Sidekick Gekko details and more!

We are getting a lot of people asking if the Sidekick Gekko will be a Limited Edition SK, or a be a completely new device. We’ve also been getting questions as to why T-mobile is releasing a Sidekick so soon after the LX came out. Well, we have answers to both these questions and more. First and foremost, the Sidekick Gekko is not a Limited Edition LX (See: Tony Hawk SK LX), Slide, or iD. The Gekko will be a new device, with new accessories that will only fit it, and not other SK devices. In addition, instead of being the predecessor to Sidekick LX, it will be a humble replacement for the discontinued Sidekick iD. That look from the baby pretty much says “Does anyone really miss the Sidekick iD? What, you ask, might be some specs on the iD’s replacement? Well lets start with a new 2 MP camera, with video capture. We’d definitely call that an improvement. It will supposedly also have some kind of cool new video sharing software. It will support web browsing, and get this, it will also be highly customizable. What exactly that means, we’re still digging, but hey, sounds cool right? Look for a release on July 30th (Looks like the Gekko=Aspen).

Oh, and a quick note: The Sidekick LX price was just reduced by $50, down to $250. In addition, both Hotspot@Home were marked down, and are now free. Not sure how long these prices will last, so you might want to jump on board and save some dough if you were planning on buying the LX. Or you could wait until (much) later this year when the other new Sidekick comes out. But we can’t talk about that yet (so don’t e-mail us about it!) We’ll post information as it comes in.

For now, T-mobile users, strap in for UMTS, HSDPA, Android, the touchscreen Iphone killer, Sony Ericsson phones, some great Nokias, and even more great things. It should be an exciting rest-of-2008 for T-mobile users!

Picture (Thanks to Hiptop3)

  • debra

    Nice finally cant wait

  • debra

    Wait a min how can it not be huge we havent even had video so its a humble replacement from the id the id didnt have a cam shouldnt it be better then the sidekick lx

  • Nwahs

    There shouldn’t be any significant upgrades that we can tell besides what was stated above. That is what was meant by humble, but maybe I’ll go fix that.

    Sorry for the great photoshopping job. Tiss late

  • Nwahs

    There we go, nothing a little bit of strike-through code can’t take care of :-)

  • debra

    Ok its cool but i consider 2mp and video capture and upgrade

  • debra

    Ok its cool but i consider 2mp and video capture and upgrade
    But im grateful for the info so im not tryna bring anyone down

  • mingkee

    I still focus on SE Z780
    though it’s kinda basic, it has HSDPA, and ALL SE accessories can be used on it
    and the unknown RM-407

  • David Washington

    Once, again you have made my day. Now, I’m gonna have sleepless nights thou until the 31st of July.

  • David Washington

    I mean until the 30th

  • gecko

    Of course it makes sense. Gekko, Gecko. ID, it changes. How could have I missed it. Although I thought it was going to be an iD the Gekko should’ve told me for sure.

  • Joseph N

    Though not exactly going to be a ground breaking device, what is exciting about this is the prospect of allowing this to be an affordable device. Ever since the iD went EOL we have had no alternative low cost option to offer our customers.

  • Just called to check on the Hotspot price change, nothing is setup as of yet through customer care, but the nice girl told me that something was changing in the next few days in reguards to Hotspot and Talk Forever Mobile, she just couldn’t let me know what it was.

  • Todd

    “In addition, both Hotspot@Home were marked down, and are now free.”

    Ok, The TMO site does not list it for free, so how can I get it for free?

  • daniel

    The 2mp and video is a upgrade but still isn’t on par with other mobiles being relases. My friends cameras rang from 3.2mp – 5mp on there phones. I just would have liked to see 3mp. But hey im still happy and graitful for the uprade. Now with the lx having a ota for video and this gekko having 2mp and video the next sidkick after the gekko, should have crazy features as the gekko is supose to be the new id, a cheap version on the sidekicks.

