one MORE thing…

Price questions have been asked and has answered. I’ll let the price comparison do the walking and the talking this time around.


  • David Washington

    So, its $9.99 extra each line. Thats good, I might hop on that plan, and add on promotion

  • William Gary
  • David Washington

    William this is the wrong place to post this. Post this on the Gekko post, and I already saw that post, on hiptop 3’s website

  • Alcoholicaust

    is tmob ever going to comeout with a truly unlimited plan too? one that includes text and web?

  • Alcoholicaust

    damn that last post sounded like i was complaining… it was an actual question… are there plans to have an unlimited plan from tmobile that also includes text and web…

  • Mystictrust

    Plans for unlimited voice, text, and web? The only way to do that right now is using a H@H phone and wifi networks [just start call on a wifi network then roam around town while on that call]. Then just add a text and data package.

    Aside from T-Mobile’s current unlimited voice & text for $99, I haven’t heard of anything regarding adding data to that. We’ll let you know if that ever changes.

  • rob

    what about a text/data package similar to the sidekicks package, except for winmo devices?

  • matt

    Unlimited voice, text, web and t-mobile hotspot wifi nationwide is 119.98

  • rob

    isnt tmob’s total internet 39.95?

  • rob
    if theres a cheaper unadvertised one…please share

  • Dan

    Tmobile’s Total Internet plan is 19.95 (mainly for windows mobile phones) and that includes internet (duh) and Hotspot (starbucks locations, etc) wifi service. If your talking about a laptop card then that alone is 49.99 (not worth it IMO, at least until 3g launches in all markets…..)

  • rob

    i asked cc about it today, they said it WAS 19.99, now its 39.99, and the card service is still 49.99

  • Aaron

    Internet Only plan is $39.99
    Internet Add On plan is $19.99 (added to a voice plan line)
    Data Card Only is $49.99

  • Ryan

    That one is for winmo data without voice plan if u have a voice plan u can pay 19.99 extra

  • Game God

    The extra $9.99 is for the H@H add-on, is that required?
    If not than my plan would be $69.99 800 mins, M2M, N/W, MyFaves.

    I don’t want H@H or do I have any H@H phone.

  • Dan

    i don’t know what market your in rob, but down here in the miami market, it has not changed.

  • rob

    so i called cc again earlier, and they said that the internet add-on was 19.99, and the guy i spoke with the first time apparently didnt know what he was talking about. i’d been using the proxy hole for a while but thats been going in and out lately.