(Updated) T-Mobile Moving to Cancel Some Grandfathered Rate Plans, Offer Customers New Options?

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Update: A T-Mobile spokesperson just delivered the following comment confirming the rate plan move for grandfathered/legacy customers:

Maintaining thousands of rate plans is the norm in the industry, but we think it creates unnecessary complexity. Simple is better, which is why we’re reducing the number of older plans in our systems. We’re giving customers on these plans the opportunity to choose a plan that best meets their needs. For the vast majority, their plan will provide similar or better features at a comparable price.  

As we move beyond the set of UnCarrier announcements that have taken place since March, it’s become especially clear that T-Mobile wants to migrate their customer base over to the Simple Choice rate plan offerings. There’s little question that this is the direction and future of T-Mobile and now it looks as if they are going to slowly start “forcing” customers over to new plans. A recently leaked image courtesy of HowardForums matches up with a comment posted on a recent TmoNews post that highlights T-Mobile working to “move” customers to new rate plans.

The letter sent to a T-Mobile customer who posted the image on HowardForums thanks the customer for his/her loyalty and advises that a new rate plan has been “chosen” for them. There’s no telling when or if this will begin going out to customers en masse on grandfathered plans or which rate plans will qualify to receive this letter.

All of this matches up to the poster on TmoNews that predicted all of this a week ago. According to TmoNews reader “Shhhhhhh,” T-Mobile has plans to “force-migrate” customers to a new Value Plan. According to the full comment, legacy/grandfathered plans will be retired, no migration fees will be collected and customers will be offered an opportunity to cancel service penalty free should they not like the new plan. There’s clearly some truth to “Shhhhh” comment as he/she accurately predicted these letters had already been mailed to single-line customers.

So what’s the bottom line? Well, we don’t know exactly what T-Mobile has in store and while the comment below details some of what we might expect from T-Mobile in the coming weeks, there’s no telling what the UnCarrier has will do until anything is official.

Hit the HowardForums link below for the full thread or take in the comment below and begin hypothesizing T-Mobile’s next move.


Specifically, “Shhhhhhh” posted:

“ALL customers, no matter how old or how cheap your plan is, will be force-migrated to a new Value Plan. Unlimited minutes will be the ONLY plan, with different pricing not available to customers unless being force-migrated. All legacy plans will be retired indefinitely, no migration fees for anyone on legacy plans, and your price may drop or increase when getting moved to the new plans. You will have until 2/1/2014 to cancel service with no termination fee should you not like the plan you will be forced to.

Thankfully, single line Unlim Minute plans will start at just $20/MO vs the current $50 (again, not available to consumers, only those being force migrated, based on your specific needs). Once the force-migration finishes by December, it will be 100% Value or newest Classic with Bridge to Value as your only upgrade option, priced at the advertised rate, not the special price for forced-migrated customers.

Last, deposits are 100% gone for new lines of service, regardless of credit score, but credit score will still determine down payment and EIP amounts for full priced phones.”


“ANYONE BEING FORCE-MIGRATED WILL RECEIVE SPECIAL, UNIQUE, AND/OR DISCOUNTED PRICING ON RATE PLANS; prices that are not advertised and will ONLY be available to current Tmobile customers being force-migrated.

If you didn’t like the price of the currently advertised Uncarrier plans, then consider this a blessing in disguise, as you will be able to get all the benefits of Uncarrier, at a monthly cost lower than what you see advertised today. Some will get more, save money, break even, and only in extreme cases of very old legacy plans with no features will you incur a price increase.

To give you a detailed idea to ease your mind, currently there are over 350 different rate plans across all tmobile customers since they started in the USA many years ago. This transition will not bring those 350 down to just 1 plan (the plan you know of as the current Simple Choice Value Unlimited Everything $50/$30/$10). It will bring those 350 down to just 50. That’s still 49 more options than you see advertised currently, to ensure everyone is happy with the cost and benefit of being 100% Uncarrier.

Letters which detail the specialty pricing offered unique to your account(s) will be mailed October 10th for Family Plan rates, and Single Line letters have just been mailed already.

