UMTS? Psh, that's nothing!


After years of delays and assorted issues, T-mobile USA finally has rolled out 3G in New York City. We were told it would come out months ago. It didn’t. We were told it would be voice only. It wasn’t. We were told it will be UMTS data. It wont be. Wait, what?!

Yep folks, T-mobile’s phase I of their 3G launch involves only UMTS data. However, it looks like plans are to do a little upgrading on this fresh 3G network. T-mobile doesn’t plan on stopping with UMTS, but hopefully upgrading to freaky fast HSDPA. For those that don’t know the lingo, UMTS=fast internet, and HSDPA=really really fast internet. HSDPA usually gets between 1.4 Mbps and 14 Mbps. The hardworking 3G engineers that created this network report that HSDPA is paid-for, and installed on almost all 3G-enabled sites. So what is T-mobile waiting for? Well your phone can interact with that cell site at super fast speeds, but what happens after that? Within 8 weeks, minimum, T-mobile will have the necessary T1 lines in place, so whichever HSDPA cell site your phone connects to can be connected to T-mobile, and the internet at super fast speeds. Oh, and a little more exciting news for everyone, guess what these HSDPA speeds were tested on? Nope, not feature-full Nokia 2610, but a Sony Ericsson device which got over 1 MB/S during testing. Could this be a sign that T-mobile is bringing HSDPA Sony Ericsson phones to their lineup soon? Stay tuned to find out

For those Spanish speakers, check out in Spanish (EspaƱol)!

  • Orlando Reyes

    Good now lets get it out of testing and put it out on the streets for all (especially me) to use.

  • Josh

    I assume that little teaser at the end denotes the fact that they will be bringing Sony Ericsson phones to their lineup. All for the Xperia X1 say aye

  • mingkee

    I have been several places in NYC, and found 3G is EVERYWHERE
    unlike the other 3 when activated 3G initially, they just put piece by piece like puzzle, T-Mobile “burn up” the whole market with 3G
    this may be late, but it’s worth to wait
    and the first HSDPA phone, SE Z780, will come in 2 months

  • I’m really stupid when it comes to this. But if T-Mobile launces HSDPA does that make it the best 3G Network in the US? Or what does it mean…? Sorry. :(

  • Nwahs

    Don’t worry about it Ricky.
    It does not mean that T-mobile’s 3G network will be faster then everyone else’s, but it does mean it will be pretty close. It also opens up a lot of opportunities for cool services and features to be released by T-mobile.
    T-mobile has been saying that they will have the best 3G network in the US. HSDPA gives them the opportunity to do this, lets hope they take it!

  • mingkee

    forget about speed at the first place
    the new UMTS network is pretty complete in market coverage, and it works great
    however, the speed may be slower than EDGE when the signal is low

  • marco

    the “spanish version” does not translate well.
    I can read it but… you guys need a real spanish version of your website..
    hiring a guy who speaks both, spanish and english..or maybe Spanglish?…
    may call the website…TmoNoticias…

  • Nwahs

    I speak Spanish, but not well enough to translate the whole site. If you didn’t know any English, would you be able to understand the Spanish version?
    We’re working to find a better service to do this for us. Let us know if you know of one.

  • marco

    you can read it.. but you need to read the sentence twice to understand the real meaning.. and if you use english slang, is gonna be hard to translate it.. but i would say 75% accurate. if i know something about it… i will let u know guys.
    btw, did you read about the new htc diamond coming with quad band HSDPA?

  • mingkee

    I am also aware of it, by engadgetmobile
    but I’d wait for SE Z780 or W760, depends on which comes earlier (NA1700 version of course)
    btw, you should read my initial though posted on cellphonesignal, anybody is waiting for T-Mobile 3G should expect what will happen

  • cadet03

    Yea I find that Google translations are ok for simple info, but def not perfect for longer articles. And with my limited spanish, can tend to get confusing lol

  • EAA575

    So, will UMTS still be available because i have a 6263 and don’t know if they will get rid of it or not

  • se-mochi

    Well, most likely, for this HSDPA to launch so soon should be expected with the continuous delays. They’ve had time to fine tune the towers, prepare for any malfunctions, and launch stronger than we all had perceived. IMHO, this is how is should be done.