  • David Washington

    Daniel why are you comparing your friends 3.2 MP camera, and 5 Mp cameraphones have to do with this. Does it really matter? The phone is really supposed to be a messaging/communication device not a Digital Camera. I’m sorry but, could you take your comments somewhere else, cause what your saying is completely irrelevant. I mean really. I’m happy it has a 2.0 MP Camera. I mean I have a 6.3 megapixel digital camera with me at home. What does it matter how big the resolution is. Its more so the camera quality. Most people don’t care if their phone has past 2 Megapixels, cause its just a phone.

  • Takaria

    Ok…this sounds like a wonderful addtion 2 the the sk family but ummm i dnt understand how the gekko & the aspen are the same phone if they have different release dates….

  • daniel

    The fact is that I have ever hiptop sence the colour and they are never on par with other phones. 2mg camera people have been wanting for ages. Long before the lx people were saying I was a 2 mg camera. And if the sidekicks are gonna keep bring in new customers it needs to keep up with the times. Thar isn’t being mean [what are you five, aww mum he doesn’t like my camera] im voicing a opinion people have been saying for years. And yes it is a mesaaging phone and that was fine when it came out. But the messaging hasn’t been updated sence to 2. So they have to update something else. The messaging on the lx and slide are the same as the 2 so why havnt they update something else if not messaging. And hey im glad its updated im happy. But im just saying these phones are not up with the times. So gar

  • David Washington

    Daniel you make no sense, sounds like your bashing, Next –>. I don’t respond to ignorance

  • Nwahs

    Take it easy boys.

    Daniel, no need to mock anyone

    David, take it easy. Your comments are always great and helpful, and we love getting them, but lets keep it that way!

    We’re fine with debate, but attach each others POINTS and not each other.

  • David Washington

    Sorry Nwahs my bad. I just think he’s coming in here to bash everything.

  • Bashok

    ugh, this is year is going great for T-Mobile and my father forced me to go to sprint because of a messaging promo deal. so sucks.

  • Nwahs

    Don’t worry it David, keep up the good posting!

  • Josh

    I for one feel that the convergence of devices is crucial for the advancement of the wireless industry. Carriers need to stand out from the mundane, everyday model all the while offering new and innovative experiences for the consumer. What they tend to forget is that we want to be connected all the time in every way, not poorly or occassionally (but what’s the point of being connected if the experience is driven by the carrier/os and not the consumer?) Lately Danger has failed to create user-driven applications and products (although this may be attributed to factors beyond their control). Download catalog anyone? No thanks! Hopefully Microsoft will allow Danger to be a little more innovative (I’m actually being serious here). As for now, in android we trust ;)

  • Josh

    P.S. The average consumer sees bigger as better (wherefore 3.2 megapixels is automatically better than 1.3). Most don’t understand how quality optics play a factor. And how could they when carriers only promote the whole megapixel dealio? Lets just say the sidekick series needs some work on both fronts

  • daniel

    I never bashed the sidekick. I think they are the best around for communication and there unlimted plan is the best. All I said was this isn’t a upgrade that I would liked. But im still happy its a upgrade. Well anyway this is ment to be the next id right so the next proper sidekick is gonna be sweet with features.

  • David Washington

    Will this support Micro SD Card’s?; cause I just bought a 4GB Micro SD Card?

  • wait, theres ANOTHER sk besides the gekko/aspen thats coming out?!??

  • when will the next SIDEKICK LX come out? i read above it comes out in December. is that true? i also want to kno, will the SIDEKICK GEKKO/ASPEN have a large screen. i mean if its going to have video capture, it should have a large screen.

  • daniel

    The new lx is in july 17th and the gekko and 30th from memory. Don’t quote me. And from what they have been saying over at they say yes it will have the same screen as the lx.

  • enjoijams

    I submited this a few days ago but havnt seen it up here.
    But if anyone hasnt seen it…
    This is going to be the gekko.