Uncarrier for everyone! Get pumped! And look for your letter in the mail if you’re on an old legacy plan to see what you can get! This is a great change!

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  • TMoFan

    I’d hate to be forced to give up my plans but I’ll keep an open mind if they discount. Sorry I doubted you Shhhhhhh. :)

  • The Observer

    My question is, my phone was subsidized (GS3) when I upgraded my phone last year. Would I have to pay the rest of the phone when they switch me or no?

    • Ryan Vega

      i highly highly doubt it they are breaking contract not you.

    • xmiro

      They are basically asking you to move to a derivative of the Simple Choice plan, so no. However, if you don’t take what they offer you, you will have to leave T-Mobile by 2/1/2014 and won’t get charged ETFs for doing so

  • Ky

    This story got a lot of press in the last few days. But what about facts? Only 1 person received this letter??? Has anyone else? What is the phone number of this special department?

    • Dima

      I myself have been thinking the same thing. I would love to get the phone number for this that’s whited out

  • Kevin Zefa

    tmo is not for everyone. we have 4 lines unlim talk/text with a variety of data plans for $124 a month. I alone use 30+ gb a month in data and 3000+ texts, not many phone calls and I love tmo’s LTE here in the Denver suburbs with 20-30 mbps speed. I’m sure my calls are not as quality as the would be on Verizon, but I’m a data and text guy. If someone uses a decent amount of data and is not on Tmobile they are clueless unless they are in the sticks.

  • Christina Toro

    I just got off the phone with T-mobile. I have the Shared Unlimited Value—Talk + Text $ 79.98 each for 2 lines and 2 Add A Lines at $5.00. I have insurance on the 2 primary phones and one has Int’l service for $5.00. I also pay $20.00 extra so the primary phones have unlimited 4g always even when we go beyond 500MB/month. The Add A Lines do not have any Data. My total monthly bill is $225 per month because I am paying off 2 (11 month old) phones on payment plan. Now with the 4 lines for $100 (Simple Choice Plan) my kids would get data so that is a plus. However now with those added Data users (teenagers!!!) when we go over the 500MB of Data usage during the Billing Cycle All the phones would revert to 2G Speed. That just won’t work for me. So in order to get around that, I would still have to add on $20.00 for the unlimited 4G data to the 2 primary phones. The one plus side is that now that Data Upgrade includes Wi-Fi Hotspot tethering which I don’t have now. So once I add back the insurance, equipment payment and int’l calling my new bill would be $239.00. My kids would be happy but I haven’t committed to new plan yet. The Rep could not give me an exact date when my plan would get this new Simple Choice Plan will be force implemented on folks that are not signed up to Simple Choice. I haven’t gotten a letter. I really don’t like any changes to my plan over the phone. I think I will head over to my T-mobile store. Hopefully I will get someone knowledgeable to help me. I’m afraid of getting charged migration fees. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years.

    • tmoknows

      Data is specic to each line. All lines would not be throttled unless they ALL exceeded their data allotment.

      • Christina Toro

        Thanks for the info.

    • RLB63

      Looks like you are not getting any discounts on your phone bill. There are free organizations that you can join if you don’t qualify for any right now. At least the last time I checked about 5 months ago. These usually get 10-15% discounts on your phone. A lot of colleges and jobs or unions qualify for discounts. You might want to search around. Will take a while but a bill of 239 would save you $24+ a month. So even if it takes you a few hours to dig out the info it will really pay for itself in short order.

  • VG

    Hmmmm, the scanned letter above states the customer is being offered a “Select Value Unlimited” plan. Nowhere do I see the words “Simple Choice” (which is what T-Mobile calls the plans offered on its web site and in corporate stores). I wonder if these “Select Value” plans have all the bells and whistles as the “Simple Choice” plans? Things like tethering, the international data roaming features they just announced, etc. ???

    • raider

      Value plans do not have the international roaming features. You need Simple Choice for that.

    • guest

      For those getting Select Value they will get the same benefits as Simple Choice

  • xmiro

    So I called yesterday and was told this doesn’t apply to me – we’re on 1000 minute value plan. The CSR said only people who are on the previous classic plans, or something like my faves are getting transitioned.

