T-Mobile Adding microSIM Kits For iPhone 4/4S, Training Employees For “Selling Against The iPhone”

Based on both pieces of information that just came into our inbox, we’re trying to draw two conclusions, one that T-Mobile isn’t getting the iPhone 5, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. The second is that with the receipt of new Monthly4G microSIM kits supporting the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, T-Mobile is close to announcing some news about their network refarm.

The second bit of interesting news comes from the second image and the “Selling Against the iPhone” portion. Perhaps it’s coincidental that the information for employees to utilize against the iPhone will drop on September 21st, a date being tossed around as a possible release date for the next-generation iPhone. Perhaps it’s just coincidence but we can’t envision a scenario in which T-Mobile would prepare their employees to sell against a product they are about to receive.

These two pieces of intel might seem minor in the big picture, but they are matching up with other scattered talk we are hearing on T-Mobile’s network refarm, unlocked iPhone’s and September, but that’s another story for a bit later today. Stay tuned!

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  • MatthewMurawski

    I’m a little confused about this, maybe someone could help me out on this. After the refarm, what kind of 3G will theiPhone get on T-Mobile? HSPA+ 21? HSDPA? HSUPA? HSPA 14.4?

    • Getsome

      Its not the network capability its the phone, the current iPhone has an HSPA 14.4 antenna and software support so that would be the max speed possible

    • Chiva2699

      The iPhone 4s will get “4G”, and the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4 will get 3G

      • MatthewMurawski

        That didn’t answer my question. What kind of 3G/4G?

        • http://tmonews.com David

          The iPhone 4S hardware is limited to 14.4, so that.

        • Anonymous

           hey david a quick question about tmo, lte, and the iphone 5

          if tmo finally refarms the “faux g” 1900mhz band, the iphones will all work on tmo’s 3g right.

          now, once the iphone 5 comes out w/ LTE, do you think we will have the same band/frequency issue with tmo? (for example if the iphone only supports the LTE bands that ATT/Verizon use, but not the bands that tmo uses)


        • VapidRapidRabbit

          T-Mobile’s LTE bands will be AWS, which is what AT&T is using (along with 700 MHz), so T-Mobile, when it launches LTE, will support the sixth generation iPhone’s LTE speeds.

  • Anonymous

    OR they can just get the dam iphone so it’s easier for consumers instead of going through all the BS

    • Getsome

      Only that costs like five billion dollars, no big deal right?

    • xmiro

      they can’t just get the “dam” iphone
      It’s up to Apple to decide if T-Mobile USA will get the dam iPhone. What’s more, T-Mobile USA will have to commit to a $7,000,000,000 – $18,000,000,000 (that’s billion) purchase of iPhone stock from Apple.

      You don’t just get iPhones because you want it, doesn’t work that way

      • Anonymous

         umm yes you do, you negotiate, you pay up, etc

        tmobile doesn’t want to do either, sprint, att, verizon all did

        try again.

        • Getsome

          Obviously consumers are paying up, just look at other companies rates and etfs

        • Darren Chan

           sprint att verizon all paid for it. It is the worlds most expensive phone not just for consumers but also the carriers.  Sprint is losing money for getting the iphone and they hope to make up for it down the road with their other products. ATT and Verizon are pretty much breaking even with the iphone right now.  the Iphone saved AT&T’s broke company when the iphone first came out.  T-Mobile will end up like sprint and lose money to get the iphone in the current state of things, What kind of business sense is that?  T-Mobile wants the iphone but you also have to look at it from the business stand point. why get a product that will impact your revenues and profits negatively?  If you owned a business you would never do that. it just does not make sense.

        • Anonymous

           i know right? according to you, the top three us carriers all have no business sense, aw man i’m glad you figured it out darren. that way  the employees of the top 3 us carriers don’t need to!

        • Eanfoso

          I know apple is just pathetic!! How the hell can’t they make an AWS phone?! Hell even nokia in their gorgeous n8 & n9 they figured out how to place an AWS band in it, but techs at apple are idiotic enough to not have AWS, for the record, those phones are NOT sold by t-mobile, however for some strange reason they have t-mobile’s 3.5 G support, btw the nokia n9 is so much better than the iCrap

        • Eric

          Do you even know what you have to do to put AWS 1700 Mhz into the iPhone: A lot more than you think buddy. Oh and by the way, at the end of this year, T-Mobile’s 3G will support the iPhone.

        • Eanfoso

          Well I guess good for you, my point is that crapple can’t get things done like respectable companies, like nokia, samsung, sony ericsson (before they died) RIM, etc? They all have been able to develop AWS support, but stupid apple hasn’t, what’s up with this picture? That apple doesn’t want t-mobile to grow, it’s a shame that even ZTE phones have AWS support o.O

        • xmiro

          negotiate what and with who when one side does not want to negotiate?

