T-Mobile@Home… finally launching (July 2nd)

Great news! If you’re a part of our forums then you may have already noticed a very informative post detailing a little bit about the T-Mobile@Home service launching soon. In case you’ve forgotten or are just now finding out about this, you’ll be able to replace your landline carrier with T-Mobile’s VoIP home service… kind of like Vonage but cheaper (well, as long as you already have a $39.99 cell phone plan). You get all the standard features you would get with any other phone, such as caller ID, call waiting/forwarding, and voicemail, plus you also get award winning customer service and a big pink T as a company logo! Who could ask for more? Just for clarification, this service must be used with your existing internet connection and your phone plugs into a T-Mobile provided WiFi router.

Seriously, this rocks… for a mere $9.99/month you can turn your home phone into a local and long distance unlimited minute eating MACHINE. Finally, an excuse to use my COW PHONE!



  • Theicool

    Does it include caller id and all that good stuff?

  • oreo

    Lol, the last line

  • Remique

    Let me get this straight, I am to be satisfied with tmobile@home over 3g, because I get unlimited calling from home! I personally got a mobile phone, to mobile and dropped home service, this in my opinion is a bad move on tmo’s part. been with tmo for 8 years and really getting tired of the subpar phones lack of 3g and being treated like a child (i.e. the sidekick). Maybe time to move on, OMNIA

  • Mystictrust

    @Theicool: I updated the main story to include the fact that it DOES include caller id, call waiting, call forwarding. That stuff is definitely necessary these days!

    @Remique: T-Mobile@Home does not run over 3g, it runs over your existing internet connection, much like Vonage or Skype, and there is a short review on how the service worked for one person here: http://crave.cnet.com/8301-1_105-9976891-1.html

  • jmts

    wow! no excuse for a cow phone that is bad! LMAO

  • Remnique

    I understand it doesn’t run off 3g, but it runs over VoIP, so let’s start with the price, 9.99. add the numbers up and you get something different, first $39.99 voice plan, $40 and up Broadband plan and the $9.99 H@H TF so now we up to $90+ dollars and the only advantage is free long distance, just pay $99 and get unlimited calling any where in the country, oh and wait skype is free!

  • Nwahs

    Well T-mobile is assuming that you have broadband internet. If you don’t, it may not be worth it. However many people do have broadband internet, and for them it would save them money to drop their $20 $30 $40 and up land-line plans and just use their broadband internet for that.

  • aibo

    Yes I agree with you, Nwahs. And I think it is a great for people who like many things about T-Mobile but have poor reception in their house. This will keep them happy and get unlimited long distance for $9.99 while they are at home. I wish they have a plan for International Long Distance too for T-Mo@Home. I would get rid off my Vonage. My Current Vonage plan is $24.99+$10/Month for Unlimited Call Asia (17 countries including Australia and New Zealand)

  • Remnique

    I know that sounds cool, but it still don’t make up for the fact that they are years behind in the area of 3g, as many companies around the world even in America, are heading into 4g such as LTE and WiMax, and all they do is try to appease us customers (like me, been with them for 8+ years (voicestream)) waiting for something, anything innovative in the area of mobile phones, not just go ahead and use your phone at home, come AT&T has the Iphone, rumored to be getting the Omnia, Verizon has all the high end lg phones, even Sprint has sprint TV. Tmobile is behind on everything, I understand they want everything to be worked out before releasing anything, but they can look to Tmobile International, to start their 3G services, or at least put out a decent data device, yes they have a few bb devices, but for my business they are useless to me. I need winmo on my device and so does all my company phones, tired of waiting and AT&T is about to release a phone that will do everything I need it to do. Iphone is nice, but not geared towards business, Android is not the answer, I am not a developer so waiting on people to write programs for the open source phone is not for me, BB doesn’t allow me to edit my files. OMNIA here I come.

  • id

    laters fool can’t even wait, this is not for everyone so if not for u leave. t-mob will be the best carrier in the us. most inexpensive and about the 3g how can u blame a carrier when they pony up 4 billion for it and the feds hold their balls in a jar like they did . just so u know the towers are ready but will not be opened due to idiot constant complainers like u .if there was an opening of service u would be the first to call and bitch first sign of a problem. leave there are 30million that love us and love to save money !!

  • Marcus

    Launched (Soft) TODAY! Went and got mine on my lunch break, only one person in the market beat me. Only waiting on the port of the number so I can use it, but the router works fine. Also, now any calls I make to/from my home phone are “mobile-to-mobile” with T-Mobile (which is great cause almost my whole family uses T-Mobile).

