Our little carrier…


Well well well T-mobile as always proving to be the little carrier that could. Throwing up a huge 1st quarter with 981,000 new subscribers! Coupled in with the 3G launch, this could be our year!

Highlights include:

  • 981,000 new subscriber additions
  • 13,000 UMTS tower locations (yeah ummm seriously where are they?)
  • 1.7% customer churn
  • Total subscriber base at 30,798,000 (we first reported T-mobile successfully hitting 30 million!)
  • 500,000 new myfaves additions this quarter, 5.5 million myfaves customers total

Check out the rest of the article here, including ARPU, and some other financial stuff which isn’t really important to anyone.

  • Max-Andre


  • mingkee

    pretty decent result
    but we notice the contract churn hits the new low 1.7%
    hopefully T-Mobile will have better results after 3G was started
    but we also notice ARPU goes down $1 as the effect of $100 unlimited voice+messaging plan (Suncom has it too)

  • Xperia! Xperia! Xperia!

    Android! Android! Android!

    Awesome 3G smartphone! Awesome 3G smartphone! Awesome 3G smartphone!

  • David Washington

    We’re really growing, and thats what I said, this could be our year. But, for the person who keeps saying Xperia, i’m telling you their probably gonna release the HTC Touch Diamond as their Android device, its so many things saying they will.

  • No, HTC Touch Diamond runs on Windows Mobile 6.1.


  • Mockerfab4

    There about to have -1 customer. News breaking that ATT’s got another potential new phone release & it’s sweet Nokia. Come on Tmo…give us something that’s not another sidekick!!!!!

  • mingkee

    it has T-Mobile version too (RM-407)

  • Mockerfab4

    ^ If they are the same phone, will I need to wait until 3G is rolled out to get it? Based on the specs on BGR I will…So sometime towards the end of the year in PHX? Not sure I can wait that long….