T-Mobile iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Are A Go, Go, Go

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Editors Note: I’ve been told sales start at 4am eastern, it’s a few minutes before that so if you can’t complete the transaction, keep trying!

For years we’ve waited for the day that T-Mobile’s smartphone offering would be complete with the four major platforms and that effort begins today as iPhone 5 pre-orders go live. Pricing will be available as listed below with the 16GB models available in store on April 12th.The iPhone 5 launches on T-Mobile as one of the companies first LTE devices alongside the BlackBerry Z10. The LTE lineup will fit out later this month with the release of the HTC One and then the Galaxy S 4 on May 1st. The 16/32/64GB models are now all available online through T-Mobile.com.

As another quick reminder, the iPhone pricing requires the purchase with the new Simply Choice Value plans. The iPhone will not be available for use with existing upgrades, Classic or Grandfathered plans. It’s a Value Plan world now!

  •     iPhone 5 16GB = $99 down payment, 24 monthly payments of $20 totaling $579.
  •     iPhone 5 32GB = $199 down payment and 24 payments of $20 for a total of $679.
  •     iPhone 5 64GB = $299 down payment and 24 payments of $20 for a total of $779.

Hit the T-Mobile or Apple links below to get started.


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  • GwapoAko

    Tmobile pre-order is not on Apple’s website.. Is this is a sabotage??

    • bisdak

      cguro ;)

  • vahdyx

    I currently have the iPhone 5 unlocked version and planned on upgrading to the T-Mobile version for better coverage, but there’s a $200 migration fee that I have no idea what it is! I’m gonna call them and find out what the hell that is before I agree to pay for a new iPhone. I was thinking it would just be as easy as 123 swap. Buy a new iPhone sell the current iPhone and be done with it. Not so much.

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      If you’re on a classic/legacy plan and received a subsidized device less than 18 months ago then there is a migration fee to switch over to the new plans and get the iPhone 5 for $99.

      • vahdyx

        Except I just wanna buy the phone not change the plan!

        • Ceefu

          Then you’re missing something in the order process. I can get all the way through to checkout without making any plan changes, paying full price for the phone. It does however require that I change my data plan.

        • vahdyx

          Yeah, I ended up calling them and something is wrong with their system and my account. The guy walked me through it and I left my plan alone and it still for some odd reason included the migration fee. They said they’ll just credit me if it shows up on my bill. So I went ahead and placed the order.

  • david

    why is it that pre orders aren’t available for DEALERS??? i even tried contacting tmobile and they told me we would have to wait until the release date…. did anyone else have success ordering the phone out-right?

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      Nope. I tried clicking to pay full price and it wouldn’t let me either. Looks like you have to be on the UNcarrier plans. We’ll have to wait until Friday.

      • david

        any clue if the price will still be $579? Or is that also something for someone only on the UNcarrier plan….

        • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

          I’m not sure about that either. I hope it’s $579 because I was planning on selling my Verizon iPhone 5 for $600 to cover the cost of this T-Mobile one. It shows $579 as the price for me on the pre-order page but won’t let me order one. Might not know until Friday on that either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/0mar.Lomeli Omar Lomeli

    I wonder with what iOS version they will come with. I want to be able to jailbreak

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      6.1.3 No jailbreak

      • http://www.facebook.com/0mar.Lomeli Omar Lomeli

        I picked 2 up on Saturday and they were both on 6.1.2 so I was able to jailbreak them