        • Anonymous

           you gotta pay to play

          tmo doesn’t want to pay up, so they’ll continue to bleed customers

        • xmiro

          Nice selective reading there… but pay what when APPLE does not want to talk to T-Mobile USA? The network that helped launch the Android which Apple hates so much.

          Read T-Mobile USA’s public statements – we’d love to have the iPhone, we’d love to talk to Apple…

          Besides, subsidized iPhone is going away fairly soon, probably by the next iteration (iPhone 6). Verizon is heavily invested in the Droid brand and has stopped making an effort to sell it, sales staff have been instructed to push Droid phones and not iPhone.

          AT&T is already looking elsewhere and also instructs sales staff to not sell iPhone at all.

          Sprint, first has to survive the blow of all the billions they committed to the iPhone orders, if that happens they too will ditch subsidized iPhones.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Proof? the only carrier that is anti subsidizing is tmobile. ATT/Verizon/Sprint all subsidized the galaxy s3 at 200 and the iphone at 200. The iPhone is their best selling phone. they are not going to try and hamper that, because then customers would leave to another carrier. 

          Tmobile has shown that they are not willing to pay. they charge the same price on contract for the One S as Sprint and ATT charge for the EvoLTE/OneX, which are both higher end devices compared to the S. Tmobile charges 80 dollars AFTER rebate more for the Galaxy S3 than their competitors. 

        • Eanfoso

          T-mobile charges more because you end up paying a cheaper monthly rate, do some math, 80 $ more upfront saves you around 30 $ a month, don’t be stupid (comparing unlimited talk text web (5gigs with hotspot) )

        • Rocco33

          but what does a T-Mobile customers MRC reflect when compared to ATT or v or Sprint?  a hell of a lot less

        • Rocco33

          carriers pay a royalty of almost 100 mil just to carry it, then must pay apple the fully price for each phone. so it doesnt work that way.  one does not simply negotiate with apple. (meme reference)  There are no negotiations

      • bleeew

        depends how many you get.

    • MatthewMurawski

      What BS? Buy a factory unlocked iPhone and pop a T-Mobile SIM card in there. Done.

      • Anonymous

         and be on 2g until the refarm hits my area? no thanks!

        heck even my galaxy s 3 had pretty spotty faux g before i returned it, i’m sure it will be all better with the iphone tho. glad to know you can fix tmo’s iphone problem, they should probably hire you now /s

        • Rocco33

          the iphone fixes all problems!  finally someone has realized that an iphone with 3g will solve all problems because its a crapple product!

  • F-Mobile

    Hey AT&T does care for its customers. Ever actually go into a corporate AT&T store? They treat you real good walking up to you, greeting you, personalizing the sale and even walking you to the door. And they always have that I can help you attitude. They’ll issue credit when deemed necessary even have you walk out with a free signal booster if you have no service in your house. Tmobile never did any of that they just want you to come in buy and get out. So yea retail stores

    • chewy106

      You’re obviously dealing with a different AT&T then the rest of the world.

    • Bronze 6

      Retail=/=Company, and where is this magical place where you had good customer service??, At ATT all ive been treated is like crap.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AWWIKW6MNPUHOC4OVSHWUDWAHM Fabio

    This is kind of disappointing news… However, for those of you yelling out that “T-Mobile should get the DAMN iPhone already” you have to understand that Apple is VERY demanding. Not only that, but T-Mobile USA is a low cost national wireless provider that currently is in 4th place in terms of its competition. Striking a deal with MONEY HUNGRY Apple that would bring DRAMATIC changes to T-Mobile’s rate plans and to their 4G LTE deployment expansion is EXTREMELY not a good idea for the company. It would put T-Mobile behind in its 4G LTE deployment and it would lose customers who love their current low priced rate plans. If you want the damn iPhone SO BADLY, then just buy it at a damn Apple store and get it UNLOCKED and UNSUBSIDIZED.

    T-Mobile’s only hope of keeping AND getting more subscribers, is by offering BETTER coverage (BEGIN TO PENETRATE INTO BUILDINGS IN NYC BECAUSE THE IPHONE DOES NOT HAVE UMA!) , low priced rate plans, and differentiate itself from its competition BIG time! Launch a “BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE” campaign, announce the refarming of 1900 MHZ spectrum, educate consumers that they can bring the iPhone and any device they want to the T-Mobile network.

