Refer your friends

Well so this week we have announced 3G (officially) but the last newest 3G carrier on the block has a little enticing offer up their sleeves. Starting tomorrow through June 30 T-mobile is offering a $50 referral fee. Show some love to the people you care about, or at the least the people you want to go mobile 2 mobile with. Either way is fine by us. Your next bill should have a little insert in it or customers should start receiving mailers after May 19th. I know I know this is REALLY exciting stuff.

Here is what you need to do:

Existing customers should advise their referral to provide the following information at the time of activation to ensure they receive the $50 referral credit:

  • Refering customer’s name
  • Refering customer’s mobile number

So show some T-mobile love, refer your friends, neighbors, girlfriends, husbands, that girl down the block who always walks her dog in skimpy outfits. One of these days I really need to learn her name.