  • http://knightofscorpio.tumblr.com/ DtheArtist

    I think my bff will pick up one on her birthday on May 3rd. I wonder will she replace her old iPod with just a iPhone, if so she will probably opt for the 32Gb version, seeing as to how the 64GB one is too expensive. And now that I read this, it’s quite odd that HTC said AT&T was the only one who opted to get a 64Gb version of the HTC One, but T-Mobile opted to offer a 64 iPhone 5. Sure they are 2 different smartphones & OS’s, but still…. Hm… Especially considering HTC won one of those 2013 smartphone awards (can’t remember which one, and can’t find the article online). T-Mobile is seriously p***ing me off with how they won’t release the HTC One release date, but AT&T & Sprint have announced theirs as both on April 19th as release. And I saw Dave tweet T-Mobile & they said they’ll let him (& everyone) know when they know. Like it’s HTC’s fault, when in reality I think it’s T-Mobile’s. I’m starting to agree they are doing it to not take buzz from the iPhone 5 like people said, but my thing is, the iPhone 5 is gonna sell regardless. All the users that are using older versions of the iPhone & some stuck on edge, and those who wanted the iPhone, but didn’t wanna switch carriers, so never bought one. And like seriously do they want people to buy the SGS4 over the HTC One because that might end up happening if it releases after May 1st.

  • Jeremy Geddis

    I was able to order one at 3am PDT this morning no problem. The only glitch was I had to pay full price since my plan was inelligible for the new pricing and I am not going to pay their stupid $200 migration fee just to switch how I pay for service and devices. AS for shipping, it only gave me the $14.99 option and will be delivered on 4/11. Once I got the confirmation of my order via email, the shipping shows as $0. So they must be making the adjustment after the fact.

  • Elier Ruiz

    Just ordered mine. :)

  • vahdyx

    I had to call T-Mobile and they tried to walk me through it without paying the “migration fee.” Apparently there’s something wrong with the system and my account. It won’t allow me to purchase the iPhone without adding a migration fee, even if I’m buying the phone outright. The thing that makes it weird is I’m not changing the plan at all and it’s the other line that has the subsidized upgrade not mine. So T-Mobile is giving me a $200 credit if the migration fee appears on our bill. So it’s ordered, finally! Now to put the old A1428 on eBay.

  • Mike Richardson

    I have the $30 Walmart plan that I currently use on an unlocked iPhone 3GS (originally bought a cheap Android to save money compared to AT&T’s rape). I almost never use the entire 100 minutes every month, and I don’t think I’ve ever used more than 2-3 GB of cellular data since I got the original iPhone 2G on the day it came out.

    The 1900 band 3G service is really spotty in Houston for some reason. I’m always going from 3G to EDGE, back and forth all day, dozens of times a day if I am driving around. I only get 3G in half my apartment. AWS 4G was so much better on the Android, but it had other problems that were giving me hypertension.

    My question is, how do I get the new iPhone 5 Special Magic T-Mobile edition, while keeping the perfect-for-my-needs $30 Walmart plan? Can I order it with a plan and then just ditch the plan immediately, but keep paying the $20 per month, and just move my SIM card over? What about Hotspot (less of a concern)? On the 3GS, it works for free, since it was surreptitiously unlocked remotely through iTunes by people who do such things. It’s nice in a pinch when I need to do something on my laptop.

    • LC

      You have to have a plan to be able to use the installment plan.

      • Mike Richardson

        What if I just buy it outright? The form wouldn’t let me do that either without adding a plan. I also remember reading that if you qualified for the installment payments but cancelled your plan, you could keep paying just the $20 per month on that, and then I’d just move my SIM card over.

  • vahdyx

    Also, I received a text from T-Mobile saying it will be delivered (estimated delivery) Monday. What do you guys think? Is this just some automated claim? I did choose NDA shipping.

    • ihatebrianhart

      Their system must assume the item is in stock. It won’t be Monday 4/8. It will likely be Monday 4/15.

      • vahdyx

        I bet you’re right, it says the 8th lol. I was pretty excited when I saw it, but it’s probably too good to be true.

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Whether you hate or love the iPhone, you gotta admit this has been a long time coming.
    Viva T-Mobile!

  • I_AM_Steven_Seaga1

    “the iPhone pricing requires the purchase with the new Simply Choice Value plans. The iPhone will not be available for use with existing upgrades, Classic or Grandfathered plans” WTF?

