T-mobile would like to thank the academy…


Ok magenta fans here is another big shock. T-mobile wins jd powers again! The article here from rcr news crowns T-mobile in all its glory:

T-Mobile USA Inc. ranked highest in customer satisfaction among the major wireless carrier-owned retail stores, especially on sales staff and store display factors, the firm reported. Alltel Corp. came in a close second, followed by Verizon Wireless.”

Ok now what I am waiting for most is how long it will take the AT&T crew over at howardforums to start one of their famous jd powers is biased against AT&T threads.” Seriously this conspiracy theory ranks up there in the ranks of the Alien landing at Roswell and JFK being assassinated by Castro. EVERY time AT&T loses a JDP review their fanboys rile up the faithful with laughable hatred at jd powers. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a gathering outside of the JDP headquarters with a bunch of orange and blue faithful hurling rocks at the people leaving the building. Honestly, enjoy your iPhone and I’ll enjoy a customer service rep who doesn’t remind me of someone on last weeks Jerry Springer.

On a side note, I love how the article talks about the average wireless sale taking 56 minutes. Having been in this business for the last 5 years, I can tell you if my average transaction was 56 minutes, I would have lasted about 56 minutes before being shown the door. Who came up with that number? Did the people surveyed time their transaction? I have never seen anyone huddling over a stop watch while I’ve been working with them.

Thats all for now, stay tuned for our week in review!

  • T-Mobile always wins because it’s own by DT, which is a German based company. Which if you check, all members of JDP are German. AND Hitler is their ruler. Yes I know, Hitler killed himself. BUT then came back to life with all the electrical power of how many people watch PBS everyday.

    Ok so I’m joking, just bored, but CONGRATS T-MO! Love your CS! Hate your coverage…

  • LOL @ Ricky!

    That reminds me of that South Park episode “Cancelled” when the scientist uses word association: “Candy bars. They usually come in a wrapper. Just like you… wrap a Christmas present. Christmas happens when it’s cold. Cold, as in Alaska – that’s… with polar bears. Polar bears… pola… polarity!”

    The other one was: “Butt sex requires a lot of lubrication, right? Lubrication. Lubruh… Chupuh… Chupacabra’s the, the goat killer of Mexican folklore. Folklore is stories from the past that are often fictionalized. Fictionalized to heighten drama. Drama students! Students at colleges usally have bicycles! Bi, bian, binary. It’s binary code!”

  • tristate

    I am a T-Mobile Authorized Dealer and at my store we tend to have a lot of customers that I would consider “confused” with all of the choices (mostly an older crowd), and then we have the “uber-geeks” both of these take a lot of time, I happen to also be the sys-admin for my entire company and as such can answer the “uber-geeks” questions… our average sale time is approx. 36-45 minutes depending on the situation, now of course we do have the 21-25 year olds that know exactly what they want and are in and out in approximately 15-20 minutes…

    My fastest sale time ever was 5 minutes, the person didn’t care what phone number they had, what phone as long as it was the cheapest, and what plan as long as it would be able to have unlimited text… it was a flexpay m2m, and their friend had flexpay and so they actually explained it to me LOL!

    I love my job and my company and T-Mobile seems to really be coming up lately… let’s all say that we are glad to be a part of it and watch closely, this year may surprise us!


  • Jason

    As a sales person in the wireless industry I agree, 56 minutes average sales would get you canned quickly. My old stores average from a customer walking in the door to leaving was 26 minutes. Tmo wants their average right around 30 minutes. Besides they have to be doing something right to win what 8 times in a row right? The coverage will follow.

  • shawn fanning

    Here’s a heads up…as a tmo employee the company is unveiling 5 min activation l8r this year