3G 3G 3G!!!

Ok T-mobile fans, the big day has finally arrived. According this hofo thread the 3G services are up and running in the Big Apple. We want to hear your reports today on day 1 of T-mobile finally joining the ranks of 3rd generation services. Sound off in the comments about your experiences, good, bad, ugly or all of the above. Were we all duped, is data really available? While you guys let us know what today has been like we are going to to continue to work on some very very very exciting news we have.

  • Orlando Reyes

    Good now roll it out in San Antonio, Texas!

  • e

    other websites are saying that there is no 3g data yet, that this first phase is only voice. Apparetly BGR found a nasty little internal document which states this. I can only imagine that the data part can’t be that far off.


  • Yay! Finally. Now if only it was LA and not NY…

    What’s the very very very exciting news!? Grrr your making me crazy…..!

  • Gary

    Vegas is close on the list. Come on T-Mo!!!

  • mingkee

    the new era of T-Mobile starts today
    watch slingplayer at work this morning
    it’s 230-385kbps, no hiccup like on EDGE
    a good start
    I even got a speed bump to 450kbps on speed test
    but I think the speed won’t hold long as tons of customers will jump on UMTS bandwagon

  • Albarrios

    mingkee, what device & what Freq did/are you locked on to, 1700, 2100?

  • lifeinacoustic

    This is great news, but as for now it’s on 3G voice and not data.

  • Chip

    Does anyone know what frequency they are using? I have a Euro 3G phone which recognizes UMTS/2100MHz. 3G Tmob isn’t showing up on it. I thought I heard somewhere they were going to use UMTS/1700?

  • Ben

    @mingkee – What are you using to connect? Do the 3G phones TMO are selling do data?

  • KevinDonner


    engadget is reporting that the 3g is ONLY for voice… not for data.

    is this not true?

  • Sayem

    Hey Guys.
    No sing of T-mobile’s 3G in new york. I have Nokia N95 8Gb.It has 3g Capability.i have changed network band to UMTS but nothing appeared to feel like 3g. Maybe T-mobile is operating 3G on 1700Mhz and we dont have any phone which has this band.

  • carl enders

    how do u know when your city goes online

  • Ok, so now I need that UMA enabled 3G Windows mobile phone! Can it be the Shadow2 hopefully????

  • TmoCust

    Spoke with a TMO PDA/BB CSR this afternoon. He was told in a meeting a month ago that this is just the 1st trial in NY. If all goes well, the other top 25 markets will be launched in Sept. He indicated that they were also told that this will be the best and fastest 3G network in the US when it launches in Sept.
    Wish there was a consistant message from TMO!!!!!

  • TMO Insider

    Guys use TMO SGH-t639 and SGH-t819. They both can get unlocked and can work on UMTS.
    This is a voice + 384 KBps Data launch known as R99.
    Once TMO gets the seocnd T-1 line on its cell sites they will Start HSDPA. Its already there just one more button to turn on.

  • TMO Insider

    UL is 1700 and DL is 2100. So no UMTS phone available in market will work on this network regardless if it was AT & T , european, african or australian.

  • fastball

    It is VOICE and DATA. BGR spread a rumor with out verifying it first. T-Mobile is not stupid.

  • Nwahs

    Although BGR is our competitor, what they posted was based off of internal T-mobile documents. While we did read this document days ago, we also had conflicting information within the same document, along with conflicting information from other documents, and faith in T-mobile, so we did not jump on the Data Only boat. Looks like UMTS is up and running in the Big Apple at 100%. Lets see if that sticks as more and more people start accessing their new 3G network.

  • mingkee

    to answer your question
    I use nokia 6263 as modem, it’s NA1700

  • marco

    many people uses a different phone ( 3g europe ) to use 3g speed with t-mo, they wont work.. finall

  • aj

    my t639 seemed to be getting excellent reception today.

  • rob

    nwahs – so the info that says it was voice only was in the same memo you posted? why did it not show up in the memo you posted then? the memo says “3G is the next generation of our wireless network, following our current GSM network. In this early phase of our network evolution, 3G is a new technology for carrying wireless voice calls and supporting existing data capabilities on our network. In future phases, this next generation network will power ‘high-speed’ (3G) products and services that connect customers in new and exciting ways. Inform customers who are interested in high-speed data that the first phase of our 3G roll out supports voice only.” but your post leaves out that last line, were there two memos? why did they do that?

