Hotspot@Home = Free international calls to the U.S.

As it turns out, T-mobile doesn’t monitor the origination of the I.P. address for their Wifi Hotspot@Home calls. Translation: If you make a call using T-mobile’s Hotspot@Home, they don’t care where it is from. We’re not talking calls from places like California, Texas, and New York. We’re talking Argentina, China, London, Israel, and South Africa…Anywhere that has open Wifi, you can make a UMA call to the US for no international roaming charge. Now, if you don’t have unlimited Hotspot@Home minutes they will be deducted out of your anytime minutes bucket (unless it is Nights, Weekends, or M2M) But if you want to talk as long as you want snatch up T-mobile’s $9.99 Unlimited Hotspot@Home add-on. We know this is starting to sound like an advertisement for T-mobile; we’re just excited that we can travel around the world, and still make free calls to the US wherever we find open Wifi! We have read reports of inferior call quality while making these international Wifi calls, but really, is that unexpected? Still a great deal

T-mobile, why are you not advertising this?!


Clarification: This article refers to ONLY calls made outside the U.S., to a U.S. phone number. The following are NOT free: Calls made from the U.S. to an international number, or from overseas, to an overseas number.