Will The Unveiling Of The Galaxy Note 2 Stop You From Buying The T-Mobile Galaxy Note?

With the Galaxy Note completely unveiled and ready to hit T-Mobile shelves in just 5 days comes news that Samsung is preparing to announce the original Galaxy Note successor at the end of the month. This isn’t much of a surprise as we’ve known a successor was on the horizon since before T-Mobile officially announced their own Galaxy Note arrival.

Current internet rumors point to a possible 5.3″-5.5″ inch screen, and a Exynos quad-core processor found in the Galaxy SIII, if not a higher-clocked version and 2GB of RAM.

A Samsung spokesperson confirmed the arrival of the Note successor on August 29th at Samsung’s IFA event:

“We plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29,” a Samsung spokesman said on Friday, without elaborating.

The question we have — is whether or not the possibility of a Galaxy Note successor will have you holding off on a purchase of the Galaxy Note headed to T-Mobile next week? Granted, it’s as of yet unknown where the Note successor will end up, never mind how long it might take before it comes to the US on any carrier. Still, with the possibility of brand new specs and some lofty improvements, will you wait to see what’s unveiled before jumping to make a purchase next week?


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  • https://twitter.com/#!/ZayStylin Zay Stylin

    Let’s hope this comes to the states sooner than later. I doubt TMO reps will tell you the second one is coming very soon anyway, so many consumers will buy the first Note and I’ll just wait for the second one to come whenever it does.

  • MarcusDW


  • Maiercaleb

    Double yes!

  • Dell can suck it

    I am probably going to wait and might just leave Tmobile over not giving me access to the note until now. This particular device really chaps my a$&. It is the only device to come along that I really wanted. Tmobile screwed around and we get the device at its sunset. I think when I purchase the Galaxy note 2 that I will be on another network.

    Note to tmobile:

    It is time to engage and show your current high dollar post paid customers you care.
    Engage it is time to try to take sprints lunch and grow.
    Engage it is time to get the IPhone, Galaxy note 2 and other tier one devices
    Engage is is time to become a first world carrier.
    You need to show us some love or I might be forced into the arms of AT&T.

    • tony622

      Been a happy TMobile customer for 10+ years and on a family plan. Planning on leaving if they don’t get the Note2 when Samsung ships it. Data pricing plan is not an issue for me since my company reimburses me. My family plan ended in June. 

      Looking at the Galaxy3 while my sisters want the Note2 really bad. Noticed a trend that many  girls like the Note more than guys. With Notes, they are hardly on their laptops. 

      • http://twitter.com/YepiimGS_Blanco Jay J. Blanco

        You dont have to wait until tmobile gets the device just buy it on amazon unlocked! no brainier !!!

    • Boricua Boy88

      That is such a petty reason to leave T-Mobile. I really hope you don’t actually leave because of that. I personally am in the same boat as you, having wanted and waited for the note for so long, and guess what? I’m still getting it. I couldn’t care less about the newest rumor/fad called the Note 2. I can always wait a year for it if I really wanted it. I don’t give a crap about having the newest and most powerful devices. I want something competent, that works, and is an improvement over my last handset. I get all of that with the original Note, for less money up front, and less than If I were to switch to AT&T. Patience IS a virtue. If you’re curious to see what the Note 2 will be like, then wait a few more weeks before deciding, but don’t get all angry and arrogant by complaining and hurling slander towards others who just want to enjoy the Note after waiting for so long. What’s stopping you from getting the note now, since you’ve waited this long, and were so fixated on it? The Note 2? The Note 2 is a rumor. Even if it does get announced, be prepared to be disappointed when you find that the rumor wasn’t completely true, because it was blown completely out of proportion. Something will cause people to complain about it, just like always. People are so fickle and caught in their ways, they can’t stop and take a moment to think and realize that they’re not the center of the universe.