  • Alcoholicaust
  • Nwahs


    The memo which we posted was one of two internal memos that we have. The one we posted provided more then sufficient information to our readers, as did the other one. However, the other memo provided more insight into T-mobile’s internal system and sales techniques. Although in your hands this would be fine, we are working to balance bringing news to users and keeping sensitive information from T-mobile’s competitors, which is why we posted the document that we did.

    The internal document we did not post had the line about informing customers it would be voice only, that you mentioned. This was probably the document sent to BGR. Our point is that it did not say it would not be data, only to inform customers of this. That is what drew our suspicion.
    In addition, I am fairly sure that voice only 3G is not possible…

  • mingkee

    this is NOT leaked to BGR, but to engadgetmobile
    maybe T-Mobile wants to snare some trolls, and shut them up the following day
    this statement maybe another strategy to draw customers’ curiousity, now we all know both voice and internet available, that can attract more customers to migrate to 3G

  • Dave

    I called and spoke to a guy named Dan at T-mobile yesterday. He confirmed that this 3G release is in fact voice only for testing purposes. He said data will soon follow suite and that everything should be up and running in major markets with Voice and Data by October. MAybe he gave this time because that is when my contract expires with them but who knows. If voice and data are not up by the time Android comes out I am jumping ship and signing at an awful 3 letter word to get an iphone. It is not fair to make us loyal customers wait so long.

  • rob

    @nwahs – gotcha, maybe when they said voice only, they meant that hspda would not be available?

    @mingkee – i doubt tmobile thinks about snaring trolls in blogs and forums, i think they were just trying to cover the ass in the event of complaitns that umts was not hspda. instead of being upset, everyone is surprised and happy. like if you expect a ferrari, and they told you werent getting anything, but then surprised you with a honda…

  • daveschz


    The diamond with those specs is unlikely coming our way. It lacks the 2100 band, and it has the non-us 1700 band. Still, here’s hoping that a variant comes our way…

  • Mockerfab4

    We have to wait until Sept or Oct for 3G to be rolled out everywhere? Not sure if I can hold out that long…. =/

  • DR

    Will the T-Mobile wing be compatible or will I have to purchase a new phone?

  • Ben

    I think the “voice only” direction in the memo was just that there are no data devices being offered by TMO right now, like a data card, or smartphones.

  • mingkee

    I am almost sure T-Mobile UMTS is blanketed all over NYC
    and found them do it nicely
    the next stop is…?

  • mingkee
  • Albarrios

    any way to get a screen shot posted some place w/ tmo 3g icon?

  • mingkee

    no, there’s NO 3G icon on 6263
    don’t know on T639, T819

  • smubound

    Hey I talked to a tmobile rep about a week ago and she said that dallas already has everything set to go and they already had some 3g phones in, they’re just waiting for tmo to give the green light for dallas.

  • smubound: this is the case for a lot of markets. Many markets throughout the US if not all are already selling 3g capable devices. Eventually they will actually be used for full 3g. But if you werent at At&t when Cingular wireless was launching 3G then you have little knowledge of the testing required to launch this network. They have been testing for an entire year now and finally a test market has gone public. Give it time people, it will come around in no time. The last thing T-Mobile wants is a launch of its new network and half the users are unable to make phone calls or use the internet for their devices *cough* cingular wireless 3g launch *cough*…ya i should probably get that cough checked out!

  • DMillz10

    I spoke with a T-Mobile representative today and she said that 3g was launched in NYC and that it will be nationwide in September or earlier because there is a huge product launch then! So hopefully it will be sooner !!

  • arsalan19872000

    T-Mobile makes history May 1st 3G services launched yay!!!! Good job T-Mobile

  • mingkee

    the 3G works rather well in NYC (did I say that?)
    even some area att does not have 3G where T-Mobile does (like Fort totten)
    2-3 more months will have HSDPA service (with device support)
    expect “blanked” 3G coverage in your market