T-Mobile@Home… finally launching (July 2nd)

Great news! If you’re a part of our forums then you may have already noticed a very informative post detailing a little bit about the T-Mobile@Home service launching soon. In case you’ve forgotten or are just now finding out about this, you’ll be able to replace your landline carrier with T-Mobile’s VoIP home service… kind of like Vonage but cheaper (well, as long as you already have a $39.99 cell phone plan). You get all the standard features you would get with any other phone, such as caller ID, call waiting/forwarding, and voicemail, plus you also get award winning customer service and a big pink T as a company logo! Who could ask for more? Just for clarification, this service must be used with your existing internet connection and your phone plugs into a T-Mobile provided WiFi router.

Seriously, this rocks… for a mere $9.99/month you can turn your home phone into a local and long distance unlimited minute eating MACHINE. Finally, an excuse to use my COW PHONE!