  • Diamond_Prince

    I say yes it would stop me from buying it but since T-Mobile is just getting the note I really dont think there getting the Note2 It Might Be 7 Months to a year For Them To Recive It. So once the 29th comes around saying tmo isnt getting it ppl are going to be buying the gsNote anyways. Just sayin..

    • Get_at_Me

      just bc tmo is getting the note 6 months after att doesnt mean they wont get the 2 in a timely fashion. as stated in my other post, tmos note is an extremely limited release….less than 400 stores are allowed to sell it. tmo isnt pushing this as the newest hottest thing since sliced bread. its a filler device that helps bolster tmos lineup heading into the back half of the yr. if samsung is smart, theyll launch this globally on multiple carriers in various regions much like the gs3

      • Diamond_Prince

        I wasnt stating facts it was just my opinion. Since I been with tmobile for so long this is how it usually is. I do hope the recive it like every1 else cuz im interested.. And I dont trust any1 really that comments just what David says thank you. I do hope your right cuz that would be great.

  • F-Mobile

    I’d say T-Mobile sucks. It’s the worst company in general. Nobody knows anything about anything and upper management treats employees horribly. They also have the worst network and worst line up of phones.

    • Chankla

      alot of hate? i recently left tmobile and do agree the company has gone down hill but they are usually always late with phone releases or they overcharge for them. i still enjoy this site and davids articles daily.

      • Spanky

        Agreed on all counts. I left T-Mobile last month and am very happy with my decision to do so. However, if the LTE rollout helps them improve their service, I’ll consider returning after my contract is up.

    • Tbyrne

      Yeah, yeah. You know everything that’s the worst. Real expert right F? Say hi to your father, Randall. After all, everyone knows AT&T’s got their act together and they do no wrong. Right Mr. F?

      • Gouv

        Say what you will about papa Randall but because of him I get my dividends that I’m quite happy with. He’s actually a really good CEO ! He’s Performed rather well, byrnie. Give the man some credit! I know you dislike him but he and papa Ralph have made the company profitable and it’s managed to grow in this very competitive landscape.

        • Realcool2000

          hey Gouv, there are so many people and business that are profitable by doing underhanded,exploitive and illegal practices , but that doesnt make their behavior any less wrong or immoral.

          jerk companies getting douchbags dividends doesnt help anyone except that companies self interests….so your point is that you are happy that you profit by atts business practices…..

          what are you going to point out next….that you profited from some dolphin exporting scam? good for you Gouv, thanks for showing how much of a douchbag you are. btw i won’t be responding to whatever your lame excuse is so dont waste your typing time

        • Realcool2000

          And to stay on topic of the article, I do want the Note or Note 2. If Tmobile is getting getting the Note 2 any time soon, I will of course wait it, if they wont have the Note for awhile then I may just sell my GS2 and get a G Note.

          ( Please no replies about TMO will never get the Note 2, and they suck, and they took 5 yrs to get the Note. If they are gonna get the Note 2 then I will pick it up, haters and whiners please go hate on your ex’s new date and stop posting on the forum )

        • Gouv

          Wow thats real cool to say what you want then run away. That’s quite cowardly. At the end of the day it’s all about money. The idea that you can be nice and truly ethical to be profitable basically goes against human nature. Greed and desire are and always will be the greatest human motivator. It stimulates man to brave their inner wicked. If that makes me a douche bag than hey… Atleast I’m a premium douche bag!

        • Tbyrne

          Gouvy. All this in-fighting is not good for my heart. Realcool2000 is just making the point that papa Randall and papa Ralph are in bed together and who knows what’s going to come out of this, umm, shall we say, pairing.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Asst&t sucks and so does Verizon which I gladly left for tmobile. Looks like you need to look at the tmobile line up and what would you see?? 1. Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Htc One S, Galaxy S2, Htc Amaze 4g. Very good lineup in my book. Who has better??? Plus tmobile will see the HTC ONE X PLUS and GALAXY NOTE 2 as well as the NEXT NEXUS so I ask you again what network or carrier has better devices????