    • LC

      You can’t really be surprised by that, can you? If you’re on a Classic plan, you would have to do Bridge to Value.

      • Bfree

        The iPhone “will” work with existing classic plans. I called and confirmed. You just have to purchase from a tmobile store.

        • LC

          Correct, on BTV. The iPhone won’t be sold at a subsidy. So while a customer can stay on Classic, they will be purchasing the phone on installment.

  • http://twitter.com/Joegar43 Jeremiah

    I just ordered my 64gb version in white and a 32gb in black. My first iPhone i am getting lil
    Board with androids.

    • E Tutto Bene

      I also ordered a 64gb in white. My first IPhone….as well.

  • rob

    I remember wanting an iPhone years ago. At least Magenta got theirs (finally)

  • Charles

    Order a 32 g white Iphone, it took me over a hour do it it but got one. i started at about 9am est. expected delivery date is 4/15 for next day.

  • Sees

    Is anyone going to the store to buy it instead of preordering online?

    • graywolf323

      I tried preordering it in store since the online site is so screwed up but they don’t have it in their system yet, now I’m on hold with tele sales while they try to figure out why the system refuses to give free ground shipping

      really wish I could just buy from Apple and have the $20 a month be on my phone bill… T-Mobile has screwed this preorder thing up badly

      • Sees

        Oops, I meant buying it in the store on the 12th instead of preordering it online and having it shipped to you.

        • graywolf323

          oh okay, well I would but they won’t carry the larger models in store and I need more space than 16GB since the iPhone is replacing my iPod :(

        • Sees

          i guess im one of the few who can’t even get close to filling up 16GB on ipod or iphone :/

    • Camille

      I’m just going to the store on the 12th. I started going through the pre-order process, but was only given an option for 3-4 day shipping. I’d rather just go to the store and know that I will have the phone that day, rather than worry about whether or not it will be shipped to me by then.

    • jeebus

      I am. I’m not paying $15 to have the phone by release day when I can drive 10 miles and have it at 9am when my T-Mobile store opens.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=18000494 Justin Black

    I hate to see manufacturers charging an extra $100 for another 16GB of storage. It’s not just Apple, they all do it and it seems absolutely ridiculous.

  • adeedew

    ordered a little after midnight pacific time, opt’d for overnight shipping, it currently says it will arrive April 9, earlier than street date FYI hope that’s true

    • Sees

      It’s not. Preorders just guarantee a device they will all ship on the 12th.

  • Cal

    Lame you cannot buy on prepaid. How is this ‘Uncarrier’ when they require you to sign up for a rate plan to buy a phone?

    • LC

      That’s for the pre-order. You’ll have to wait for prepaid, unfortunately.

  • Jace_Loggins

    I placed an order, entered all of my information, went to process and got an “Oops…” although I got an order number. Chat help didn’t work – kept erroring out. Called and they told me they had to delete the order and transfer me to the sales department to start it all over again. Have been on hold for 20 minutes. Tried to place an order again online and get a message that the site can no longer take orders.

    Not a good start T-Mobile. :) But a good sign for them.

  • Lars

    Anybody else getting this message when trying to upgrade?…”Our System are currently unable to respond, please refresh the page or try again later.”
    Have been getting since about 9:30AM

    • Lmrvrgs

      I’m getting the same exact problem. Called up a Tmobile rep earlier in the day to change my rate plans and what not. had to pay a damn 100$ migrating fee but in the long run i will be saving more money, and now when im trying to order the iPhone on installments it wont let me. It seems to allow if you buy the phone outright though…

      • Manny

        Weird. I switched my plans and I had no migration fees. What did you switch from and to? The only thing they told me was I still had the contract until such and such date afterwards it would go no contract. But it didn’t cost me a dime, and they BACKDATED it for me a month. I saved almost 200$ instantly.