  • enjoijams

    Tried to insert an image with my comment via html.
    I guess it doesnt allow you to. But here is a link.

  • Jeff

    Any one hear anything about Custom Ringtones? Lets just hope Danger got over their gay ness and lets us have custom ringtones!

  • Lexie

    Thanks for this post, its very helpful, u cant wait till it comes out, i was getting the lx un august, might as well get the new one.

  • sam

    people keep on talking about the over the air for the lx, so it will work as a video platform. bah? where is my ota? how do i get it?

  • Mystictrust

    OTA starts rolling out on June 25th. Expect it on or after that date.

  • Estefano

    Hey guys I have a few words to say about this new sk, firstly people try to ignore the fact that the camera pixel on the sidekicks are so low but for some people it is a big deal, a lot of kids use its camera to take their facebook, myspace, livejournal, Etc etc and to post it, yet the details that a higher resolution camera would capture can’t be provided from such a high-end piece of technology. Secondly is the new sk going to atleast run on a 3g network? I mean the internet is supposed to be faster everytime but there’s instances where ill be right next to a friend who has the sk3 and we will be going to the exact same website and his page load before my page does on the lx. Also something that would make this device an amazing device would be to add flashplayer, something a lot of websites need to be able to run. Im not exactly sure what danger’s goals are for the sidekick, but the apple’s new 2.0 software that the iPhones will be running on is like nothing I have seen before, and for them to be selling their phones starting at $200 what more can you get for your buck? Im not trying to talk bad about the sidekick but I just think that danger should maybe use a different tactic if they want to release the best communications product. In my opinion they should take a couple steps back and maybe consider two main apsects that would make the market better in their favor, first is to realize the technology that is out there and either find a way to either surpass or atleast come to par with it. Second thought that should be kept in mind is that their devices are mainly sold to the youth population of our country so they should think of the things that kids would want in their smartphones, they have accomplished some of this with the interchangable colors but the faster internet, even connectivity to wifi would be a prime addition, also allowing the sidekicks to be able to transfer files with other phones through bluetooth and allow them to be used as ringtones, that would catch the attention of many kids out there. Also let me breifly adress the communications aspect of the phone, something that adults would be more concerned about, video confrencing would be something useful for buisnessmen/women also maybe it should also use a different os such as windows mobile, or something similar that would include a word-type program, excel, maps, all those good things but included with the phone and shouldn’t have to pay extra for them. Im going to conclude with something danger, or anyone with sidekick, should keep in mind…. do they want to be the best or do we want to be able to put out the best communications product for the price? Does danger want the sidekick to be a phone for the people?

  • ChEER giRLy confusedddd. is there going to be a newer improved version of the LX coming out? or is it only the gekko, the improved version of the id?

  • india

    hotspot @ home is 10$ and its for post paid customers only!! no flexpay. also the gekko is an upgrade of the sk I’d. no big deal is my email. I’m a tmo employee thanks.

  • Alyssa

    sorry to sound ignorant, but what exactly is an OTA?

  • do u no about how much the geko cell phone from t-moble would be like the price

  • juuuuuuuuuust post it bacdk

  • i caint wait 2get one!!! THIS IS [SO MUCH BETTER] than paying so much money 4 the LX!!! cuz i have been saving up every FREAKIN penny. now i can by the newest one on JULY30,08… AND customizable shells and video&2megapixel cam makes it SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LX!!!!

  • Alyssa

    guh, i want to know more about the new sidekick that is coming out “much later this year” before i buy the gekko, because i want to get the best available product so i can have it for a while. =/

  • curious09

    Will this sidekick allow you to use mp3 as ringtones?

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would just add video capturing on the LX.
    But I honestly don’t really care if I can change the colors of plastic parts.

    I’m probably going to get an LX instead, though.

