It's raining Nokias!

Raining Nokias

We saw here that T-mobile added a sticker to their accessories stating their compatibility with Nokia models 6133, 6103, 6136, 5300, 2760, 6263, 6301, 3555, 1208, 5610, and the 5310. The bolded ones are the handsets that haven’t been released to T-mobile yet. The good news is that we can expect all five of these out in the next three months. The MyFave-less (See: Without MyFaves) 2760 and 1208 will be prepaid T-mobile handsets released on April 30th, at Wal-Mart stores on May 5th, and Target stores on May 19th. For those with standards so high that a VGA camera wont suffice, the other three Nokias should be out on May 12th, 19th, or the 21st. Hallelujah It’s raining Nokias!

Note: We have conflicting info on whether the 2760 will be prepaid or not. Lets leave it at TBD for now.

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