      • Spanky

        Actually, all carriers have the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy S2. AT&T had the Note for 6 months already, and had the One X (if you want to get into the technical aspects, it’s not a One X Plus, but they still got it first) since April. Verizon has a lineup of high end Droid phones, which are not available on any other carrier. What network has better devices? Just about every other carrier.

  • Wait4theNOTE2

    Can’t anyone really tell that T-Mobile is buying the older Notes at a discounted price (as well as those new Chinese phones) so that they can:

    1) Charge the people who don’t know about the newer upcoming models FULL price and make a substantial profit…
    2) Then when the charm wears off the new phones, start to charge like the other carriers do or just off them off with some “sales” that still tends to land them a huge profit…

    Note 2 will be the next biggest hit next to SG3 and it’s a shame that a lot of people will be duped into getting the original Note for $600 off contract?!  $250 with $50 rebate?!  Wow…

    • MatthewMurawski

      I know about upcoming models and I’m still buying it for $600. The note 2 will be nasty just like the S3.

    • Boricua Boy88

      Speak for yourself. I know full well what I’m getting with my $600 worth, so I’m not the one getting duped. You are for assuming that the rumors are true and that the Note 2 will be released on all carriers all at once within a couple of months. By all means wait the 3 weeks for the announcement, but don’t make a fool out of yourself by deciding without the facts.

  • Tmo_Fan

    might as well just wait for the next note I mean is not a big deal to wait and get something better

  • http://twitter.com/YepiimGS_Blanco Jay J. Blanco

    I like the GS Note just because its old that doesn’t mean anything its running ICS Andriod 4.0 already so its up to date.  But im keeping my GSII unil next year espically because its getting Jelly Bean.  I want a LTE phone already on T-Mobile Network.  The FCC needs to hurry up and approve the spectrum buy.

  • Wilco1293

    This and the fact that the latest MyTouch being released with Gingerbread says a lot about TMO taking the “low end” moniker. No excuses, since excuses are simply reasons not to succeed. TMO should step up and avoid these types of releases or they will continue to lose market. I’ve decided not to upgrade with the S3 due to price. Now, I’m planning to purchase my next phone and may move carriers.

  • MatthewMurawski

    I have been waiting since April for this phone. I bet if it came out July 11th, less people would’ve complained. I don’t really care because it’s a new phone to me and it will get old slower. I will love this phone as it is the one I was waiting for. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it, it has a great display, is thin, is on T-Mobile’s fastest network (HSPA+ 42), and doesn’t lag often, although the occasional stutter is no surprise. Have fun waiting another half a year for the Note 2 which may not even be close to what the rumors suggest.

    • Boricua Boy88

      You echo my exact opinion. I’ve been waiting for so long, If I give up on it now, I’ll be the one disappointing myself, not T-Mobile, not Samsung. People just have such massive egos these days, that it doesn’t let them think straight. Rather, it makes them overly arrogant, and unwilling to accept fault or defeat.

    • mukh

      I totally agree with you!!! They get a nice phone it seems like once every 9 months. The biggest thing that I’m torn about is getting this note and 6 months later they do get the note 2 and I’m stuck with old technology and have to wait like 18 months to get another upgrade.

      • MatthewMurawski

        November Galaxy S2. 6 months later April HTC one s. two months later June galaxy s3. Two months later August galaxy note. It’s not just every 9 months.

  • Udubb

    Looks like that challenger strategy is really working wonders. Last in customer service, having to claim pre paid activations to soften the blow of how many people are leaving T-Mobile by the quarter, and now getting the Galaxy Note just weeks before its successor is announced. Not only that but I have a family member that works in corporate sales and they told me that the higher ups are pulling all employees aside this month to tell them Tmobile will not be getting the next iphone and to brace for another mass exodus of customers this fall. Great job T-Mobile!!!

