Flip Blackberry heading for T-mobile??

Our friends over at BoyGenius have gotten their hands on this little gem, the Blackberry KickStart. Blackberry really has caught up with the times and we can see the anticipation building for this superstar. Sporting a 2 MP camera, Video capture, and customizable skin (Sounds an awful like the Gekko we posted earlier), this one should be a winner.

Of course on the “flip” side we have to remember what happened the last time blackberry tried introducing their functionality into a flip form. We ended up with this disaster. Lets hope for better luck this time around!

  • David Washington

    Yeah, this is probably gonna happen cause they did have that samsung blackberry flip phone.

  • anon

    You guys realize RIM didn’t make that samsung phone right?

  • David Washington

    Yes, I know anon. Thats why I said Samsung Blackberry phone, I only said Blackberry cause it had the Suretype keyboard, ans Blackberry Push Email

  • Tyler wat

    This will be out mid September for t-mobile

  • Tony

    Why is the Samsung such a disaster? Doesn’t look too bad to me.

  • Josh

    This is actually a very smart move on Rim’s part. They are targeting the average consumer with a familiar flip-phone design (its a bit razr-esque aactually). This allows them to gain deeper market penetration and win over people who have never owned a smart-phone before. Those are the ones who identify with an individual product or experience and refuse to change from it later on, regardless of what other makers throw out there. Watch out, ’cause we’re gonna have a whole bunch more crackberrys on our hands here

  • James

    I personally don’t think that picture is ‘REAL’. I’m not saying the flip phone isn’t a legit concept that RIM actually has under development…but i’m simply commenting on the picture; it looks computer animated. Very obvious, kind of like the one of the ‘THUNDER’. Just looks fake to me.