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T-Mobile’s Big Wednesday Event Gets Teased, Highlights Lengthy AT&T Upgrade Period

T-Mobile’s Wednesday event continues to be shrouded in secrecy and has the privilege of being considered a “Project Dark” event. For those of you who can remember back to the launch of T-Mobile’s Even More, and Even More Plus plans that’s one of the last times I’ve seen that codename attached to something. There’s little question on … [read full article]

T-Mobile Stores Set To Receive More Nexus 4 Inventory?

In the hopes that many of you will find a way to get a hold of your very own Nexus 4 before year’s end, word has it some T-Mobile stores are receiving the above marketing material. On its own the image itself isn’t very noteworthy, what is noteworthy is that we’re told some of the locations receiving this material are stores that didn’t carry the Nexus 4 upon first availability. In other words, … [read full article]