Weekly recap – 5/0/09

Here at TmoNews we’re all about bringing you T-mobile news in an orderly, organized fashion. Thats why we have started the weekly recaps. Every Friday we will outline the excitment from the last week, with an informative post full of links, in case you want to read some article you missed. Well here we go!

5/01 – T-mobile’s 3G FINALLY goes live in NYC!

Last Weekend:

5/02 – TmoNews snags some information on the new Sidekick Gekko. It will include a 2 MP camera and video capture. This article was picked up by BGR, Hiptop3, and more. Read

5/02 – News on the Blackberry KickStart surface. As this new flip Blackberry sweeps the web from BGR to Engadget, TmoNews has to join the action with a quick post on this device. We are cautious about this one, as we have heard nothing regarding this, but BGR rarely manages to let us down. TmoNews – Read. BGR – Read

5/03 – Wow, lots of posts today! Starting with new of T-mobile’s upcoming (May 14th) Family 4 pack promotion; that is, unlimited mobile to mobile, night, weekend, MyFaves, and Hotspot@Home calling (Read). Not enough? Well for your convenience, we outlined what T-mobile phones, current and upcoming, will work with all four aspects of the Family 4 plan (Read). In slow news, we ended with a post including another comparison, this time of T-mobile’s rates versus Verizon and Sprint’s (Read).

5/03 – TmoNews is the first to announce that T-mobile will be using HSDPA, and not only UMTS, in comparison to other large blogs which seem to have through the opposite, that T-mobile’s 3G will be voice only. (Read)

5/04 – T-mobile thinking of buying Sprint? We post what we know here


5/05 – T-mobile makes 3G official (Publicly). TmoNews: Read. T-mobile – Press Release

5/05 – TmoNews reports that T-mobile has a $50 promotional credit going on. Get $50 for referring your friends! Read


5/06 – TmoNews is the first to out the Nokia 7376. Not much is known besides the presence of 3G. Read


5/07 – TmoNews reports a new, very limited online promotion. No activation fees if the user is routed through an ad that will be up on MSN.com’s homepage shortly. Read


5/08 – T-mobile reports Q1 (1st Quarter) numbers for 2008. Breaking 30 million customers, T-mobile is chugging along smoothly. Read


Nothing Yet, but stay tuned! Sorry, slow news day!