New LTE Sightings Include Knoxville, Milwaukee and Two Texas Cities

T-MobileNetworkImageT-Mobile’s LTE market launches are still in full swing as the company heads towards its goal of 200 million POPs covered before year’s end. A new group of sightings have come my way highlighting the work that is still being done and hopefully these markets are next up to go live. According to residents in Knoxville, Tennessee; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley, Texas LTE is slowly coming online. The greatest volume of sightings has come out of Milwaukee so I’m hopeful the place known as “Brew City” is next up on T-Mobile’s LTE list. Don’t hesitate to drop word via email, below in the comments or catch me on social media to let me know if there’s a LTE sighting in your neck of the woods.

Don’t forget to check out T-Mobile’s current 180 market list of LTE markets:Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.45.46 PM



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  • colby

    LTE in Rexburg Idaho. Had it for a couple of days. Download speeds only reach 6mb, upload is “slow” too

    • Fish_Farm

      Pocatello also showing signs of LTE.

    • Bob

      35 to 35mb down and 7 to 10mb up in Boise

      • Bob

        25mb to 35mb

  • Tony S

    Dear T-Mobile,

    If you are going to be the official wireless provider for MLB, please make sure that you have sufficient capacity in and around each MLB stadium to handle the crowds. I am a 10 year TMO customer, and have a Note II. I was at the AL Division Series final game last night in Tampa. I had great difficulty connecting with FB and the ESPN Scorecenter App. to get in-game updates. The network was extremely slow and very unreliable. Please fix this! It would also be great to give your customers unique access to content e.g. Verizon with NFL, Sprint with Nascar, etc.

    • Joe Carroll

      They have Busch Stadium working great; 47,000 people in the stadium last night, plus all the people downtown in the bars and other attractions, my new phone worked great. However, Miller Park in Milwaukee, no such luck. There, even the HSPA is crappy. I hope LTE alleviates the problem.

  • Rob

    Now getting off and on LTE in Malabar Fl. Seem to be getting better connections now inside the house.