Sony Xperia Z1S and LG F3Q device launches scheduled for January 22nd on T-Mobile

20140105_170020We heard rumors that Sony would be releasing a T-Mobile variant of the Xperia Z1. Indeed, Sony confirmed as much at its press release at CES this year. The Z1S is a T-Mobile exclusive and features slightly different specs compared to the Z1. It has a 5-inch, 1080p Triluminous display (not IPS), a larger 3,000mAh battery, 20.7 megapixel camera, Snapdragon 800 processor and 32GB storage. Because of the bigger battery, it’s also slightly bigger in size and is also IP58 certified to be waterproof up to 4.5ft for up to 30 minutes.


The device is set to be release on January 22nd and will cost $528 outright, or $22 per month on EIP. There will be an online pre-sale scheduled for January 13th.

If you’re looking for an early hands-on and first impressions, Engadget has an article complete with video and high-res images as does CNET. Looks like a great phone. And, it’s an exclusive to T-Mobile, so no other carrier will have it.

Alongside it on January 22nd is the rumored QWERTY-equipped LG F3Q. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen any company release a horizontal-sliding QWERTY, and yet LG is set to do so. Sadly, unlike the likes of the T-Mobile G2 and G1, it’s not at all a flagship or premium device. Instead, it’s a mid/low-end model designed for heavy texters who just can’t give up their keyboards.


So that’s two new phones coming before the end of this month. Of course, I’m more excited about one than the other. Although something in me still wants a full QWERTY-equipped smartphone. I miss using a physical keyboard. Do you?

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  • Abe_The_Babe

    That’s a pretty good price for a high end device like that. The camera and the fact that it’s waterproof really set it apart from the pack. Glad to see T-Mobile expanding its already big lineup.

    • thepanttherlady

      Considering I paid almost $800 for my Z1 with only 16GB internal memory, this is a GREAT price!

      • Abe_The_Babe

        Ya, I was comparing it to my Nexus 5 price lol

      • David Lebron

        This news stings a little lol at least we got to enjoy it for a few months already :)

        • thepanttherlady

          Such is the price for being an early adopter, right? LOL The plus side is that we got the free Sony Smartwatch 2 with ours and it’s unlocked with no T-Mobile bloatware.

          Speaking of which, did you get the 4.3 upgrade yet? Got mine the other day. I don’t like that when I leave my finger on a page (email, web browser..whatever) the screen starts zooming. I can’t figure out if it’s a bug or if there is a place I can turn it off it’s just an option. It is annoying. :/

        • David Lebron

          Yea we did get the Smartwatch (which i think I may be selling to get the new pebble) and we don’t have all that Tmo bloat!!

          I received the update a few days ago and I haven’t had that happen to mine. It does have a magnifying glass looking feature that’s new to me when I hold down on the screen, is that what you meant?

        • thepanttherlady

          I gave mine to my brother in law for Christmas. I couldn’t take the constant vibrating on my wrist with email notifications from Disqus. I know I could have turned them off but the novelty of a smart watch wore off for me really quick.

          No, mine doesn’t show a magnifying glass the page just automatically starts zooming in. I’ll have to Google it to see if it’s a setting I have not yet found or if mine is glitching. I’ll do a factory reset if I need to but only want to do that as a last resort.

        • David Lebron

          I just realized that my phone does that same zooming thing – you’re not alone lol

        • David Lebron

          I got seated with the Xperia Z1s at work so now I have two lol giving one to my mom for her birthday

  • Variousfires

    Any word on specs for the LG F3Q? My wife is attached to a physical keyboard, but her mytouch 4g slide is getting long in the tooth – actually, the hardware is fine, but she’s jealous of the new OS features I have on my Nexus 4.

    Anyway, would love to know if anyone has any idea what the specs are for the F3Q…

    • Bklynman

      This it is Lg F3 with a keybroad,that all it is,it might have some different softwear than the F3,but that about it,just check out the F3,the screen is 4in. I don’t think it is a upgrade over Myt4gs,but that just my thinking.

  • yahoooooo

    Umm, Cam, the original Z1 also has a 3000 mAh battery. Not sure about the screen being different, although there’s a thread on XDA about the Z1 being IPS or not.

  • Clifford Haight

    Hooray for QWERTY! Hopefully this will show up at the stores. My relay 4g is still working fine but I wish the keys where raise a little more like my old Nokia E7.

  • pdxmatthew

    People are too hung up about IPS.

  • donnybee

    I thought the Z1S was supposed to have a 4.3″ screen.. What a disappointment! That’s a deal breaker. I’m so sick of all the good android phones having huge screens. I have a tablet and a laptop. I’d like my phone to be the most portable of them all and be as comfortable with one handed operation as it is with two handed operation. As an avid iPhone user, I can say I’d like something a little larger than 4″, and coming from using 4.3″ phones in the past, I’d say that’s the sweet spot. For any tasks needing a larger display, or even just if i desire it, I’ll use my iPad. I was thinking that T-Mobile had more than enough selection of huge phones for those people that wanted it, but I suppose I was wrong.

    • impasse
    • fsured

      The Z1s article posted the other day was incorrect. That was the information for the Z1 Compact. That phone is not slated to come to the states as of now. You can buy the international version but it won’t have the 1700mhz reception T-Mobile uses for LTE. You would also only have the 1900mhz for HSPA+.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah. Sorry. The Z1 Compact is the smaller, more colorful version. Z1s is T-Mobile’s Z1 variant exclusive.

      • donnybee

        Well, it’s not a big deal anyway. I’m a huge iPhone fan so at least I have that!

        • Sean Walsh

          Sony phones can pretty much do everything an Iphone can do & more! Plus you can even pull music, movie & pictures from the Itunes app on your computer. Not saying anythig bad about the Iphone, I just feel Sony has a better phone.