  • David

    I just went through the cancellation process. I documented it as a step by step guide below if any one else is planning on cancelling.

  • T-Mo Rep

    this new @home service, it’s insane. our managers and market managers are going bat**** crazy over this. this is supposed to be HUGE or jobs will be on the line. my manager already got threatened with his job if our store doesn’t do big numbers with this because we have one of the best performing stores in our area..

    i just don’t understand. in 5 years home phones will be irrelevant, and yet tmobile is doing something like this instead of focusing on 3g and better phones. i just don’t understand.

  • stupid

    t-mo should unleash sms blocker to avoid canceling contracts, i know its coming just not sure when sometime in july

  • remnique

    7 months a year I travel, so it won’t be used. Land line phones are going the way of dinosaurs, everyone seems to know it but the people at tmo, H@H TF will be a failure, like the spint nextel merger, I mean its like Moto releasing another version of the razr, and thinking its the best thing ever

  • remnique

    and Id, I’ve been with the company 8 years, and waited patiently for tmo to evolve, its customers like you that keep tmo from doing anything innovative, if you want somethng great be ready to spend money for it, why do you think the US of A is always last to get the new tech, we want it cheap and don’t care that its been out in europe for 3 years. You got to pay to play, and about me calling up bitching, I pay $400 a month for services on my phones and never complained about tmo, just saying I am tired of watching everybody else growing up while tmo caters to kids, i.e. the sidekick. ask yourself what was the last innovative thing tmo did? then ask that of AT&T Verizon and Sprint/Nextel. and don’t even think about Europe, Asia and Japan. And the 3G is built out and over 90% of the spectrum is empty, all they got to do is throw the switch. but then people like you say hey I am a hermit I don’t leave my house, give me unlimited calls at home, even tmo international carries the iphone, what great phone does tmo carry, yes they have a few 3g phones, but they all tether you to you laptop, so as every one else is simplifying, tmo is either keeping you at home or making you carry your laptop.

  • T-Mobile Rep

    this service is stupid. t-mobile already offers unlimited hotspot calling with a hotspot@home cellphone for $10. why not just expand the line up of hotspot@home capable phones? land lines are crap. and it requires a 2 YEAR CONTRACT!!

  • tmoguy

    Skype is not free…it assumes you have high speed internet access just like VoIP. I plan on moving from Qwest to Tmo because it’s the best VoIP plan and will save +$30 per month on my land line bill. I would prefer to completely zap the land line but my wife wants one! In the past I used SunRocket VoIP, before it died a painful death, and was very satisfied.

  • radioshack rep

    we have every brand of phone and pervider were i work, and t-mobile is the best for reg phone plans and smartphone plans, and as for the iphone it is the main phone that people bring back, and cant stand it we dont want to carry them because they come back yelling at us because they suck so bad

  • tmolovestexas

    Do you have to pay taxes on the $10/month, or is that it?

  • Remnique

    you right Skype is not free, assuming you have high speed internet, which is what H@H TF also assumes you have, so we will say thats a wash. H@H $39.99 tmo plan plus $9.99 H@H plan, so true cost is 49.98 plus applicable taxes, Skype unlimited calling to any number, (land line, or cellular in the US of A) is $2.95 as month, winner Skype. So like I was saying H@H TF is not worth it. Give me 3G, or invest in femtocell, Land lines in America is dead.

  • BJ

    Skype is not great for professionals who spend a lot of time on business critical conference calls. Cell phones also fall short in this area. Having a land line with a speaker button works best in those situations.

  • Remnique

    That is True, Tmo is not marketing H@H TF to business professionals, also if you are using your phone for business calls, you would be better served to have a dedicated land line, because in a power outage internet phones don’t work, and don’t use the excuse that it will start pulling from your minute pool. because if you are a business professional you have business unlimited, so it wouldn’t matter about using wifi at home.

  • tmoguy


    I think we need to agree to disagree…for me $9.99 + tax (H@H) is much better that $40 + taxes (Qwest)…Also, with a family of five I do not think Skype is viable option/replacement for landline except to call my relatives in Germany.

  • Mystictrust

    Skype just never had decent call quality for me whenever my dad used it to call. There was also a 3 second lag in our conversation so that was bad. Also I’m not too fond of the headset thing that I’d probably end up using for making an internet call… I wear a headset for work I don’t want one at home. I just want a phone [cell or wireless handset]