    • Gouv

      Yeah but you also have to realize that they have been struggling for so very long. They have a tendency of taking 2 steps forward but three steps back. Sometimes I think these poor bastards are cursed. But then you realize that having to operate in accordance to your parent company really sucks. Thats the main difference between the other 3, they are in full control of their own cock-pit. Poor tmo is constantly stuck radioing the DT tower control for guidance. I mean… Shit! Their service is so damned cheap they practically give this stuff away and yet they are still bleeding customers. As always I blame DT. The only reason id love to see tmo fold is mainly because it would mean they could get away from DT. I would love for tmo to seperation from DT, rebrand itself, offer up and IPO and really get in bed with some venture capitalists to buy spectrum. What kills me the most is that this company has such potential but they’ve been bogged down catering to all the shitty welfare/high risk wireless customers whom churn so much we should refer to them as the butter group. In other words, by them embracing vzw and AT&T rejects and trying to compete with prepaid carriers simultaneously, they’ve put themselves in a vice. One minute they love prepay then the next they put and emphasis on post pay while saying prepay is the future but yet somehow it’s not what brings in the money. So needless to say, it’s a freaking mess and it needs to be cleaned up somehow.

      • Boricua Boy88

        The Welfare/High Risk customers are primarily on Metro PCS. We do a credit check for each customer, and if it’s below a certain grade, then their deposit will be much higher, pretty much scaring them away. So I don’t really believe that they are the problem.

        • Boricua Boy88

          By we, I mean T-Mobile. I work for them.

        • Gouv

          Well let’s hit this truth in the face with a hammer, shall we? It’s no secret that an ex con who has been locked up for a few years who needs cell phone service after being released will likely need a deposit with AT&T or Verizon. Likely a high one at that. Ive read about it countless times on the web that of you get a big deposit on vzw or AT&T you can go to tmo and will pay a substantially smaller deposit or none at all. It explains the higher churn rates.

        • Tbyrne

          Gouvy! I think the hammer missed the head and hit the thumb. OUCH!!!

        • Udubb

           Not necessarily, a customer that goes to metro or crickit has to pay for a phone up front, plus usually an activation fee and their first month of service. A lot of times its less to pay the deposit, which many times direct dealers can put on your first bill and tmobiles credit guidelines are not as strict as vz or att, and get a break on the phone. Not you have a credit challanged client on Tmo that may not look at their prices as much of a value as some other clients.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    Yes tmobile is in last place right, and yes they need to step up, I’ve been with all the carriers and out of all I like tmobile the best, because the other carriers ready knows how to screw you over, but tmobile is the only company that has gave me two free phones from me just writing a letter to them… HTC One S, and now the Galaxy S3, but I wish they would just come on and get their $#!T together….

  • Gouv

    Look, I’m certainly no defender of tmobile. But you know they operate the way they do in order to balance the books out. These devices cost money and the super immediately new high end phones sometimes can cost them way too much. Let’s face it, aside from gadget lovers, most upgrading customers will never know the difference. You need to look at the big picture in order to realize why tmo operates the way it does. I’ll give you a clue… It’s not to piss you off, it has more to do with surviving. If you are that unhappy with tmo than I suggest you leave for vzw or AT&T. I have both (work and personal) and I can tell you it’s much more expensive. If you value the newness of devices and are concerned less with end of month bill than go to AT&T or vzw by all means. But you probably get a good value with tmo, I really want you to think about that for second. I clearly don’t know your financial position nor am I going to
    Make any assumptions about it but….. Why the heck haven’t you left already? From what I’ve read based in what bothers you, you really should leave for pasture that is nice and green for ya.

    • Tbyrne

      Very well put gouvy. I’m proud to call you a friend!

      • Gouv

        I love you byrnie!

    • perfectalpha

      This is very well put and is something that should be understood by the folks who frequent this website. What sucks is that many folks (not saying all) who wanted a Note already have it on AT&T. It is a missed opportunity for sure. I don’t think this device will do much to bring in additional customers though…merely satisfy the folks on TMO who desired the device, but wanted to keep their plans. 