    And it appears that they are finally nuking the $5.99 T-Zones abuse that was rampant

    • longtimeCustomer

      I have Get More 1000 with Nights and Weekend. How do I find out if it is included?

      • xmiro

        dial 611, ask for retention or just talk to the support rep that answers

  • raider

    Wirefly’s site says you can ‘keep your great deal’ if you have a grandfathered plan. Has anyone successfully upgraded through Wirefly and been able to keep their plan?

  • FluX

    I heard a MetroPCS ad on the radio and they were advertising the “MetroPCS” equivalent of the Simple Choice for 4 lines at $100, but they said it was a “limited time offer.” Does this mean that Simple Choice is limited time or are they trying to get people onto their network?

    Another question for someone with a Simple Choice plan: does the $100 for 4 lines include the regulatory and emergency call fees? The MetroPCS ad said that it did not.

    • John

      The $100 for simple choice 4 lines on T-Mobile does NOT include taxes or regulatory fees. I know this because I have simple choice on T -Mobile with 4 lines. Taxes run about $3.56 a month and $1.61 regulatory fee per line. So taxes and regulatory fees for 4 lines would run an extra $10 a month.

      • FluX

        Okay thanks. I live in FL too, but we are on a 4 line Value; tax is $23.96.

        • John

          Cool I live in CA. My taxes are probably lower than usual with 4 lines because I get $35 off my bill in Loyalty discounts on top of a $15 credit of my 1st line’s unlimited 4G data. So my discounts run to $50.

          My total price for 4 lines on simple choice with all having unlimited talk +unlimited text, one line being unlimited 4g, and the other 3 lines at 500 MB 4G is $70 after discounts are deducted and taxes/regulatory fees are added in.

        • FluX

          How do you get loyalty discounts? Do you know someone who works in T-Mobile?

        • John

          I get Loyalty discounts mainly because I have been with T-Mobile a very long time. My sister is a supervisor at one of the T-Mobile call centers, but that’s not the reason for my loyalty discounts. You can get at least $5 in loyalty discounts if you have been with them 3 years or longer. I get $35 in loyalty discounts because of my long tenure with T-Mobile, my bill is always paid on time etc. I had to fight for the amount of my loyalty discounts. FluX, call T-Mobile and request some type of loyalty discount if you have T-Mobile 3 years or more.

        • FluX

          Ok, I was a bit reluctant to. My family has been a customer for 13 years (when the dinosaurs of VoiceStream roamed the Earth) and we had a line change in 2009 (so they think we are 4 year customers). Do you think it is worth a try?

          Also, do you have any tips on what to say to get the loyalty discount? We always pay the bills on time, etc.

        • John

          Yes, it is worth a try, give them a call. If you have been with them consistently for 4 years you should be able to get some type of loyalty discount (at least $5). I would ask for loyalty department. Once you get a rep from loyalty department say I have been a customer over 4 years, always paid my bill on time, but I am disappointed with the pricing of my plan and disappointed with some of the services. Then say I am thinking about canceling service. Then say if you would give me a loyalty discount of $10 a month I would highly consider staying.

        • FluX

          Okay thanks! I’ll give it a shot soon :).

    • xmiro

      No advertised prices are always before taxes.

      Here go to mobileplancheck.com – you can guesstimate what your monthly bill would be, the taxes are on the low end. I know my taxes in Florida are 18.157% before FCC and E911 fees, and some cities have pole fees and other junk

  • Ky

    The special department phone number: 877-442-7832 from the hours of 5:00 a.m. through 3:00 a.m. PST.

    Please report back your findings.

    • Mark Reese

      I cant believe I called this number and gave them my info so easily this could of been some scam so I don’t suggest any one call this number …

      • Ky

        Go to Tmobile site-> support -> Chat with rep. Ask them for “Special Force Migration Department” They will give you this exact text book line.

        That’s kinda funny that you feel like a sucker after the fact though hahaha.

    • jride

      Called with no luck. I paid to migrate my lines over 3 days ago and the rep then said that there is absolutely no plan in place to migrate users over from grandfathered plans to new plans. This was of course one big giant lie.

