Rumor: T-Mobile Testing Names For New Unlimited 4G Data Plan?

We’ve heard whispers of T-Mobile considering the idea of bringing back something resembling an “unlimited” 4G plan, but haven’t had any concrete proof that idea has made it out of the conference room so to speak, until now. Granted, this image of a survey going around to random T-Mobile customers isn’t a definitive sign it will come, but it’s the first “evidence we’ve seen that T-Mobile has moved beyond the “thinking about it” phase.

There is no word on what this plan would entail exactly, nevermind a lack of information on price, release date or what device(s) it will or will not work on. Still, I’m sure whatever name they choose will grow on us and we’re happy to see that T-Mobile may be thinking outside the box already and ready to challenge Sprint as one of the only “true” unlimited carriers out there.

For the record, no, that isn’t my iPhone.

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  • Olber Ramirez

    tmobile =no iphone 5 no lte
    tmobile= unlimited 4g speed 
    thats what they gonna start offering next month because they wont get the new iphone and they know a lot of costumers are gonna leave because they are exhausted to be waiting for the iphone on tmobile 

    • Chris

      They don’t have to get the iphone for the customers to get one. When they turn those network bands that they got from AT&T and Verizon, you just need an unlock iphone.

      • bleeew

        But some people are idiots and think that an Unlocked iPhone is really expensive compared to a subsidized price. Trust me, some dont have that knowledge.

  • SirWilliam4

    Or how about a plan that includes unlimited data for the phone or tablet and a throttled amount for devices tethered? So unlimited with 2gb tetherable 4g. Cuts down on the network usage and you still have tethering, but you won’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere with slow/useless gps.

  • dude

    I see some. Comments saying they would rather have faster speeds but I just used ten GB In tweleve days. Thank goodness for WiFi but my schools WiFi sucks and honestly don’t no what to with only 2 GB……so unlimited isn’t Appealing but sexy as hell right now lol

  • UMA_Fan

    I don’t see how this work.  The whole point of tiered data is to tailor plans according to rising data consumption.  You use more, you pay more.  T-Mobile has the only overage-free tiered plans in the industry.  Having a plan option with no tier sets T-Mobile up to be compared as more expensive than the competition when looking at what Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web cost.  I doubt if such an option existed that it would replace any of the tiers available now.  It would be something that’s priced higher.

    T-Mobile should introduce roll over data.  Unused megabytes carry over to the next month.  A lot of people perceived value with that when at&t did it with voice.  T-Mobile should beat them at their own game.

    • bleeew

      How about Unlimited Data(No Caps)
      Once TMobile gets full and gains momentum, take away unlimited and let grandfathered people use it.
      Later introduce tiered data with rollover or unlimited with throttling again

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Why not just scrap the tiered data plans and give everyone back the old “real unlimited data”. None of that slow down BS.

  • Daswahnsinn

    I would love unlimited 4G, well any 4G would be good. I think they should try to make sure that people could have 4G before making it seem like they can. Unlimited isn’t good if you can’t access the product.

  • Phoenix31756

    What I don’t get is the WHY part of this ?

    WHY, do we constantly NEED,WANT,CRAVE and DESIRE to acquire INFORMATION, that has become obsolete the minute you see or hear it and trash it ? We have become so DEPENDENT on the information highway, that it has become everyone’s LIFELINE to life !



    • Airvirgo0911179

      Well said

  • Phoenix31756

    T-Mobile is playing “Tail End Charlie” here regarding service, Guess what everyone’s afraid of now ? Everyone’s afraid of T-Mobile going Belly-Up and leaving us LOYAL customers rushing around with our heads cut off like chickens ! T-Mobile is acting like the US Government last year, Facing financial debt crisis time after time, threats of shutting it’s doors because it has no money in it’s coffers. Instead of trying to INVENT a NEW Mousetrap, maybe it should look for ways to IMPROVE on that mousetrap it babied over the years.

    If T-Mobile wants to stay in this Telecommunication business, they better start doing their BEST in giving what their customers desire the most ! Remember that old saying back in the days about ” An Honest days pay for a Honest days work ? ” well, T-Mobile….Give us Loyal customers what we desire the most……A TOP QUALITY PRODUCT and SERVICE for an HONEST BUCK !

    We are not DONKEYS ! Quit with putting the CARROT in front of us and just deliver an honest good old American service with a Quality product !  

    • Bobby

      I agree..I been with tmo for 14 years

  • unfaix

    What the… so this is a real unlimited plan that uses the word unlimited correctly?

    So what happens to my “Unlimited (5GB high speed data)” become?

  • James

    I had the even more plus plan that claimed to havr unlimited data, but of course this was before 4g speeds were available. So per T-Mobile my unlimited data plan turned into a 5GB 4G speeds and throttled after the 4G cap. Still they kept to their word offering unlimited data. Just hope they don’t put LTE in a different catagory saying you get unlimited 4G HSPA with this plan but not with LTE.


    I’m srry I kno this off topic but I got the galaxy note and not very happy with my upgrade because my mind told me congratulations you’ve just upgraded to a larger s2 and want to kno from you guys should i return it and get the s3 or keep the note because i feel like i upgraded up to the same thing that just has a larger screen? ???????

    • patrick

      You know i was thinking the same thing i wasted my upgrade on a larger s2 to but T mobile made it seem like it was a new release from Samsung i might return it and just get the s3 having a big screen is what attracted me to it but now reading your comment im have second thoughts about being in a 2 year contract with the g note but if you really dont like the g note definitely go get the s3 because thats what i plan on doing to i like to stay up to date with spec


        Too late i already got the gs3 with sprint and im very satisfied with my purchase should have got through s3 in the first place the galaxy. Note on Tmobile is a big gimmick sense they released it after the galaxy s3 but thanks for helping tho.

  • Yup!

    How about…

    “We’re not lying this time!”*

    *After 1 GB of data usage, connection will be limited to GPRS.

  • GBGamer

    I like “The Full Monty”.

  • Jose Hernandez

    They should be straight about it

    Unlimited Talk & Text, 2GB 4G Data*
    Unlimited Talk & Text, 5GB 4G Data*
    Unlimited Talk & Text, 10GB 4G Data*
    Unlimited Talk & Text, 20GB 4G Data*
    *4G Speeds will be throttled down after data limit is reached, no overages

    Unlimited All**
    **Unlimited Talk, Text and 4G Data, full speed all the time, no overages.

    Something like this, people would know what they get, what to expect and how much they pay.

    Why is something like this so hard for them to do?

    • Jarrod

      Thats basically what Verizon is doing and I don’t like it at all. Why should I have unlimited voice shoved down my throat when I only use data and text mainly. They need a 300 min plan with unlimited text and web for $40/$45.