    And/Or if a consumer wants the iPhone to be subsidized so BADLY then have a separate option where T-Mobile can subsidized the unlocked iPhone the consumer buys from Apple by paying back the $450 and having them sign a 2 year contract, but of course T-Mobile has to get that money back so this will increase that particular consumer’s rate plans which will then be in par with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T rate plans… In that case the only win for T-Mobile would be gaining iPhone subscribers and at the same time getting them under contract without having to commit to Apple’s MONEY HUNGRY demands in order to OFFICIALLY carrying the iPhone.

    I don’t think this whole idea of “selling against the iPhone” will work for T-Mobile. They just need to send consumers looking for iPhones into an Apple store have them buy it UNLOCKED and then asking them if they want the phone to be subsidized, if they do, sign them into a 2 year contract and increase their rate plan and problem solved! T-Mobile doesn’t commit to Apple and doesn’t suffer as much as Sprint Nextel is suffering now because they officially “carry” the iPhone in their stores.

    • Noel

      OR DT can just buy the damn phones and ship some to Tmo stores in the US. For all those —— (fill in the blanks) out there who still like the one size fits all device…have at it. From the rumors looks like the same device stretched to accommodate a 4” screen with other add ons. Tmo just give me a pure Android Jelly Bean HTC Era 42+/One X+ or the next JB Nexus hopefully one by HTC..but both must have an SD card slot, removable bigger battery and 2GB RAM. Will also consider a Nexus from Samsung, LG or even Sony but HTC is my choice OEM for the Nexus.

    • Bronze 6

      Finally Someone who agrees with what i had been thinking!

    • Latinoman421

      According to my investigations.Apple refuses to make the iphone at 1700 Mhz for T-Mobile only,So T-mobile is moving it’s network to the mghz frequency that at&t uses so that it can support the iphone and when the complete the switch then they are going to carry the iphone,But until the are completely able to support it,then they will carry it! In a short phrase, If you can’t beat um, Join em! Hope this helps,i’m currently waiting for the swich soon,so my iphone 4S would work at 3G with 4g speeds like At&t but not as congested,That is why at&t wanted to buy t mobile because they are totally congested and need more antenna towers!

  • unknownmonkey26

    I’m going to tell you, almost every single one of the problems that you listed there can stem from one source, and that is the fact that you are using a Mytouch.  Every mytouch phone is junk, whether its HTC, LG, or Huawei.

    #1 Thing to remember with phones.  If you skimp out on the price and go for the cheap one, you get what you pay for.

  • unknownmonkey26

    Its too bad I can only like this comment once.

  • WSJ

    Good bye tmo and the five phone I pay for. As much as I hate AT&T, hello AT&T.

    • Rocco33

      quit your bitching.  the iphone is not that great.

  • JimInChicago

    Been with T-Mobile for nine years and have four lines with them.  Happy in every way except that they don’t have the iPhone.  Been using an unlocked iPhone 2 for the past 3.5 years on T-Mo’s net.  That will all change on September 21 when, thanks to their ant-iPhone attitude, I will be moving to Verizon or Sprint to get the new iPhone.  T-Mobile used to be good–now they suck.

    • Eanfoso

      You’re not that smart are you?? You do realize how much you’ll have to pay in either one, with verizon not having unlimited data and sprint being overwhelming slow, along with paying a 10$ monthly smart phone fee, I’ll give you a good tip buy your iCrap unlocked and put in a t-mobile sim card, bam you’re good to go, then the reward is that you will be able to move all your lines to a value plan which is retardedly cheap compared to verizon and even t-mobile’s classic plans, play it smart not dumb my friend, oh and don’t forget the initial activation fee you’ll have to pay in each carrier, 35×4 = not worth your money, and that’s with sprint, verizon increased their activation fee to 42, dude how can you withstand such a tiny screen, technology that doesn’t support flash, and no memory expansion?? ……jw….

    • Bronze 6

      Hope you like paying more per month for less. 

      • bleeew

        Depeneds if you actually want 4G service and not HSPA+, or actually get more coverage than T-Mo, and they invest in their network quicker(since theres more money going in)

    • Rocco33

      join the rest of the iphone cronies.  you can finally say you have an iphone just to say it.

  • http://cendigital.com/ Nick

    I think T-Mobile’s plan is fine, they are refarming their network to run iPhone bands.  Just buy an unlocked iPhone and you will save money over two years with a value plan anyhow.  Just do the math. That’s what I’m going to do if my wife still wants an iPhone, which last I asked she didn’t because she is sick of hearing about Apple whine about patents on the news.

  • Eric

    No, it’s because currently T-Mobile’s 3G network doesn’t support the iPhone. That will change later this year. Oh and DT will pay the $7 billion +.

