Everyone loves unlimited!

Oh my faves, my faves how I love thee. Hey T-mobile fans, the commercials are running and we as always have the inside scoop. Starting May 14, you will be able to use your families myfaves as your own. Yup thats right, you have 4 members in your family thats 20 unlimited numbers for you. Guess what, now I can call all of my sisters friends all I want. Er I mean, call my sister whenever I want.

Here is the scoop on T-Mobile’s new Family 4-Pack Promotion:

  • David Washington

    It will only be for phones that support Hotspot@Home, and myfaves right. Or can I have this with a myfaves phone only? And will this me a plan all together or a added service?

  • David Washington

    Nevermind, I read the other blog. I get it

  • David Washington

    So, does that mean I get to call my granny’s myfaves, or do I get an addition 5 mfaves extra numbers to call in addition the the 5 I already have?

  • Nwahs

    Is your granny is on the same family plan as you, then you may call hers.
    Your Myfaves
    1. Ben
    2. Ted
    3. Jim
    4. Fred
    5. Eddie

    Granny’s Myfaves
    1. Emma
    2. Carley
    3. Jenna
    4. Phil
    5. Bill

    You can call all ten people listed above for free, as well as anyone else’s Fave5, if they are on your MyFaves family plan

  • Orlando Reyes

    What is the purpose of unlimited nights/weekends since all myfaves for families all have nights and weekends. Are they adding earlier nights just like the new pay by the day plans. If not, they are just searching for “benefits” to put in this promotion. This will not change my mind, I am going to get this anyways but nights at 7 would be awesome.

  • Tad

    Is there anything else to suggest myFaves contacts will be shared amongst the family? The description above could be interpreted either way.

  • Nwahs

    MyFaves contacts WILL be chared amongst family.

  • Tad

    Again, is there anything else to suggest this? I have a friend who works for T-Mobile who is unable to confirm the claim.

  • Jim

    As far as the Myfavs used shared with everyone, I’m in National Retail and it hasn’t been described they way this post describes it.

  • Frank

    My wife just called T-Mobile regarding the new plan.

    At first, they were clueless regarding it, then after some research, they finally came up with the plan specs.

    For an extra $9.99, we get T-Mo hotspot at home (WiFi Calls), T-Mobile to T-Mobile, but, and she asked 3 times to confirm, the My Faves are not shared amongst the family.
    Everyone gets their individual My Faves only.

    Still not too bad a deal but not what we’d been hoping for.

  • Steve

    Re:sharing my faves

    The people in the retail store told me this is true that in fact 3 phones equal 15 my faves. My friend on t-mobile called to upgrade his plan and they told him they are not shared. So I am confused. Are they shared or not?

  • AbsoluteEvel

    The deal was worded poorly, but they are saying that with this plan you get unlimited calling in 4 ways, not that it adds 4 features.

  • David Washington

    When is this ever gonna come out, cause its May 21st, and I still haven’t saw signs of this releasing. Am I supposed to call to get this?, cause its not on the T-Mobile or My.T-Mobile.com site.

  • This new feature does NOT, I repeat does NOT give u shared family myfaves. It’s just as Frank’s wife found out… for $9.99 u get ulmtd M2M, & hotspot@home n for those who have that bck to school myfaves family of only 1000family mins with NO nits or wkends (given in 2007 when school was starting bck up), this feature will give them that now ;o)