        • disqus_IhHsXOzMuH

          It depends on the last time you did an upgrade in order for you to get no migration fees it must be at least 18 months since your last upgrade.

  • taron19119

    Im going to pass on the iphone 5 cause they want me to pay 279 down and 12.50 a month

    • LC

      Same price in the end, it’s just based on credit.

      • taron19119

        I don’t see how when I have a 700 credit score

        • LC

          If it’s been a while since you originally set up your account, you might call in to see if they can re-run your credit. The EIP is obviously credit based and the downpayment prices are dependent on what your credit is. Might be worth a shot to get the $99 downpayment. But like I said, it’s the same price, you’re just paying more upfront and less monthly.

    • NaN

      Well you’re lucky because it asks me to pay the whole thing in full.

      • taron19119

        how do you get that option to come up I couldn’t get that option

  • Mason

    can I pre-order in store or only online?

    • sbenyamin

      I just called the store and they said they can’t do pre-orders

    • lala

      online, right now.

  • jonnyappleseed

    Should I wait until the 12th to upgrade my line (on a family plan) or should i just pre order today and start a new “simple choice value plan”??

    • LC

      It seems silly to activate another line that you don’t need and wait for the phone, when you can go into a store on the 12th and upgrade.

      Personally, I would just wait.

  • Sunny Kream

    This has been horribly long -___- ive been on the line with them for 3 hours…

    • http://twitter.com/n8dude n8dude

      almost as bad as the valentines promotion fiasco of 2012…

      • Sunny Kream

        orders got in after 5 hours!

    • I-Troll-U

      Hope you aren’t on the $30 100 minute plan :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.h.wilson.773 Sharon Horn Wilson

    I am angry with T-Mobile, again! All of their adds say the I-phone is $99 down, but since I’m an “old” customer (10+ years!) our down-payment would be $279!!!

    • taron19119

      you have a low credit score that’s why you have to pay 279 down

    • ali

      it’s because you cant use a grandfathered plan to avail the 99 down. You have to switch to the new value plans

      • thepanttherlady

        No. Old value plan customers are able to utilize the EIP as well. If the OP is being requested to pay a higher down payment, it’s because of their credit. .

    • http://profiles.google.com/mrice.hill Mr. Hill

      It’s because of your credit not your plan.

    • disqus_IhHsXOzMuH

      It is a higher down payment but your monthly payments on the phone will only be $12.50/month instead of $20.

  • http://www.gillphotos.com/ Trent Gillespie

    Does anyone know what the retail price is for one? I am using a friend’s dealer line, so I can’t convert or sign up for a new plan. Are we able to walk into the story and buy an iPhone 5 for $580 on the 12th?

    • eddydrizzle

      You should be able to. You can also just buy it outright on the website.

  • http://twitter.com/n8dude n8dude

    If you are wondering about the in store customer loyalty bonus- you will recieve $50 in store towards purchase only for limited amount of time when purchasing iphone 5, beginning APR 12

  • http://www.facebook.com/phu.nguyen.790256 Nguyen Phu

    be careful folk, you’re gonna charge $150 for “migration Fee”

    • ali

      only if you’re switching from a classic plan or another grandfathered plan. You can still get that bridge to get that fee waived

  • Sunny Kream

    After 6 hours i got it in :DD

    • Sunny Kream

      for two lines

  • nexus 4

    I will never buy a apple product, but glad to see its available for those who want it.

    Ultrafast wireless how about we just call it 802.11n, if your router supports it.

  • mgldan

    It’s too bad, I wanted to buy the unlocked iPhone at the $580 price and use it with a Monthly4G plan. But they’re requiring that you sign up for a postpaid plan. I’ll just buy the unlocked model from the Apple Store next week.

    • TechTac

      you can cancel your plan after a month, no contracts !!

