“Un-leash with T-Mobile” ad promotes $0 down on Galaxy devices plus a sly dig at AT&T

Along with its $0 down holiday promotion on Samsung and Apple devices, T-Mobile has produced a new ad. Dubbed “Un-leash with T-Mobile” the ad focusses on the $0 down on all Galaxy devices promotion, but covers all the essential USPs (unique selling points) of Tmo.

Not only are the devices at a great price, they’re for sale without any “restrictive annual service contracts, no upgrade run-around and best of all, no AT&T.” The ad is colorful, energetic and a lot of fun, specifically designed to highlight the carrier’s new-found coolness. Tmo is now the cool, rebellious and carefree carrier, and it wants to keep that image. It’s a cool ad, and fits perfectly with UNcarrier.

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