Have you talked to your mothers lately?

Looks like one of our favorite T-mobile gimmicks is coming back for a 2 day only special. Waived activation fees!! Here is the catch, the promotion will ONLY be offered via an advertisement on the MSN.com home page. From that point it will take you down a special purchase path which will waive the activation fee upon successful ordering.

Here are the bullet points for this mothers day two day special:

  • Advertised on the MSN home page only.
  • This offer will be honored via the Web and Telesales channels only.
  • Offer not available in T-Mobile Retail stores.
  • Price matching is not approved for Web and Telesales offers.
  • This offer is only for customers who activate a new line of service through T-Mobile.com.
    • Each new line of service will receive a waived activation fee.
  • FlexPay monthly contract customers are not eligible.

I guess I can’t complain, a waived activation fee is a waived activation fee, but come on, through msn.com only? I really want to know who still uses msn.com as a home page? Let us know in the comments, when is the last time you visited that site?

Thrown in with this is a change in the Nokia 6263 pricing, looks like it will drop free with a new 2 year activation. As of right now, the promotional pricing includes a mail in rebate, but no more for Mothers Day weekend this bad boy 3G phone (in NYC) is all free. This way when 3G launches in your city, your Mothers will let you know!