Android Marketshare Declines In Second Quarter As Apple Jumps

While Android continues to dominate the US smartphone market, its grip slipped a little in the second quarter of 2012 as it dropped below 60% marketshare. Android’s drop to 56.3% of all smartphones in the US was noticeably different from the 10% jump Apple’s iOS platform posted, up to 33.2%, up from 23.2% in the second quarter of 2011.

Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics said:

“We estimate Android shipped 13.4 million smartphones for 56 percent share of the United States market in the second quarter of 2012. This was down from 15.3 million units shipped and 61 percent share a year earlier. Android remains the number one platform by volume in the United States, but its market share is approaching a peak and Apple iOS has been gaining ground. Apple’s US market share has risen by ten points from 23 percent in Q2 2011 to 33 percent in Q2 2012. Apple is rumored to be launching a new iPhone in the coming weeks, and that event, if it takes place, is going to heap even more pressure on Android in its home market.”

For its part, Blackberry’s drop from 11% to 7% over the last year marked its lowest level in recent history.

Anyone else notice that Windows Phone didn’t even call for a line on Strategy Analytic’s report? I wonder why, we know their marketshare hovers in the single digits, but why skip out on them entirely?

View the entire Strategy Analytics report here, subscription required.

Fierce Wireless; Image: IbITimes

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  • Bogart

    Go! Go! Go! Apple!

    Sent from my Android

    • Littlesis1774

       I can’t wait until iphone 5 is out

  • Darkbotic

    Well, it is supposed to drop because of Apple several granted injuctions against Android phones manufacturers. That’s what Apple wants: win marketshare by litigation instead of innovation.

    • CactusCat

      That my friend is fixing to come to a screeching halt !!!  Take a look and you’ll see that Apple’s BS is fixing to come to its final end.

      • Bbudhu168

        If you did not know the f700 you refrenced in that link is a slider phone with big shinny keyboard.

        • souggie

          Doesn’t matter what it is, it was in production before the iPhone. this is also fact

        • souggie

          Based on design, the iPhone loops like the f700 not the other way around. Apple needs to address this.

        • andy budhu

          i know your a android biased person.  i also use android and ios.  but the facts are the facts samsung is a copy cat company.  do you remember the blackjack? it was a straight ripoff of rim.  

        • Budhu168

          Never in production.

      • Bbudhu168

        Apple is gonna fix that bs.
        America 1
        Korean thieves 0

      • andy budhu

        hey catus take a good hard look 

        • souggie

          Back it with facts, so far in the case samsung has. this is an opinion, not fact

        • andy budhu

          no, this case is about trade dressing.  what you see in the link is facts. not opinion. how biased can you be,souggie?

        • Spanky

          Mmmmhmmmm….what a reputable source Tumblr is, right?

  • MacRat

    Windows phone is still “other”

    • Not ice_fusion.

      WebOS is, too. What’s your point?

  • Mattcat03

    With Samsung’s Galaxy S3 successful sale and Google’s Nuxus 7 tablet, I’m sure Android will reclaim back its market share and then some.

    • Dakota

      Android probably is always going to be greater market share just like PCs do over Macs.  You just have so many more devices to choose from at all different price points.  And you also have a lot more choices when it comes to cell rate plans.  You can get an Android some places for as low as $30-40 a month.  An iphone is going to cost a minimum of double that.

  • Kjace

    Numbers do not lie!!!

    • Qcknot

      yes they do:
      android = 70%
      apple    = 1%
      others   =29%

      • WW

        I think it’s arguable that you are lying.

  • Vim

     Given that most of the other analysis companies are showing the same numbers (mid 50’s for android, low 30’s for apple) while also showing steady increases for both Android and Apple, I’m inclined to believe that Strategy Analytic’s old numbers were off due to faulty methodology.  They fixed the problems with their numbers to match everyone else’s, and instead of admitting their old numbers were off, they’re instead spinning the change as a decline for Android and a jump for Apple.

  • Horace

    Wow – a post that’s not specifically about a Samsung product. Amazing.

    • Auser72


      • Horace

        Brilliant. NO U

  • Dakota

    Wonder if ios sharew ould go up should Tmobile begin selling it.  I g uess its 100% certain that the Sept iphone launch will not include Magenta.  Again.  Esp with the sharing plans that VZ and ATT areintroducing, Tmobile would really have a chance in getting i phone customers to switch (or stay)…With VZ lowest iphone plan being $90 for 1gb, its a shame Tmobile isnt competing for those customers

    • bob90210

      The iPhone will not show up at T-Mobile until the spectrum refarming is complete and probably after LTE is up and running. iPhones currently run at 2G speeds on T-Mobile; after the refarming, they will run at 3G. But by then everyone else will have LTE so T-Mobile will need an LTE network to compete.