  • Gouv

    Yeah but even with the success of te iPhone on att they still manage to bring serious profit in the billions and tmo is lucky to cash in on a few hundred million. You are right about the phones being candy-like bait for the masses but people really are drawn to the newest and best things. The psychology of modern marketing targets human impulses and that’s why it’s important to have the newest and best devices more often than not. Yeah it’s unfortunate tmo likely (these days anyways) lacks the bargaining power to hold down exclusives and they have to resort to waiting a bit. However, you can’t be surprised by te responses of some of these people. They simply want the sweetest and newest candy to taste and want to te everyone they’ve tried it. That’s where tmo suffers. They seem to over emphasize the desire for value where as the other, much more successful carriers enable consumer gadget gluttony.im not saying tmo is very behind, they aren’t but sometimes I think they get stung with things like this. Luckily most of tmo is value conscious and likely won’t mind.

  • Peter

    I am reading all the comments and have yet to see someone point out the possibility of Samsung doing the same massive release of the note 2 that they did with the gs3 and put and end to all of these different models for each major cell companies. And have it be almost available Simultaneously On all networks. Now that Tmobile is getting the note now does not give a lot of hope on this front but still love to see more hardware makers take this stance and push one type of hardware for all carriers. We benefit from this look at the iphone and how having one peace of hardware let’s the Accessories market take off. U ever try to buy a case for a gs2? U have to sort by Carrier

    • Richard Yarrell

      Peraonally I applaud T-mobile for getting the Galaxy Note YES it was late but it wasn’t tmobile’s fault for that. This time just like Samsung proved the launch of the Galaxy S3 was extremely successful. They will launch this GALAXY NOTE 2 ON ALL CARRIERS but stagnate the launch. Maybe they will go with the GSM carriers first meaning At&t/Tmobile in late September. Then Sprint and Verizon in October or maybe vice versa who cares who gets it first. Since both At&t and Tmobile have the orginal Note they will see the NOTE 2 before the year is over that’s for sure. Personally Tmobile is rocking with it’s HSPA PLUS 42 MBPS network and with the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note what more can anyone ask for. They are now in line to get the HTC ONE X PLUS on September 21st 2012 looks like to me the network to be on is Tmobile. Plus the NEXT NEXUS in November will be purchased from the Google Play store and ussed on Tmobile just like the current is being used. And trust me anyone walking around with a GALAXY NEXUS working on Tmobile already has jellybean that’s forsure. You won’t see that on Verizon.

      • Peter

        Agreed. I was very disappointed when the Gen nexus was released on Verizon only. Then latter we get the GSM option. That combined with some of the issues and low camera specs turned me off from it. Think the coming one will finally get all the spects we want dialed in. And be able to buy and run on T-Mobile from day one.

      • note_lover

        Good analysis and I agree 100%!  Finally, someone who has a realistic and positive outlook on it.

  • Qayin

    Me: I just got the Galaxy note on T mobile ! (Smiles: Happy) You: (in Sponge Bob’s voice) Yeah but Samsung is about to release the Note 2!! (Looking at me drooling) Me: O…..k.?! ( looking at you drooling looking at me) You:(in Sponge Bob’s voice) But it’s old tech…..(looking at me looking at you drooling looking at me) Me: Yeah but its the phone I wanted! (Smiles: Happy) Then I continue enjoying my Galaxy Note! You: Drooling (Looking at me looking at you drooling looking at me looking at my Galaxy Note!) Tech Whore!

  • CramD

    YES!! Not only is T-Mobile on the late freight for releasing the Note, with the reports of the Note 2 -AND- reports surfacing that there may even be a Note-type WP coming soon, I shall indeed wait. 

  • aware

    There is a suspicious cm10 rom on xda’s vibrant forum. Some apps after you got rid of them comes back after a reboot and the permissions are weird too. JB is the most secure android iteration google has produced so far, i think modifying the apps give someone a way to exploit your phone. Beware!

