Here comes the rain…

Like we said in a previously written article, it is about to rain Nokias, and Ladies and gentleman here comes the rain! The Nokia 5610 and the 5310 will be out on May 21st. With a decent camera, MicroSD slot, style, and voice dialing, the 5610 is shaping up to be one of T-mobile higher-end phones. If your looking to save a little money but still keep it stylish, pick the up the 5310. Keep an eye open for documentation on the rest of T-mobile’s upcoming lineup!

  • To bad, I need a QWERTY keyboard, cause I woulda definitely picked this up

  • mingkee

    hope the cam has AF and VGA cap
    then all is good, even though it doesn’t have 3G…

  • terryjohnson16

    This doesn’t have 3G right?

  • mingkee

    even unlocked US version

  • Nwahs

    From what we are hearing/seeing, T-mobile doesn’t have a 3G phone coming up for a while.

  • terryjohnson16

    Wow. No 3G phones to kick off the 3G launch is not good.

  • Jeff

    it looks good, the 5300 was a great phone, this should surpass it

  • TmoBin

    They have 3G phones already on the market

  • mingkee

    the spotlight will focus on these SE phones after 5610
    both are HSDPA phones (850/1700/2100, not 1900)

  • mingkee

    hopefully the “8th nokia for 2008” will be 5320
    it’s decent symbian phone T-Mobile can’t refuse to offer

  • Hey I was interested in getting a new 5610, but it hasn’t come out yet. I did my best with the internet research and found a May 21, launch for the 5610 and the 5310. But is it true that the 5610 release has been pushed back for the middle of june?? Thanks in advance.

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