      The special department refused to do anything as I did not get a letter. There is no talking logic to them and they do not care how bad you’ve been screwed over.

      My advice is to say you got the letter when you call. Tell them what plan you think you should have or better yet tell them you don’t want an ETF and switch to a carrier with customer service and a decent signal.

      • Citizen Kane

        call regular 611 say cancel, and just find a nice rep to credit you the migration fee on your bill.

        Everyone else…
        Everyone needs to calm the fuck down about this and just wait for more info. Bombarding the reps when you don’t have the letter is just going to piss off the whole department that deals with that they’re not going to do any favors later on.

      • Citizen Kane

        call regular 611 say cancel for retentions and just ask nicely for your migration fee credited on your acct. Just be nice and say you’re a loyal customer and feel disappointed that they charged you migration fee when most people going on new uncarrier terms aren’t paying migration fees. Be nice and go through a few reps, you’ll get it.

  • Mark Reese

    by the way im one the value 500 minutes $34.99 and text for $ 4.99 and data 4gb for data for $20.00. and I was told that people on plans from the last 5-10 years wont be getting a change or discount…only people that will be getting a discount will be those that have t-zones or those that have a rate plan for $29.99 or lower … so if your bill is like 35 or higher not to expect a letter.

    • Ky

      Value & Simple choice appears to be the only 2 options going forward. All other plans will be converted.

  • Mark Reese

    I payd 50 dollars for the last two years and because I wanted hotspot I had to upgrade to the 4.5gb plan , I use 1gb a month so.. over paying even if its 15 dollars don’t appeal to me . I cant get the unlimited plan because im on a old voice plan which cost the same as the 4.5 plan. I HATE HATE HATE WHEN a company introduce new plans but tell me I cant get them with out changing my whole plan. FU4K tmobile when my contract is up

    • BkEnigma

      Because no other company does this? This is just simple business. It’s incentives for customers to get off of cheaper plans. It’s a bonus for switching to new plans. Stop acting so entitled. The company is OFFERING a certain service for certain customers. If you don’t want to because it’s more expensive that’s your choice. You’re already on Value no? Just switch to the new value plan. You’ll pay $60 and get UNL TT and 2.5GB of data with hotspot.

  • Klue

    OK just called tmo customer care, (im on the myfavs family), and pretended like my wife had visited the store and had been told by the salesman about the letters going out. I acted like I was curious what the letter was gonna say. The guy on the phone didn’t know anything about the letters OR the unadvertised plan. Whats the deal?? are these plans real? has anyone with a family plan gotten a letter??

    • jride

      Call the special phone number. The regular reps don’t know anything. Any surprise there?

      • Sherman Davis

        What’s the number?

        • Wade Williams

          i just called the normal # the guy said he was just informed about the changes today and had to read documentation in order to make the changes. It took a total of 15 minutes for the changes

        • longtimecustomer

          And what plan did you wind up with? Details? Very

        • Wade Williams

          Current plan:
          Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text

          Total monthly charges:


        • John

          So basically you didn’t get special pricing, but rather current advertised pricing for the simple choice plans. If you go to T-Mobile’s website the unlimited talk+ unlimited text+ 500 MB high speed data is 1st line is $50, 2nd line $30, 3rd line $10, 4th line $10, and 5th line $10. Then extra $10 per line for 2GB of high speed data.

          Were you on the classic plan or value plan before?

        • Klue

          yea the regular rep tried to push the regular plan on me too and call it new but I know better. I will call the special number but what do I say?? should I lie and make up some reasonable special plan?? like $80 for for 4 lines unlimited everything? Also does anything know if retentions will do anything about phone prices? No way im freaking paying full price for htc one when I always call them to get the special deals.

        • John

          did you get the letter?

          If you aren’t on simple choice and are on one of the grandfather plans than you should receive a letter sometime this month. I would wait for the letter cause it should have a special price for you on that letter since you have a grandfathered plan.

          Once you get the letter give them a call. However, I strongly advise that you don’t switch to simple choice until you have your letter in hand. Because If you switch to simple choice before getting this letter than they’ll try to switch you to their their current simple choice rate plans. Which are NOT the special rate they are offering to those on grandfather plans.

