SMS rates going up!


Well T-mobile gave us an ETF adjustment this week and now they grace us with an sms increase. Thats right all you casual texters, starting August 29th T-mobile joins the ranks of #1, 2 and 3 and raises their pay per use rate to $.20! As expected this plays out for both postpaid and flexpay customers. Keep in mind this pay per use rate increase affects mms messaging as well, all messaging in fact. Expect to see inserts in your billing starting later this month alerting you to the change. No word on yet on whether or not this is a contract kill though I am sure those who are verbally crafty will figure out the way to get er done.

I can’t say with 100% positivity but I do believe prepaid customers are not subject to this increase. They only mean to charge more to the customers who really matter, us post paid folks. I suppose a price increase is exactly what we need to pay for the recently deployed, soon to be deployed, will be deployed before the next century 3G network.

Will any of our benevolent readers try and escape the chains of T-mobile bondage with this price increase? Sound off in the comments if you are able to successfully null and void your contract.