Sidekick Gekko details and more!

We are getting a lot of people asking if the Sidekick Gekko will be a Limited Edition SK, or a be a completely new device. We’ve also been getting questions as to why T-mobile is releasing a Sidekick so soon after the LX came out. Well, we have answers to both these questions and more. First and foremost, the Sidekick Gekko is not a Limited Edition LX (See: Tony Hawk SK LX), Slide, or iD. The Gekko will be a new device, with new accessories that will only fit it, and not other SK devices. In addition, instead of being the predecessor to Sidekick LX, it will be a humble replacement for the discontinued Sidekick iD. That look from the baby pretty much says “Does anyone really miss the Sidekick iD? What, you ask, might be some specs on the iD’s replacement? Well lets start with a new 2 MP camera, with video capture. We’d definitely call that an improvement. It will supposedly also have some kind of cool new video sharing software. It will support web browsing, and get this, it will also be highly customizable. What exactly that means, we’re still digging, but hey, sounds cool right? Look for a release on July 30th (Looks like the Gekko=Aspen).

Oh, and a quick note: The Sidekick LX price was just reduced by $50, down to $250. In addition, both Hotspot@Home were marked down, and are now free. Not sure how long these prices will last, so you might want to jump on board and save some dough if you were planning on buying the LX. Or you could wait until (much) later this year when the other new Sidekick comes out. But we can’t talk about that yet (so don’t e-mail us about it!) We’ll post information as it comes in.

For now, T-mobile users, strap in for UMTS, HSDPA, Android, the touchscreen Iphone killer, Sony Ericsson phones, some great Nokias, and even more great things. It should be an exciting rest-of-2008 for T-mobile users!

Picture (Thanks to Hiptop3)