          Those on grandfather/legacy plans are getting letters with special non advertised rates that are cheaper than current advertised rates for simple choice plans.

        • Wade Williams

          I was on Prmo Even More Fam 3000 TT Reduced price for $105
          a couple lines had $20 2gb data and a couple had $5 road to contract free web.
          I also have the 10% discount on my bill. My bill was $200.

        • John

          Glad you got your bill reduced Wade. I get $35 a month in loyalty discounts and have been with T-Mobile since Jan 2005. I have 4 lines on simple choice with all the lines having unlimited talk +text. The 1st line has truly unlimited 4G DATA and the other 3 have 500MB of data. I am paying $70 a month for all 4 lines after taxes, regulatory fees and all my loyalty discounts.

        • Deihmos

          How long in the discount valid for?

        • John

          I have been with T-Mobile since Jan 2005, nearly 9 years. My LOYALTY discounts of $35 monthly have nothing to do with the current moves/offers that T-Mobile is making to those currently on their grandfathered/legacy plans that are being forced migrated. Because I switched all my lines to simple choice back in April. Anyways to answer your question my loyalty discounts totaling $35 are good for 12 months. However, T-mobile said they will reactivate all my loyalty discounts ever 12 months. They guaranteed my $35 in loyalty discounts for as long as I stay with T-Mobile.

  • Wade Williams

    We were paying about $200 a month for 5 lines with data. I just got off the phone and they switched us to a better plan for $163 a month with 2.5gb of data per month for all lines.

  • metis

    oh they nerfed my unlimited loyalty plan several years ago. “this plan will always follow you, and you’ll always have truly unlimited data, voice and text on our most up to date system, even when you upgrade or when new technology comes out”

    To be fair, I’m paying less now, but in the interim they charged me more for less service, on top of breaking their promise. Don’t get me started on how terrible it’s been to try to add a line (twice now) and how horrid the customer service has been in the last two years. No one can even fix anything any more.

  • Christian Williams

    I know these are getting old but would I qualify for any new plans? I have been with tmobile for over 7 years.

    $49.99- family time 1000 minutes for first 2 lines
    $9.99- extra line(added 3 more)
    $9.99- unlimited text
    $20- preferred mytouch unlimited web(3 phones have data. 2 do not)

    Total price with corporate discount and all tax/fees= $154.61


    • John

      Yes, based on what you posted you do qualify since you’re a long time T-Mobile customer on their grandfathered/legacy plan. T-Mobile wants all their postpaid customers on unlimited plans to simplify things and remove potential for overages.

      Christian just wait for your letter. They are going to forcefully migrate you to their simple choice plan and offer you “select” non advertised pricing which will be disclosed in the letter. You should get it no later than mid November at the latest.

      • guest

        John you are not an authority on this. I am a T-Mobile representative and it is not necessarily true that Christian will receive a letter. Christian, please continue to evaluate your needs and move to s Simple Choice plan if you desire

        • John

          My sister is a supervisor at one of the T-Mobile call centers. I never said I was the authority, but you aren’t either. Based on what Christian posted he should get a letter as he is a long time T-Mobile customer on the legacy plan that is not unlimited. T-MOBILE has to notify all customers that they are forcefully migrating in writing.

          If he doesn’t receive a letter that would mean that T-Mobile is keeping his current plan. Which I doubt Christian will be able to keep his current plan because T-Mobile is getting rid of legacy/grandfathered plans and moving towards unlimited only type plans.

  • kam

    i was one of the grandfather plan with 5 lines. 3 lines had $10 MB data plan. i tried to upgrade all 3 lines to S4 today from Staples. T-Mobile will need me upgrade the data plan to $30 4.5G. Which mean now will not able keep the same plan to upgrade any smartphone now. so sad….