  • Dirtysm0k3

    I was searching and someone said for LX users nor to buy the new phone due to there making a Video App for the LX. It sou8nds good to me because I own a Sidekick ID. It’s customizable in the fact that u can change it”s colors like the ID. Plus a kid that I know said u can put a pic on the back casing of anything you want, but i”m sure if u know the right website u can do that with any phone. I know most camers sport a 1.3 megapixel phone and most people are like ohhhhh 2.0 megapixels but 2.0 megapixels isn”t all that good. Will the new Sidekick have Flash? I’m wondering if there making 2 versions of the phone? 1 being an LX version the other being a Slide version? I’d enjoy it if they made an LX version with a slide up screen. Cuz i am not a big fan of the swivel screen. I wonder what all the phone will come packaged with? Heard instead of coming with the Grey casing it”ll come with a yellow casing. I love my Sidekick my only problem with mines is it loses the Data Signal so I can’t IM or Go on websites. Sidekick is a really cool phone. I like the Iphone but shit all that takes is 1 good drop and it’s done. I should know. once you crack an Iphone screen you can”t even power it off unless you just let the battery die. It would be nice if they gave the new Sidekick more Memory Support. I mean who can”t easily fill up a 4gb card? Should make it have up to 8gb support. Hopefully they make it louder cuz my ass can’t hear my shit rining when it be in my pocket in the case while i’m at work. I mean look at the fact. Nowadays you see more people with Sidekicks then Iphone. I work at a bowling alley and i’ve only seen maybe 3 people come in with Iphones. I see alot of Sidekicks. And it’s not all kids that have them.

  • mr herb

    here’s the deal with gekko: I ordered mine today thru employee phone site. I’ve never owned a sk b4. always had windows mobile or blackberry. the reason I ordered it is because the gekko is the next generation of sidekicks. its NOT the next id. its actually the best sk as far as stock features goes. yes it is cheaper. yes it is better and smaller than lx. the reason its cheaper though is this crazy little thing called “attracting new customers”. everyone complains tmobile isn’t rolling out devices to compete with iphone. the thing is : who has actually used an iphone? I have. over rated. its apple so it automatically sucks. personally the blackberry bold makes the iphone seem like nokia 6010. but what tmobile is doing with the gekko (and blackberry kickstart) starting september is launching high_end phones for a lot less than iphones or razr2’s(which don’t really do anything. the reason is when you have decent devices that anyone can afford and also have unlimited data and messaging plans to go with those devices, you’re gonna attract way more subscribers than say att who charges 300 bucks for an all touchscreen phone that u can’t put insurance on and has costlier data plans than any other phone around, yeah I think tmobile knows what they’re doing. I think in 8 months we will all be lookin back on this post and laugh. and the reason is there are actually people out there who don’t realize tmobiles smarter than att or verizon or any of those other companies. tmo’s taking all the customers who were rejected for bad credit by those 2 douche companies and giving them service with no deposit plus high end sidekicks and blackberries and giving them a chance to rebuild their credit. not to mention tmo is already begun launching 3G, android phone in october, iphone killer(and believe me, it will KILL iphone, and you CAN put insurance on it AND remove the battery. take that steve jobs, you nerdy lil bitch. sidekick gekko starts the next line of sk’s. the last 10 models are now obsolete. tmo will be #1 network by 2010. its already fastest growing…… you’ll see.

  • Poetic

    I have an LX…with my update. The same thing is found in the Gekko/08 as well as the SK Tony Hawk. The Gekko/08 is like a decoy for the new Sidekick coming in December…or so i’ve heard, that’s why the 08 is just what it’s called…”the 08″ and funny enough they brought this out and called it that when it’s so close to the end of the year.

    Danger and Sharp created the best marketing strategy for this whole SK craze. Notice they would bring out a new Sidekick with a set of features and then bring out another one with just about the same features except for the changing of the name and the look. So this is just a stupid scheme to keep buying and comparing, and adding crappy features little at a time instead of bringing out full straight-forward phones all in one shot.

    I mean damn, Sharp/Danger need to get inspiration from Nokia’s N-Series phone line. Seriously.