  • Mark

    I can’t tell from the comments read and the information above:

    I have an iPhone 4S where I got a microSim from TMobile in December 2011, and it’s been running EDGE.  Does the above say that to get the refarmed 3G I need to get a new microSim, or will my current microSim work and it will just switch to 3G when refarmed?

    • Eanfoso

      Yes, your current sim will work and switch to the refarmed network when available

  • Rana Lorana

    So is T-Mobile getting 3G in chicago soon??! I heard by the end of September ….

    • emora92

      I live in Chicago, own the GS3 and have great 3G/4G signal. 12-14mb speed

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    First off, the HTC One X+ will cost more than the $100 AT&T charges for the One X, and it’s not really a new phone.  Will it even support AWS LTE?  If not it will be launching out of date.  As for the iPhone being on US Cellular (and other regionals like nTelos, Cellular South, and a few Alaskan carriers), just because it is CDMA?  T-Mobile just doesn’t want to pony up the $$$ to have an official and supported iPhone on their network.  When the next iPhone launches, I can guarantee that Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T will launch three different models since AT&T is GSM, and Verizon and Sprint have different LTE bands (unless Apple manages to fit like 5 LTE bands into the phone with existing support for CDMA).  T-Mobile could’ve launched the SAME iPhone as AT&T since they are supposedly refarming their 1900 MHz spectrum and will be launching LTE on AWS (which AT&T is also going to do in addition to their 700 MHz spectrum LTE).  Don’t try to defend them for not investing into their smartphone lineup and network.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    North Carolina alone is the TENTH most populated state in the United States, so…

  • nando

    Man.. screw T-Mo and At&t and all the others and their ridiculous plans. I have my At&t iPhone 4s on RedPocket mobile and pay $55 a month, no contract, no taxes, no jailbreak, unlimited T&T and 1gb data on 4G service. I thought 1gb wasnt enough but m on wifi at home and work. Why are you guys crying about getting the “damn” iPhone working with a carrier thats gonna rip you off anyways? I dont get it.

    • Eanfoso

      With tmobile we get unlimited text, 5 Gigs of 4G for 30$ no contracts no commitments

  • Vera Comment

    so how do you sell against an iphone when you don’t have any in the store to begin with?
    stand outside ATT / VZN stores? I don’t understand. If they’re in a TMO store, they’ve already decided against it.. (or are confused)

    • Setzer715

       I think it’s more about talking to consumers about OTHER phones than iPhones.  Thousands of consumers ask T-Mobile sales employees daily about the iPhones.  “Are you getting it?”  “When will you get it”?  Etc, etc.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    I’ve never met (or interacted with) people that stan for a wireless carrier until I came on this blog.  I always thought people paid for the service they wanted.

  • RotaryP7

    Our store is receiving an iPhone 4 I believe so we can test the network and also sell against the iPhone vs an android running on 4G speeds. 

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      wow that really sucks it makes T-Mobile Look Bad In my Opinion 

    • Msrozz

      Wow, so instead of giving customers what they want, you sell them what you really want them to have? Other carriers are starting to look better and better. Stringing customers along and lying about getting a product is not good business, ask any business that has failed. You already have customers that don’t trust you since you were willing to sell the network to the highest bidder-AT&T, showing you really don’t want the US part of T-Mobile. Now, you want to use a product that a lot of us want as bait and as a way to promote something we don’t want to show one as being superior…..really….very bad marketing strategy.

      • RotaryP7

        I’ll have to agree. I don’t like it man. I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve here.. 

      • Samantha

         You have to keep in mind that it’s not just as simple as *deciding* that you want to sell the iPhone.  Verizon had to strike a deal with Apple as well as AT&T in order to get the iPhone, because AT&T had struck a deal with Apple to be the exclusive network operator.  Don’t you think T-Mobile would sell the iPhone if they could?  Who wouldn’t want to?  Now part of the reason they can’t could be that Apple/AT&T/etc. are asking for more money than they’re willing to pay, but regardless, it’s not just as simple as calling up Apple and placing an order.

  • Dragoonxgears

    If i bought a micro sim a month ago, Do I need to buy this new sim card?

  • Jp_flores23

    Anyone find or have one of these “new sim kits”?

  • Hap

    when and where will they be selling them? i went to a local T-mobile store and they said they have not heard about any “microsim kits” for the iphone 4/4s

  • NardVa

    I can why Tmobile would want to show a side by side comparison of and Iphone next to a SGS III. Some people may actually come to a conclusion that Tmobile phone are equal if not better than an Iphone in a lot of ways. The screen size comparison alone shoud win over a few customers.

  • Winski

    What about NANO-SIMS ?????