17th for Andriod? … Yea we’ll see.

    I love T-Mobile but please stop being so secretive about upcomming phones and services.

    @ Steven

    Customer service is not 24/7 anymore?!? That blows. I always liked knowing that I can have someone to talk to even at 3 in the morning ;)

    But seriously I always thought T-Mobile had excellent customer service with very friendly reps. I have not called them recently but I hope things have not changed.

  • Your friendly customer care rep

    NO one should worry about customer care @ t-mobile. This is just better incentive to push the customer service envelope. Expect big things on all fronts as this is just the begging for t-mobile. With new features like Family allowance and Sms blocking T-mobile is putting you in control. With Hotspot @ home t-mobile gets u mobile broadband UMA signal for your calling needs. With 3G and the most reliable 3g network to back it t-mobile is a triple threat. Thats not even counting Their 9.99 a Month home phone(i use it and i love it).

    For all thoes wondering why t-mobile lost. have faith we are better then ever and Ready to Prove it!

  • steven

    @ Jay

    The tone of the reps has not changed. it s just what we are allowed to do anymore. With all the restrictions the number of calls were customers request a supervisor has sky rocketed, and most of the time they cant give what the customer wants either.

  • T1 Connect

    listen all the back and fourth isn’t gonna solve anything monoploly i mean verizon might be the best but we are fogetting something here we are still better than att(who is blocking forums like this on thier service) and sprint who totaly suck at customer service and i used to be one of them hell tmo does better at customer service than big ol pussy directv and time warner so its not so bad at all just a minor setback and who the fuck says verizon didn’t pay jd power and associates off for that rating they have the money to waste you know how much those bitches make off those expensive ass plans. so cheer up my tmo counterparts it will be alright.

  • Actually, I am VERY surprised that T-Mobile has been ranked #1 for a few years. I think they should be ranked the LEAST.
    A few reasons:
    1) VERY behind in technology. All the carriers already has their 3G rolled out, it took T-Mobile forever to roll out theirs and they’re the last one AFTER others already have theirs out LONG TIME AGO.
    2) Their phones are outdated comparing to other carriers’ phones.
    3) Coverage. They have the worst coverage in VA than any other carriers. I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since 2004, and they still don’t provide coverage in my area. MANY YEARS before I signed up for T-Mobile, all the other 4 carriers ALREADY have put their own tower on the mountain right front of my house. It’s 2008, I’ve been sending service requests and T-Mobile still hasn’t put a tower on the moutain here that covers many cities here. It’s 2008, T-Mobile is the ONLY carrier that doesn’t provide a nearby tower, I would have to drive to the city to get service.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on T-Mobile because I love the sidekick, even if it’s very outdated.
    You might be like, “Then get Verizon or something!”. I would LOVE to have Verizon because they have the best coverage, but I’m deaf and I checked with them many times, I am required to also pay for VOICE minutes and I don’t need any. T-Mobile has the best plan for deaf people like me.
    Sidekick is the perfect phone for me, the ONLY issue is COVERAGE here in VA. I noticed T-Mobile have been adding A LOT of towers in our country lately but don’t understand why can’t they put one here.