  • http://www.youtube.com/#/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    After having the Note for a while, I don’t know if I would like a device that large for day to day use.  Right now, I’m using my SG3 and my EVO 4G LTE, and the SG3 is the perfect size.  I got rid of my Note a long time ago, even though it was a nice device.  Too big after a while.  Unless they give the Note 2 a smaller body, and a 5 inch screen…I’m sticking with my SG3.  Love it.

    • Mloudt

      is sprint’s lte fast where u at and where r u im in houston? i haven’t heard of any new reviews on their new lte service hit me back with answer!

      • http://www.youtube.com/#/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

        Nah, not yet. But I went to San Antonio this weekend, and WOW. It is fast, search this on youtube—> tLLqLcLwlhk that’s the video I shot in the car.

  • F-Mobile

    T-Mobile is the postpaid service for the 1) people angry at any other of the carriers because they had created some retarded overage on their bill ie: international calling, downloaded something, sent in a broken phone for warranty exchange or just didn’t pay the bill because they didn’t understand it in which ppl like that should be on prepaid and 2) the cheapskates that think they’re getting a deal. :D

    • ccnet005

      3. When a phone call to their support line resulted in speaking to an engineer concerning an unlocked Nokia N-900. bye bye verizon

  • F-Mobile

    Chinese people love 1000 min with 5 line and free add a lines. No texting and no internet!

    • ex-tmo employee

       lol, obviously a CSR-II

  • JR69

    If I was interested in the Note, I would say no.  Only reason being is that I would have to wait at least six months before the Note 2 is available in U.S. form and most likely not through T-MO.

    • severinj

      Like the SGS3?

  • Nehemias Rodriguez

    I’ll wait to see what’s unveiled before jumping to make a purchase next week… it doesnt make any sense, why would T-Mo Sell The note 1 when the Note 2 is coming in a few weeks. a big let down on t-mos part.

  • Texas Black

    um yes cause i bought the international version in jan …so i will upgrading tot he NOTE 2 ..plus with the refarming of tmobile network it will have 3g-4g on it by dec…woohoo

  • http://twitter.com/AndrewPullin Andrew Pullin

    Yes, it will stop me from buying it.  Of course, very few consumers are as savvy as me. I want to give T-Mobile money for a new phone, but they are a year behind the curve here with the Samsung Note.
    But I guess there’s not really a major incentive for them … hapless consumers who aren’t savvy to these Note 2 announcements will still use their upgrades and buy this phone from T-Mobile.

    • MatthewMurawski

      You can’t be savvy in something that never happened yet unless you are an oracle. People like you who think they’re above everyone else piss me off.

    • Sbarber1972

      I agree. Tmobile is late to the party. I’ll wait

  • Interested tmobile customer

    Im probably going to hold off on switching until i see alk the new phones. I love the note and i love what tmobile offers for the same price as at&t. I love the big screen on the note too. But i dont want old technology on my next phone upgrade either….learned that lesson. I am hoping that the note 2 comes out on tmobile but it looks like that wont happen anytime soon. Will probably stick with at&t and the note 2 until tmobile can start offering more choices on the latest phones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

    I just realized…..we are ALL human. Lets live in the moment. Many of us have complained and moaned about a ‘future’we don’t know is promised to us. “This phone comes out end of Aug” “New Nexus devices in Fall””BB10 in Jan” etc. Live in the presence even if knowing a “potential” future (better device) is theoretically coming which is always present and not going away. I’m disappointed in the internals true but I do want a new style device mainly for entry. The S3 and S4  from the GS2 and GS3 didn’t give me the “new”” phone feeling. Clearly the S3 isn’t a bad processor its just not the “fastest” and I tried the Jelly Bean rom on my GS2 and it was SUPER fast ! Like my laptop with 8gb of ram quad core fast so once Jelly bean becomes more available I’m sure the port will manage just fine and if not I can always trade it in.

    • Qayin

      Intelligence! Well said.

      • http://www.facebook.com/unfazedrebel Jé Be (Here but Gone)

        You know it !

  • Guest

    No, because I don’t plan to get the phone anyway. It’s too old and I’d really like a quad core so I be a little more future proofed when we upgrade.

