Rumor mill: T-mobile to aquire Sprint?


As many of you have heard, there are a lot of rumors floating around that T-mobile, and big daddy Deutsche Telekom are looking to acquire Sprint. Key word in that sentence being RUMORS. We can credit this wave of rumors to the German newpaper Spiegel, who posted their article online.

Click here to view the Spiegel article translated to English

This would be a huge move for T-mobile USA, and the Wireless market in the US in general. While there is still no official word from either company, we have gotten wind of some interesting news. Supposedly T-mobile is working on a 8 week program to help convert Sprint Customer Care from the dark side, to T-mobile, where they will now be required to assist customers. Interestingly enough, on hofo, it was reported that before hanging up with T-mobile CC, the employee said “Thanks for contacting Sprint…er…T-mobile.” Of course this was most likely a coincidence, but possibly some signs of what is to come.

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