        4 billion dollars are being spent on T-Mobiles LTE network now updating 37 thousand towers  by end next year Nation wide LTE NETWORK!!!     

        • GuestGuest

          Tylerderk I think you should reread bob90210’s comment one more time. Did you not notice the first sentence where he/she basically states that T-Mobile is refarming their spectrum, e.g., refarming for LTE depoloyment.

          How did you miss that? Anyway…

      • Bbudhu168

        I dont need lte. Hspa is fine. But the reframing is takeing to long.

        • JBLmobileG1

          I think Tmobile should stick with HSPA+ and show us those speeds it’s actually capable of achieving. It’s plenty fast already but I think they could take out any and all current LTE carriers in the US. Not to mention the fact that it uses less battery than LTE. Personally I would rather have speed and battery than just pure speed which in reality you don’t even need. This is a phone we are talking about here, which may resemble a mini laptop, not a Super computer.

  • fort

    Old story. Galaxy S3 wasn’t counted

    • JBLmobileG1

      Possibly… didn’t Apple try to ban it’s sales in the US but it was put off? Maybe anything that involves court couldn’t be counted for legal reasons, although you think that would help Samsung out a bit because they could say even with all these sales we still don’t affect Apple. After all didn’t they want to ban the sales for Samsung products in the past because it would eat into their sales? If this survey is accurate and true then Apple is full of themselves and just want to monopolize the industry.

  • smithgo

    where are the 10 million galaxy s 3? and all the galaxy nexus sold at 349? not there YET!! wat till the 3rd quarter. the iPhone will have no fans left  

    • MisterBlue

      Sorry to break it to you, but the iPhone 4S far outsold the GS2, and the next iPhone will also put the GS3’s sales to shame too.  The iPhone has more fans that any Galaxy S, by far.

      • smithgo

        nothing broken here,  of course nobody is arguing with the fact that there are by far more ignorant people in the world than those properly informed.

        • MisterBlue

          Also, nobody is arguing the fact that ignorant people are usually the first ones to call others ignorant.

        • ignorance

          Are you trying to create a paradox?

      • JBLmobileG1

        Why mention the fact that the iphone 4s outsold the SG2? At least I think that’s what your referring to with GS2. He wasn’t even bringing an older phone up which obviously had plenty of competition… not just from Apple either. Also while there is no doubt in my mind people will flock to the next iphone, I do believe most will be fans and what it because of the name and hype, not what it could do. They already said Jelly Bean is better than the next iOS. Now a days its based both on hardware and software and Android has both. I actually know people who have had iphones since Apple first released them. When I ask them why they don’t try out Android their only response is but what about all the stuff I downloaded? I have a feeling they actually know it’s all around better but they are concerned on the hundreds if not thousands of dollars they already spent on the itunes market. Can you really blame them for not wanting to lose out on all the money they spent on apps etc? Personally, if Google really wanted to hurt Apple, they could give everyone who switched from iOS to Android credit for every App they may have purchased from itunes which could be used on the Google Play Store. If they did this, even as a limited time offer, I truly believe they would gain at least half of the iphone fan base. Just my opinion but from talking to die hard Apple fans it seems they are mainly worried about everything they downloaded.

      • souggie

        Please stop dreaming the iPhone 5 more than likely won’t even match the sales of the gs3 in two months. ios6 looks to be very good, but it’s everything jellybean already is……so…..the sheep will still flock no doubt, but the real tech heads know that unless ios6 and the new iPhone hardware(which the screen better be gorilla glass now instead of real glass) is GROUNDBREAKING……is not gonna do a while lot for apple gaining ground

        • souggie

          Whole lot, sorry

        • Old Man

          Whats with “Sheep”. Android is an OS phone manufacturers used to compete with iOS, because that’s what the masses wanted. Android users are just the Sheep’s Sheep.

          And I don’t use an iPhone.I am just angry that Samsung and other companies just relied on Android and never actually tried to innovate. Android saved Samsung from there pre-android touch wiz crap phones that noone wanted. But Android was nothing but a reaction to iOS.

        • Dumbazz

          Oh you mean they didn’t try and innovate with custom skins built on top of Android?
          Better camera’s and screens?

        • souggie

          Android was in production before ios. what exactly are you trying to tell me right now?

        • Dumbazz

          “Please stop dreaming the iPhone 5 more than likely won’t even match the sales of the gs3 in two months.”

          LOL!!!!!You are kidding right?
          “the sheep will still flock” 
          Of course the usual insults directed at the buyers. YAAAAAAAAAWN
          Can’t you morons be any more original?
          You know you have lost when you have to start insulting the users. 

