Leaked ad confirms T-Mobile’s plan to pay families’ early termination fees


When John Legere teased Uncarrier 4.0 last month, our sources were quick to come forward with information. They suggested that the 4th phase of T-Mobile’s wireless industry shake-up was directed at freeing families from their current contracts with other providers. From what we’ve heard, Tmo will offer up to $350 for each line (maximum of 5) to pay the early termination fee. Perhaps the only catch is that you will need to trade-in your current device(s).

A leaked advertisement discovered by Droid-Life suggests that information is correct. The ad itself leads to a dead page on T-Mobile’s website. Clearly there as a placeholder, ready for when T-Mobile makes its plans official.

Thankfully, we don’t have that much time to wait until the event kicks off at CES. We’ve got a couple of Phonedog’s editors on the ground ready to report back. We’ll keep you updated with all the ins and outs as they happen. As a reminder, the event is taking place at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern.

Source: Droid-Life


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