10 new H@H handsets in 5 months?

Here at TNews, we have been tipped a couple times now, that by the time back-to-school roles around the big T is going to have released ten (Count it, yes…1,2,3,4…10!) NEW Hotspot@Home phones. Sounds like they are really going to try to push the release of TalkForever II, their second phase of H@H. Lets count the phones we already know about:

1. Blackberry Pearl 2 (8120)

2. Motorola Z6W

3. Samsung T339

4. Nokia 6301

5. T-mobile Shadow II

Well we’re half way there! If this goal of 10 new phones holds up, that means we have 5 UMA handsets in the next 5 months that we don’t even know about yet. Oh…and and you might be wondering about the Shadow II we posted huh? We don’t have pictures (yet), but we can tell you it will be faster, slimmer, the corners will be more curved, and, of course, it will support T-mobile Hotspot@Home.

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