One more thing…

One More Thing

I suppose it would be helpful if we mentioned what phones are currently available and able to take advantage of the FULL Family 4-pack add-on features mentioned earlier? Of course, any myfaves phone will do for 3 of the 4, but if you want the unlimited minutes at home using the router, you’ll need one of their special UMA-enabled phones for each family member that wants those minutes. Currently available phones are:

  • Nokia 6086
  • Samsung t409
  • Samsung Katalyst
  • Blackberry Curve
  • Blackberry Pearl 2

Looking for new phones? T-Mobile has a few upcoming handsets that also will work with the family 4-pack, or anywhere else H@H can be used. Yes, three new H@H phones for your enjoyment:

  • Blackberry 8820 (launching this Monday, May 5th!!) Whoops, so it’s already out.
  • Nokia 6301
  • Motorola Z6W

Three new H@H phones coming soon alongside an amazing Family Plan add-on? This has WIN written ALL over it.

  • sam o

    I am pretty sure the BB 8820 has been out for the better part of two months at this point, cannot remember when,but it launched before the 8120 did. Same BB love, but now with added WI-FI action!!!

  • David Washington

    Dang, if that new Sidekick was included I would have got it.

  • TallTeXan

    i hate to burst your bubble but the 8820 is already launched it launched last month in select stores (my store being one of them)

  • smubound

    So if you already have a family plan and myfaves does that mean that the promotion will be for us existing users as well or just new tmobile customers?

  • marco

    blackberry 8820? this monday? but it is already up

  • David Washington

    Never mind, I read the thing

  • DarkJedi

    I’m not really understanding the 8820 deal myself, but we just took a cut and past approach the phone listings. Figured it was easier to just post what T-mobile said rather than write it out verbatim.

  • e

    nice use of Apple’s “one more thing”.

  • Anonymous

    And from what I’ve seen, it’s only going to be 9.99 per month. not bad.