        • souggie

          So who did I insult? I didn’t call anyone a moron, or a princess, unlike yourself….please make sure you come at me correct. secondly, there are isheep just like droidsheep who will buy the iPhone without even attempting to research something else that MAY be GASP better. apple has sheep. so does android. my point is that I doubt the iPhone 5 is going to sell over 10 million units in less than 3 months like the gs3 did. that was never done in history. even the vaunted iphone 4 didn’t do close to what the gs3 did. Is it possible ? yes. likely? probably not.

        • souggie

          Not to mention that the gs3 still runs ics….what happens when it gets jellybean? and completely matches the iPhone 5? what then?

        • souggie


        • Snookie

          You are high

        • souggie

          Holla at me IF the iPhone 5 gets more sales per unit in two months than the gs3 did. Until then, unless you have hard facts….keep your High comments to yourself

        • MisterBlue

          Apple sales.  Hard facts.  


        • Andrepdx

          You must have forgot that Apple sold 4 million, yes, million, iPhone 4s opening weekend. Yes, Friday thru Sunday. Tell me again what your point was about sales in 3 months. “never done in history”. What history are you referring to? Definitely not last October 14, 15, & 16 th when those 4 million iPhones were sold.

        • souggie

          And gs3 had 9 million pre orders BEFORE launch. NEXT.

        • souggie

          Also, see how far they got AFTER that weekend.. also show proof that they did sell 4million phones that weekend

        • souggie

          They did. My mistake. It still doesn’t compare to what Samsung did with the gs3

        • souggie

          and you CLEARLY forgot that the GS3 had 9 MILLION preorders before even LAUNCHING. PLEASE tell me about ANY iphone, or PHONE for that matter that has done that up to this point. I’ll wait.

        • MisterBlue

          You’re kidding right?  Apple sold 37 million iphones in the quarter that the 4S was released.  The quarter before that (usually the weakest quarter for iphone sales)  They sold 17 million.  The quarter after the release of the 4s (ending March 2012) they sold 35 million iphones.  The last quarter (ending June 2012) they sold 25 million iphones.  Yet you come here and say that selling over 10 million phones in less than 3 months has never been done in history.  It’s been done multiple times by Apple.  Apple sold more iphones in 1 quarter than the GS2 did in an entire year.  

        • souggie

          I looked at the facts. Stop misconstruing the facts. They sod 35 million in MARCH quarter, NOT the damn launch day! Christ, read my post before attacking me on stuff I KNOW!

        • souggie

          Also…thats for ALL iPhones not just the 4s, if you look at Samsung in comparison, sold 50 million smart phones.

        • souggie

          False. Go make a true comparative statement and look at that same quarter for Samsung. They sold 50 million smartphones. Apple sold 35 million IPhones IN GENERAL, NOT iPhone 4s. Apple has NEVER had 9 million pre orders before launch. THAT is fact. Go to Samsungs website and then post their earnings as well because I want you to see it for yourself and know I’m not talking out of my behind. Do it.

        • souggie

          Plus you forget the fact that Samsung actually lost money because they had a shortage of the gs3 and still did what they did. No one else has done this. This is FACT

        • Doublesman20

          No, i said 10 million GS3s in less than two months, with 9 million of them being preordered prior to launch.  Thanks. the 4s did NOT come close to that on its launch.

      • fixxmyhead

        they should just call iOS6 by its real name ANDROID

      • Dumbazz

        You have to realize that the android fanboy princesses on this site are not grounded in reality. They are completely delusional.
        They don’t get the reality that if apple had as many phones as android, apple would completely dominate android. Apple manages to hold it’s ground WITH ONE PHONE. Love them or hate them that is very very impressive.

        • Dumbazz

          And of course the princesses on this site will insult the users of the iphone or claim some mind control that Apple practices.
          These Fanboys are in need of medication and therapy

        • Dumbazz

          When you can’t debate on facts than just make up crazy delusional shit.

  • CJ

    Not sure I trust the reliability of this survey!

    • Dumbazz

      Why because you disagree with it?

  • Guest

    DAmm just got my new “ATT” bill. 148.97!!! For 1line
    450 min 3GB unlimited text mesg. They said my bill would be
    91.56 per month.?

    • JBLmobileG1

      It’s probably pro rated although you also need to factor in taxes and the activation fee. It may be correct on what they quoted you but who knows. I pay a little over $100 after taxes but that’s after my 15% employer discount too. I get 1,000 minutes with unlimited nights/weekends and myFavs, 300 messages. (who needs unlimited with Google Voice?), unlimited data with 10gb of high speed, and Premium handset insurance. Not too bad, in may not be unlimited completely but 1,000 minutes is a lot and the 5 people I call the most is unlimited. It’s more than what I first started paying but less than any of the other carriers. Data is the new thing though which is why most people who have and use it have higher bills than the ones who don’t. Sure there is pre paid but when you use your phone to tether like I do, getting a pre paid hot spot is more than I would pay now.

