T-mobile USA hits 30 million customers


Congratulations T-mobile USA! After the Suncom acquisition, and a couple months of pushing MyFaves and Hotspot@Home (Not really though) you have made it to 30 million customers. We might just start calling you the little carrier that could. A while back we wrote a little about our positive outlook for T-mobile, and now with this milestone it looks like T-mobile is heading in the right direction: up, as in gaining customers. Hear that Sprint? (Sorry, we had to)

T-mobile has consistently been a leader in price point, an industry leader with award winning customer service and 30 million customers to show that their business model works. We all want 3G soon yesterday but 30 million people show that T-mobile has never been in a better position.

Here’s looking at you T-mobile, the little carrier that could. Keep up the good work.

  • Great summarization of T-Mobile (The little carrier that could). I’m so proud of them, and I can only see more progress in the future for T-Mobile.

  • Bashok

    Congratulations T-Mobile!!!!!

  • DR

    Great work! Now get some a new phone that I can get instead of the POS Iphone.

  • mingkee

    if the number includes Suncom customers, then it’s not that special
    however, if it does not include SunCom customers, that’ll be VERY GOOD!

  • Bashok

    Hey remember, AT&T got many subscribers from the merger of Cingular and At&t Wireless merger a couple years back. so the fact that T-Mobile got theirs from SunCom is their way of increasing the amount of subscribers that they have.

  • Bashok

    oh, also sprint and Nextel is how they got their subscribers too.

  • money69

    Lets hope that they can get 3G launched with a decent WM6 or 6.1 handset. Im seriously considering leaving to ATT in the next couple months if they cant get this launched. Gone are the days for me where I can just live with phone and texts on my phone. I need email. Its about time they take data seriously.

  • Matt

    “oh, also sprint and Nextel is how they got their subscribers too.”
    Ironicly, how they lost them as well :)

  • mingkee

    to bashok
    we need to study how many customers in the end of 07
    SunCom has about 1-2 million customers
    then you know why I have to separate Suncom customers
    if combined customer base is 31 million, then all is good

  • Matt

    I think year end was 28.6 million. If its just now 30 million then that can’t count Suncom since there would be maybe almost another million new customers by now…

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