New Image Breaks Down T-Mobile’s New Value Plans On A Grand Scale

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Breaking down T-Mobile’s new Value Plan is something we’re all working to do and hopefully this image, with its incredible detail will allow us to do just that. As a caveat, the image does still leave some lingering questions, especially those surrounding existing customers and upgrades. Still, there’s little left to the imagination regarding the company’s new Value Plan efforts that there’s no stone left unturned with the new Value Plan presented here.

At first glance, some of the international charges appear cheaper with the $7 down from $10 and the $10 plan down from $15. The prepaid plans also received a refresh with the $50 plan bumped up to 500MB of data and the $60 up to 2.5GB of data.

The Value Family plan is priced out for two lines including data, with lines 3, 4 and 5 an additional $10 plus their own data add-on. In other words, every line for the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines require its own data package as there’s no shared data ala Verizon and AT&T.

Mobile Broadband and HotSpot plans are also broken down in this image as well, with “SMSH” referenced as the available hotspot add-ons. Mobile Broadband customers should take note that current T-Mobile voice customers receive $10 the listed pricing. Pricing for the HotSpot add-on was $15 prior to the new Value Plan changes, with the 500MB offered as free for tethering customers. Capped data plan customers can tether for “free” based on the allotted data, unlimited data users will choose from one of the three available tethering options,  includes the 500MB option already available with the rate plan.

There’s plenty of information to take in above, and we’re hopeful that T-Mobile will go into even more detail as to the reasoning behind these changes tomorrow at their special event.

Questions? Ask below and I’ll do my best to help answer them.

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  • Deacon

    there was talk about the hotspot being available at 500MB for all unlimited plans ..i guess that’s no longer the case.

    • thepanttherlady

      It’s there.

      If you look under Value Data > Unlimited you’ll see the small #3. #3 in fine print says to see SMHS add on options. Look to the right under that option and you’ll see for unlimited, 500MB is included for $0.

      • Deacon

        cool thanks lady :)

  • rubi76

    Very Important Question:

    It was mentioned before that for current Classic Plans holders there would be a monthly recurring discount…. both on the voice and on the data.

    Any info on that?

    Was that $ 5 per line for voice discount?

    And $ 15 per data add on discount?

    Would that be too good to be true?

    Also, what are Family Allowances of $ 4.99?


  • adeedew

    Help! Ok now I’m being told even with postpaid you can NOT add hotspot to unlimited $70 plan for an extra $10 or $20 depending on gigs hotspot addition?! I see you can add it on website if ordering a phone but if SIM/only or bring own device plan postpaid unlimited plan you can’t add hotspot?! Thanks

  • nps_ca

    No International Roaming bundles/packages still? AT&T has these: Still not “cheap” but can prevent bill shock and allow use where you may not have time for a prepaid SIM or local Mifi.

    • rfgenerator

      Exactly! With ATT you can get 300MB of roaming in Europe for $60… That same 300MB on T-Mobile will cost your $4500!!!!!! Talk about predatory pricing!!! I tweeted T-Mobile earlier about this and apparently they have no plans to change it.

    • yao ket

      I get your point but honestly personally I just avoid using my US service anywhere abroad. And at most airports right then and there when you get off the plane you can purchase service, so.

  • Dakota

    Is there a difference in the $50 prepaid &value if both have 500mb and you pay for the phone? Only value doesn’t make you pay all upfront?can someone explain difference between a fee to get out of your contract to pay back the subsidy discount and “no contract” you can leave at anytime as long as you pay for your phone…seems same exact situation with different name..and if you bought a T-Mobile branded phone,it might nit work on all carriers anyway

  • UncleFan

    This is the first time in a LONG time T-Mobile has officially acknowledged the “Data Only” plans, but you’ve always been able to get them if your were willing to go through CS hell for hours like I did until you find someone who knows how to activate them. My Classic voice-barred Android plan is $50, so if I wanted to come out even, I would have to go with the $30 value plan to make up for the lost subsidy with a $20 EIP. That means I’d be giving up unlimited data for 2.5 GB… doesn’t seem like such a great deal, but I rarely go over 2 GB…

    I wish they would just put these plans on the website, it would be so much less hassle!

  • MatthewMurawski

    Whoever made this left out the prepaid $30/month 100 minutes/unlimited texting/5GB 4G Data plan. It still exists.

  • MatthewMurawski

    Can someone help me out? I want to know, how much does a 3 line family plan cost with one line 500 MB, the second line 2.5 GB, and the third line unlimited? Also, is it mandatory to get new phones with the family plan?

    • nido

      All lines start with unlimited talk & text and 500 MB unthrottled 4G data.

      $80 (2 lines) + $10 (3rd line) + $10 (add 2GB data for a line) + $20 (add unlimited data for another line)

      Total monthly before taxes, fees, discounts is $120. No need to get any phones if you bring your own.

      • MatthewMurawski

        Thanks so much. Would be getting a lot more than before for the same exact price ($120).

  • Andy1785

    Thanks for the article .. What happens to customers with existing contract ? I mean since Tmobile is getting rid of contracts, will the existing contracts be cancelled ?

    • MatthewMurawski

      Nah, look at the bottom right of the image.

  • Me

    Anyone knows if corporate discount is still offered with these new rate plans?

  • Ten-G

    I prefer the old value plan better for my family use. We have 5 line for only 60 dollar. about 75 dollar after tax. The plan is only 1000 min(we don’t go over) and unlimited text plus the 3 line are free til end of year. Even after this year, it’s 5 dollar per line, so it’ll be about 90 after tax. If we got Tmobile cheapest plan right now for 5 line, it’ll be 110 before tax. If we need data add on later, it’s still cheaper with our old plan. My old verizon plan triple that because of the require dataplan. With T-mobile, we all have smartphone and no data require. I hated when people always say smartphone is useless without a dataplan back then. We don’t need email/facebook/checking web 24/7. We don’t stream music because that’s what sdcard are for. Using GPS/music/video/game/texting/calling/camera/flashlight and all sorts of app don’t require dataplan.

  • Mooch

    Wait…for an individual plan; unlimited talk, text and 12gb data is $110 but unlimited talk text & data is $70? So for a data limit, it costs more? I’m confused.

  • Mooch

    Another thought. Just so I understand it, this is a NO CONTRACT plan. So you, a new customer, signs up for a plan and finances a new phone. So you pay $16/mo for 24 months until the phone is paid off. 12 months into the service you decide you want out. Are you not then still obligated to pay off the remaining balance on your phone? That comes to $192 that you have to pay out of pocket which is sort of akin to an early termination fee, no? Since you are still obligated to pay this amount, explain to me how this is not just a repackaged contract.

    Yes I understand that the contract is for the “service” which, you can still get out of if you want, provided you pay the termination fee. Here you’re just paying off a phone. It’s essentially the same out of pocket expense, only called something else.

    That said, those plans are pretty damn good although I don’t find them very competitive when you look at other smaller carriers. You can get unlimited talk, text & web with straighttalk for $45. With T-Mobile, it’s $70. Why go with T-Mobile in this case?

  • JD

    Question.. Can you sign up for a family plan without a contract?

    • thepanttherlady

      Yes, you can.

  • Kesha

    What happens with current customers who are under contract?