3G is official now! (again)

T-mobile has cleared up all the garbage surrounding their 3G nyc launch last week. Nothing really earth shattering here, hsdpa devices on the way and officially clarify that data DOES work. Interestingly enough as you read through this, T-mobile doesn’t give any hints as to how many cities or how broad the rollout will be by years end. All that we get is

“By year’s end, T-Mobile expects its high-speed data network will be available in those cities where a majority of its subscribers currently use data services.”

Head on over to engadget for the full article here.

  • Mark

    Nice, here in a suburb of Savannah I can only get GPRS anyway…unless I switch to a CDMA carrier. (not gonna happen)

  • Orlando Reyes

    Yes, this is great, but they should really hurry and release these products and services in other cities. I hope some of the phones that HTC is going to reveal tomorrow are going to have the same chipset as the X1 so that it would include AWS. Everything would point to that they would since some leaked specs have listed a quad band HSDPA like the X1 as well as the same processor speed.

  • mingkee

    I use 6263 for now, till Z780 comes
    the 3G tethering speed of 6263 is pretty decent

  • money69

    So does this mean that the list of cities thats on the internet even though they are not in the press release all going to be HSDPA? Is this the cities they are referring to as a location where many of their users use data?

  • mingkee

    all markets will have HSDPA out of the box, just need device support

  • Bill

    @Mark: Don’t get your hopes up for 3G in Savannah anytime soon. The initial launch will more than likely only cover metro Atlanta.

    From what I understand spectrum clearing is the only thing holding up a nationwide launch. I’d expect a major launch by November.

  • Bill

    @Mark: On second thought, you might get 3G with the initial deployment as Savannah is apart of the Jacksonville market and not Atlanta.