    • Tbyrne

      Don’t you remember my reply post to you a few days ago ex man? I told you Randall was going to be giving you a gift that would keep giving. Namely to himself. When are you going to listen to us? It’s not too late. Come home exibitsman. Come home.

      • Guest

        Is there any way I can get out of this without paying a ETF
        I signed. The contract. 36 days. Ago. ?

        • Joshua Levi Davison

          probably only a 14 buyers remorse period, that’s what we offer at t-mobile

  • JBLmobileG1

    I wonder if these results are because of Apple trying to block sales to every Samsung phone and Android related device, or so it seems. After all didn’t Samsung have the most Android ground anyways? And with a major competitor trying to block their sales and keep them from selling Android, I could see why their sales may have slid. Although if Samsung did sell 10 million Galaxy S3 phones you wouldn’t think it would slide below Apple. Seriously Apple hasn’t even released anything new lately which makes me wonder how accurate this report even is. As for Windows, I honestly think they have given up. I haven’t seen any Windows phones where I work for awhile now. They had tons of commercials but nothing ever seemed to take off and nobody ever really asked if we carried any either. To Microsoft… I really think people like being a beta tester… sorry. ;-)

  • Nearmsp

    Interesting data. I was surprised to see this because, Apple did not have good quarter when it announced its results. I think, the data is a reflection of the sales at Sprint, where Android  users may have switched to iOs when Sprint got the iPhone.  I also think if iPhones were available on all wireless providers then we would know head to head how the two systems compete against each other. If and when iPhone comes to T-mobile, I do not think, it will perform that good, because the large number of Value Plan users are going to think hard before buying a higher priced smart phone. On the rest of the carriers the down payment for iphones are same as for SGS2/3 phones and thus rest of the subscribers are subsidizing the larger price of iPhone. Verizon is not pushing iPhones for this reason because it has to provide a higher subsidy for iPhones.

    • Spanky

      Even if T-Mobile were to get the iPhone, their subsidized price would probably be considerably higher than that of the other carriers. Case and point: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all priced the Galaxy SIII at $199 for the 16GB version. T-Mobile priced it at $279, and that’s after a $50 rebate (the out of pocket cost, including taxes and fees, is about $400). A 16GB iPhone 4S costs $199 on all three major carriers that sell it, and all three are losing a lot of money on the hefty subsidies that Apple demands. My guess is that T-Mobile, if they were to get it, would offer the 16GB iPhone at $349 – $399 after rebate (if there even was a rebate, as the iPhone’s pricing structure is heavily regulated by Apple). As such, I am in total agreement with you.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I was able to get a Samsung Galaxy S3 for just over $200 through Tmobile without mail in rebates and that was after taxes and shipping fees. To top it off it is the 32gb model in Pebble Blue. I believe Tmobile will work with you on pricing if you know who to talk to… granted I have also been a customer since 2004 who has been pretty much on time with every payment since.

    • Mr. Hill

      You forget that when people want an iPhone, they want an iPhone.  Nothing else matters.  They would gladly pay $200 down on T-Mobile’s Value Plan to get one.  I’m guessing that Apple won’t allow T-Mobile to sell the iPhone on their value plans because it would mean that T-Mobile isn’t even subsidizing the device and get to charge full price for it (over time).  If we get it, then it will probably be Classic Plan only and Apple will set the price at $199.  T-Mobile might have to increase their ETFs like the other carriers to prevent people from opening and canceling lines to get $400 iPhones.

      If you go by the number of iPhones sold alone, Apple actually did have another good quarter.  The only thing that happened is that they didn’t have the record profits that Wall St. anticipated.

  • Old Man

    In 2006, before there was an iPhone or android OS, I had a portable Sony Vaio UX slide up Portable (Fairly full-fledged pc) connecting to the web via bluetooth from a Moto Razr phone.
    That was more advanced in 2006 than iOs or Android is today. The consumer demand for easy to use crap has caused the market to completely regress. All because the majority wanted iPhone,and the other companies all competed by offering  android insteqad of trying to actually advance or innovate on their own.
    Even windows has dumbed down it’s mobile OS for the masses.

    In a few years mabey we can get back to inoovation.

  • charlieboy808

    Did these analysts take in to account for the Apple lawsuits that blocked the sales of potential buyers of the HTC One X/S, the Galaxy Nexus, and any other if there was any? 

  • iOS Developers

    Only reason why Android is best selling is that it is available in cheaper rates

    • souggie

      OK troll.

    • Tgalleria

      Is better that the stupid iPhone os . I hate apple shit ..