    • Anonymous

       but by the time the note 2 is out, the note 3 will be announced shortly with even NEWER features! why would you get the note 2 then? you should just keep waiting.. forever!

      • severinj

        What? Samsung announced the SGS3 and released it in america within about a month on all major carriers.

        Do you think they;ll announce the Note 2 and release it sometime towards the end of next summer? Have you been keeping yourself up to date at all or just repeating things people used to say?

        • 21stNow

          Why is the SGS III release looked at as a precedent for how Samsung will do future releases?  The Galaxy S released in many different forms across almost every carrier known to man, most in a three month span in the US.  Considering that that was two years ago, that was pretty unusual.  Last year Samsung released the Galaxy S II on three US carriers in a short time span.  Yet the Note came out internationally around October 11 and in the US on one carrier in February 12. 

          Samsung has a varying release history for devices.  Just because Samsung released the GS III one way doesn’t mean that the Note II will release the same way.  Look at the manufacturing challenges that Samsung experienced with the GS III.  They may decide that staggered releases are better.

        • severinj

          I think it’s rather ridiculous to judge Samsung by their past releases as opposed to their current main market releases. You think that of their 2 most popular phones that one of them could possibly barely see a US release? Because of the original Note’s AT&T exclusivity that I’m sure was agreed upon because they weren’t sure if it would sell very well? I don’t know how anyone would choose to believe Samsung will botch the Note release after all the effort they’ve proven to go through to make sure their flagship phones will be released almost simultaneously.

        • 21stNow

           You helped make my point.  The Galaxy S X line of devices is their flagship line of phones.  From the Galaxy S, the S II and the S III all released fairly close together on the major carriers.  Other phones come when they come.

          If you are looking at the Galaxy S III as the current main market release, that is just one, not multiple as indicated by your use of the word “releases”.

  • Arvin

    its kinda sad that they are releasing when the new one is being announced. 

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    It would if I wanted a Note.

    My Galaxy S4G is almost a year old and it’s 2 generations behind already with chance of getting ICS or even the value pack upgrade. I will wait and plan on my next purchase. I am patient.

    When’s the next gen Google phone coming out?

  • Corderro Galvin

    I just got my galaxy note on tmobile and love it! Tired of trying to keep up with these phones smh. I see a phone I like I get it. Everyone knows a new version of a phone or a new phone comes out every year. EVERY YEAR! I say this, tmobile saves me money, they have a phone I wanted with SG2 specs(eveyone knows how popular the SG2 was) which my fiance has and works great, I bought it. End of story.(shrugs) Cell phone companies and manufacturers know what they are doing. You don’t think they could of put a quad-core in the SG3? They could have but the didn’t, you know why? Because next year they will do it with the SG4 and people will run out and buy that and so on and so on. So yea I’m stuck with my Galaxy Note for 2 years, guess what, SG4 will be out then. Im just Saying.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Many would like to think the Galaxy Note 2 isn’t coming to Tmobile. But don’t be fooled by Tmobile getting the Galaxy Note. That only means the Galaxy Note 2 will be coming to Tmobile before the end of this year. Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 2 August 29th and on October 15 it will be hitting US carriers. At&t and Tmobile as well as Sprint. Verizon will not be getting the Galaxy Note 2 they instead have decided to roll with HTC and their Note 2 competitor. That means it will be much easier for Samsung to make 2 GSM models meaning At&t and Tmobile and one CDMA model for Sprint. And yes it will be the same kind of launch they did for the Galaxy S3 this past summer. No other manufacturer can launch products on all major US carriers like Samsung.

    • mukh

      I sure hope that you are right! I was about to get the note yesterday and the customer service person talked me out of it and convinced me to wait it out to see if tmobile will be getting the note 2. Once listening to his reasoning, it would make the most sense just to wait a little while longer, we’ve waited this long for the note!

  • veronyka


    • Veronyka

      I MEAN GN2!!!