  • Jong Hyun

    I have 1000 Family Value + Unlimited Text with 4 lines and tmo@home and corp discount. Two lines have 2gb and the other 2 have capped 200mb and I only pay $105. A comparable simple choice plan is $125. I hope I don’t get switched but I would like to take advantage of EIP since it’s so scary buying phones on eBay that can go bad after activation. (Tmo needs to do something about that system)

  • D6E

    Just called that number and was told the following:

    – Essentially this is being done because they are migrating servers
    – Old plans will obviously get more features
    – Not sure about the price but most likely will remain the same or close
    – Only about 50K will get this letter
    – Legacy Plans Only (Ancient Dinosaur Plans)
    – Classic Plans are not included
    – No immediate plans to include anyone else

    Take it with a grain of salt. This guy sounded like he knew what was going on. He did ask if I had received the letter to which I responded NO. Maybe this is all BS. No idea.

    • xmiro

      hahah and the 611 CSR said Classic plans are included. Aaah I’m just going to call for the hell of it see what they say

      • longtimeCustomer

        Let us know…

        • D6E

          I just posted my update here. Someone already responded saying it wasn’t true:


        • guest

          You will eventually be migrated. Enjoy your $9.99 employee plan while it lasts. T-Mobile and all carriers alike are not in the business of retaining unprofitable customers.

        • http://profiles.google.com/gallimichael Michael G. Galli

          All of this is true.
          The only thing that isnt clear is when the no deposit rule went into effect.
          They also changed the Trade In program, so when you dont qualify for “Best”, you can NOT use your existing device as down payment. You MUST use cash or credit card.

  • Joshua

    Every time is call 611 they have no idea what I’m talking about ??? And what is the number for the special reps ??

    • D6E

      I honestly think they are just trying to keep this under wraps until their next phase. The rep asked me where I heard about the force migration. I assume he was surprised that I called asking about it.

  • Kevin

    Does this apply to Even More Plus Plans (Unlimited for $59.99) ??

  • sushimane88

    I still didnt get a letter and I got the old value plan 500 mintues with unlimited text and data.

  • mo

    Let me end this post Hopefully…. After seeing this post for a cpl weeks and wondering wheres me letter since ive been with them for 12 years now and id definately should get a long term loyal customer discount if any is given……And after learning what i did, im STILL skeptical of the number given here and hope now of you where scammed.
    I DID NOT CALL CUSTOMER service. I WENT TO TMOBILE.COM logged in and chatted by text with customer service using name number and pin code for account ..

    She said she didnt know about it and needed to find out. in the mean time i copied and pasted line to tmonews link on grandfathered account being forced migration. She took a while believe me then came and SAID…….

    Forced migration meant id not have to pay for migration but would be changed to the new simple plans. THE LETTERS WILL START NOVEMBER and ALL Plans CHANGED BY DECEMBER!!! ALL PLANS TO SIMPLE PLANS….

  • Henry

    Been trying to find a place to upgrade my contract with and extended two year term for subsidized (discounted) phones, but cant since T-mobile canceled it all together everywhere on NOV. 1. The people at best buy and cartoys didn’t even get a notice or email about it happening. T-mobile CEO can’t do the math, I did the math and even did the math for the customer service rep. I have 4 lines on the classic plan and my parents are too old to learn how to use data on their phone( they have hard enough time using a mouse on a pc or laptop) so plan comes out to be $100 for two lines (with data) then $10 for each added line (without data) making my bill a total of $120. So with a subsidized phone say the note 3 at $299 upgrade that $600 for me and my wife and my parents still like their phones. so total is 120*24(months)+300+300= $3480. While on their so call money saving plan (simple Choice) its $100 for all 4 lines but full price on phone which is $704 for the note 3. 100*24(months)+704+704= $3808
    $3808-3480= $328 more I’m spending.. NOT SAVING!!

  • Rafael Trasvina

    I hope that I am availabe for the free migration. I have had a classic plan and I recently on 10/7 migrated to simple choice plan. I am dreading to see my incoming bill with the 200 dollar fee on there. I have been hearing that they may waive it. Should I call and complain?.

  • tmo

    not yet see the letter for family plan

  • Bradastan

    It is February of 2014, I have not received any letter. I continue to use my age old legacy family plan with those age old $5 unlimited data plans on 4 lines. Everything is as it has been for more than a decade.

  • jjstewo

    @ Bradastan : ) how much are you paying for it ?