T-mobile's plans through Aug. 2008

The Nokia 5310 and the Nokia 5610

Have you been looking for some confirmation on when those Nokias are going to drop? Well here it is. The Nokia 5310 and 5610 will be launched on May 21st, no doubt about it. The Hotspot@Home friendly 6301 seems to be getting released on the 19th. Also, for those interested in the new colors for the W490, it looks like you will see Heather Grape and Bubble Gum launched on Monday May 5th. We’re still in for a color-refresh on the 12th, maybe just a black with red accents W490, or for you Pearl 2 8120 hopefuls, it could be some new 8120 colors. Oh, so you want to know more huh? Well I guess we can do that. Starting June 1st we should see a big new advertising campaign titled “Coverage Is Personal.” This campaign ends on June 25th, but as to not let you down, that so happens to be the day T-mobile is nationally launching T-mobile TalkForever II, with the new router and Vtech cordless phone. One final note, the Motorola Z6w is no longer listed as an upcoming phone. We are working to confirm this, but those Z6w hopefuls may have to snatch one off of ebay.