    One week, they’re years behind, and the next week it seems like the other three will be left behind. I can’t wait to try out some video calls on my k850.

  • arsalan19872000

    GOOOOOO T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!! Great News i’ll drop my dsl lines and get total internet

  • mingkee

    13: K850 won’t work because it does not have NA1700
    14: total intenet is intended for supplement or backup

  • Tom

    I just wanna know since tmo lauch 3G with HSPDA 1700mhz (thats what i heard so far) so are they gonna lauch some more device or pda phone along with it in the future.Web browse is inmportant to me and I need to upgrade my device soon,so any info can help!

  • johnmed3

    I’ just hope we gat some WM phone soon (HTC or Sony, heck even Nokia Symbian would be nice)!!!

  • Orlando Reyes

    Wait until Tuesday. HTC should be releasing their new line of phones with a quad band hsdpa that will be identical to the X1 that should be sporting AWS.

  • mingkee

    by phonescoop
    T-Mobile announced 3G in NYC today
    thuogh I have been using for 5 days, and like it

  • e

    “HSDPA usually gets between 1.4 MB/S and 14 MB/S.”

    No. It usually gets between 1.4Mbps and 14Mbps. Megabits and Megabytes are NOT the same thing. Far from it.

    “minimum, T-mobile will have the necessary T1 lines in place, so whichever HSDPA cell site your phone connects to can be connected to T-mobile”

    You better hope not. a T1 cannot push data faster than 1.54Mbps.

    Given that this article makes such errors, I think the lot of it is suspect.

  • Nwahs

    The Mpbs were just updated, that was my mistake, I apologize.

    Also, T1 lines are being connected in addition to the ones which are already connected, giving more bandwidth to the tower. From what I can tell, this is accurate.

  • mingkee

    this concerns me
    if the T1 can only handle up to 1.5Mbps, then the internet connection will be looking bad with HSDPA

  • Tom

    Hey guys,is there a new touch screen blackberry phone coming out soon with HSPDA? one of the TMO staff told me that today while i visit the store.

  • Chris

    T1 lines would be correct, T1’s can be bonded to provide faster internet and more voice channels. Many edge towers now have multiple T1 lnes to support voice and EDGE data, for the faster network additional T1’s will be required. So yes 1 T1 is 1.5Mbps or 24 voice channels, 2 would be 3.0Mbps and 48 voice channels etc.

  • Mike

    Here is the real stats on UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA (T-MO has not announced plans to role out HSUPA). In real world applications, UMTS will get you 386kps, this is taking into consideration backhaul to the tower (the t-1s you all have been talking about), network congestion and capacity on the tower. HSDPA is High Speed Download Packet Access; this will get you 400kps to 800kps on the download side. However, you will still only get UMTS on the Uplink side unless you have HSUPA. Which T-Mo is not planning to install. HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) will net you 500kps to 800kps on the uplink side. The other GSM carrier in the US has installed HSDPA as well as HSUPA.

    With all that said, T-Mo is installing HSUPA Rev 7.2. This means in lab testing the BEST speed you will every get is 7.2MBs. You will NEVER get 14MBs as stated in the article above.

  • Mike

    Sorry—-T-Mo is installing HSDPA Rev 7.2. This means in lab testing the BEST speed you will every get is 7.2MBs. You will NEVER get 14MBs as stated in the article above.

  • Mike

    Tom—-T-MO is the only carrier using 1700mhz in the world at this time. This means that your 1700mhz phone will only work in NYC on their 3G network in NYC. Most 3G networks in the word at 850mhz or 1900mhz with three countries on 2100mhz (South Korea, Japan and Singapore). So you ask, what does this mean? Well, roaming will be all but imposable. Even if T-MO had data roaming agreements with their larger US GSM competitor, the networks are not compatible. Also, devices are not readily available given they are the only ones using this spectrum.