        • donnybee

          And that’s great. I think Sony makes some amazing hardware, and I’m sure their apps can accomplish a lot of great things. For some reason, Android just seems more “messy” than iOS. But that’s just my opinion.. (which is funny because as I’m typing this, I’m using my GS4!) I don’t hate Android at all, but I just find more joy in the iPhone lol.. But sometimes I gotta get out there and try other things to see what’s out there..hence my GS4 :) But I was really hoping to be able to get my hands on the Sony Z1 Compact from T-Mobile. Huge screens are overrated to me

        • Sean Walsh

          I am like you, I like both OS systems. I got the ZL right now, & I am looking at going with the Z1S, as I am not really into the big phone craze going on right now. I tell people that ask me about phones, go with the one you like. Not with what everyone else likes.

  • best

    I hope this won’t come with locked bootloader this time! Looking at you Z!

    • ceegii63

      thats why theres a Google Play Edition

      • best

        You are thinking about Z Ultra.

    • fsured

      If that is a concern of yours then know there ways to root, unlock, relock, and unroot the phone to make it factory condition again. That is something other manufactures are not allowing. Once you unlock those devices it is unlocked. Search XDA forums for the Z section. I’ve seen the threads but only went as far as rooting my Z.

      • best

        You cannot unlock bootloader for T-Mobile version of Z. It comes with locked bootleader and you can’t do anything about it.
        You can crossflash generic Rom from other Xperia devices. I know phone can be rooted which I have already done. But it would be nice to have custom roms on our devices, which can’t happen with locked bootloader.

        • fsured

          I have not looked into the specifics of it as I’m fine with the stock firmware (an offical T-Mobile US 4.3 would be nice though) but Flashtool claims to work on locked and unlocked devices. It pulls the codes from Sony in the process of unlocking. I don’t know if anyone has tried it using our C6606 model. Way too many pages in the threads to search for that answer.

  • Daniel

    Is there a way to check how long until I am Jump eligible? I want this.

    • thepanttherlady

      Other than calling and asking I believe it’s 6 months from when you signed up. Those that signed up at the beginning (July) should start becoming eligible this month.

      • Stone Cold

        No LTE on this model right?

        • LuvMusic

          Yes….there is LTE on this model.

        • Sean Walsh

          Sony makes 2 models of this device, 1st on is the Global edition (non LTE) the 2nd is the LTE version

    • TTT

      You’ll be eligible for a JUMP upgrade 6 months from the date you added the feature. Some people upgraded before JUMP was available, but were allowed to add it once it became available. So, I would call CARE or stop by a store and they can tell you the exact day it will be available for you. Jan 10th will be the first day available for any JUMP upgrades.

  • Mr Tibs

    When will they make a phone with a bigger screen on T-Mobile? I want to get rid of my Note 3 for a Sony but I want the bigger screen like the note 3.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird


    • NinoBr0wn

      Sounds like you’re looking for a tablet.

    • Sean Walsh

      You should look at the Sony Xperia Ultra Z . Its bigger than the Note.

      • Mr Tibs

        It’s a awesome phone but it’s not a T-Mobile phone. I like buying my phones where I can use my insurance if something goes wrong with it. I’m not big on spending over $600 on a phone & can’t get insurance on it.

        • Sean Walsh

          You can buy it from Sony directly. I got a protection plus service from them, that covers everything except lost or stolen devices. Also, you should be able to use your home owners or rental insureance on a lost or stolen phone.

  • zx6guy

    “…it’s a mid/low-end model…” further supported by the gingerbread buttons as pictured.

    • just me

      Gingerbread didn’t have a “running apps” button.

      • zx6guy

        It was a joke as clearly the picture is not correct.

  • NinoBr0wn

    I want to buy one of these just to use it in the shower because I can.

  • Paul

    OOooo, the Z1S looks sexy and is water proof. I’m keepingmy Note 3 but this made me consider options for a moment.

    • silverapple2011

      Really? After getting a Note 3? I’ve still got the Note 2, and definitely looking into Sony’s phones!

      • Paul

        Note 2 is freaking AWESOME; you should install Tweaked on it if it’s rooted.

        I just prefer the Note series as a personal preference. I’m sure the Z1S will be a great phone.

  • mustang8918

    Stone Cold, looks like it does have LTE, if your asking about the Z1S. Cellular and Wireless : UMTS HSPA+ 850 (Band V), 900 (Band VIII), 1700 (Band
    IV), 1900 (Band II), 2100 (Band I) MHz GSM GPRS/EDGE 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
    LTE (Bands 4, 17).

  • mustang8918

    I was planning on passing on the Z1S but at that price and not having to worry about it getting messed up if I get caught out in the rain I’ll actually go check it out in the store when it arrives.

    • Derpsley Herpington

      Hopefully you see this. The Z1S and Z1 screens are pretty bad. Color is impressive and whites are perfect. But blacks are more grey than black, and viewing angles are so bad everything becomes invisible when you turn it a few degrees. The software is also much slower than the Note 3, Nexus 5, G2 or HTC one. I never have told people to stick away from a phone as much as the Sony Tft display phones.

  • Rob

    Well if it comes out that this doesn’t have a locked bootloader, I may have found the phone I’m going to use my JUMP on (which I’m eligible for on the 19th). I was going to get the Note 3 but I don’t like the idea of custom ROMs blowing the KNOX flag… If I happen to get someone at the store who’s anal, I’m stuck paying for a 708 dollar phone… yeesh.

  • mustang8918

    Thanx for the update Derpsley. I think the overall size is going to be a major problem for me anyway.

  • silverapple2011

    Can’t wait to get rid of my Note 2!

  • Mike

    Where is the F3Q???