      • mgldan

        True! But I don’t think the math is particularly compelling. To save $70 by buying from TMo instead of directly from Apple, I’d have to sign up for a $60/month plan, which costs $30 more than what I already pay on Monthly4G. So my savings is down to $40. Then I’d have to switch my phone number from Monthly4G to a Value Plan, back to Monthly4G. I might have to buy a new SIM card from TMo too, which would be another $10. That would bring my savings down to $30. As nice as $30 is, the hassle and uncertainty of losing my phone number for any amount of time isn’t worth that.

  • jeebus

    The lady on the phone told me they aren’t shipping out orders until Tuesday at at the earliest, so I’m just going to purchase it in store.

    • graywolf323

      they told me they won’t be shipping until the 12th so I’ve decided to just get mine from the Apple Store

  • Raiden8816

    So an update on my situation. I talked to T Force and they switched me over the Uncarrier Plan along with waiving the migration fee of $160 for both of my lines because I have been a customer for 36 months and 0 missed payments. They also backdated the plan to avoid any proration. Needless to say I am very happy. Just gotta sell my T-879 Galaxy Note now haha.

    • sbenyamin

      Um..I’ve been with them for 8 years and they made me pay $200 migration for switching over.

  • tomnewtn

    I like the feel of the 4S better but these are nice devices and will please many a TMO user. I can’t help wondering about the 5S. In any case, I am so pleased with the Nexus 4, I don’t even use my Apple unlocked 4S. It’s there as a backup.

  • ConfusedUpgrader

    Hey guys. I am trying to upgrade for my mother and as I don’t have T-Mobile personally I am completely lost on this whole plan thing. She is set up on a family plan with two lines (including hers) and currently pays around $125 a month. When I go through the pre-order process and select the iPhone 5 it isn’t making me change anything on the plan, not even her current data service. At the end it says the monthly bill will be $89.98 a month if she buys the phone upfront (it’s letting her do the $99 down if she prefers) so has it switched her over to the new plans or is this stating what she will pay for her phone alone and not the second line? So confused.

  • JadedNYer

    Does anyone know if TMobile will be offering AppleCare? For now, it isn’t an option on the TMobile website.

  • http://twitter.com/n8dude n8dude

    poc tmobile upgrade has been down all day!

  • http://twitter.com/n8dude n8dude

    all sold out

  • Frustrated af

    Been trying to preorder for the last two days and no luck,, get two the last part were you have to double click the yellow Box to sign but can’t on my iPad or phone it just zooms in and out every time grrrr

    • dakid

      i had the same problem you need to get on a pc or laptop then it works if there not sold out already.

    • jjjjjrey

      i had no problem on the day

  • annoyed

    What really bothered me is that T-mobile is branding themselves as this no hassles carrier with no hidden fees but when I called to switch I got slammed with a $100 migration fee and then $18 upgrade fee on EACH phone i wanted to upgrade. I’m already paying full price for the phone why do I need to pay an upgrade fee? That upset me.

  • dakid

    when do you guys think the phone’s will start to ship? my delivery date is the 15th and i got the overnight shipping just wondering.

    • http://twitter.com/SunnyDaMan Sunny

      i really hope they ship BEFORE the 12th. i got regular shipping and have the same april 15 th date… hopefully my otterboxes arrive before then.

    • trife

      Per T-Mobile, they start shipping on April11.


      Click on the “Why T-Mobile?” tab and scroll down a bit.

  • Don

    You can now place a pre order over the phone by calling 1-877-387-4324

  • lojose1

    hello guys a have a question My daughter want to buy iphone 5. My question is it work faster as samsung galaxy s3, s4? thank you i will waiting for ur help.

  • Jc06

    Was finally able to place my order in yesterday after struggling two days with my ipad and phone, had to borrow a laptop to do it lol…. Question now is have any of you guys got an email saying it shipped yet? Or do you know when will they start shipping out? My ETA is till the 16 :(

    • Sunny Kream

      april 15th with the 5-7 days shipping

  • dakid

    t mobile just charged my card 274 for my iphone hope it ships soon! paid for overnight