Will The High Price Of The Galaxy S III Stop You From Buying?

Now that the Galaxy S III is officially for sale on T-Mobile, I thought it worth wondering just how much the price is affecting your buying decision, thanks in no small part to your incredible amount of feedback about T-Mobile’s price. T-Mobile is clearly not concerned about the “standard” industry price of $199.99/$249.99 for the 16GB and 32GB varieties. So I have one small question in three parts, will the high price stop you from buying the Galaxy S III or will you buy it at any price OR will you wait till the price drops? How badly do you want it?

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    Is the white S3 being delayed? I called local Chicago Tmobiles and they either say mid July for white and 1 said we are only getting blue.

  • John

    Just got off the phone customer loyality about an hour ago and talked a bit about my plan and upgrades. After a short brife gripe whether or not my updrade is in Nov. at 22 months or July is at 18 months. Was put on hold for several minutes and the lady came and told me that she reset my upgrade as of today. (very nice of her). At this point it really doesnt matter the S3 is still $329 with my upgrade. She said to call back tomorrow and they may of the updated prices in thier system. Hoping that my price will be closer to $249 to match Costco. If not I may go thier instead. BTW Costco price for T-Mobile is $249 and $199 for everyone else?? And Verizon 32 gb is $299..T-Mo is wayyyyy over priced in my book.

    • Taron19119

      u did not say the right things just say i can get the gs3 from sprint for 199.99 sp im not going to pay 279,99 and they well lower it for you i did and im paying 129.99 for it on the 27th im calling at 6 am so i can be first when they open up

      • John

        So if I call in the morning and tell or say that I can get the SG3 at Sprint for $199, what the are the odds that I or they will lower just becuase I tell them its lower at other carriers? My luck they won’t or can’t. BTW are you talking about the 16gb or 32gb? Blue or white?  Also what about upgrade fees, shipping? I’m assuming this will be shipped out, right? Sorry for the many questions….6am EST…right?

      • John

        One more thing do you sugguest calling back tonight or wait and call in the morning?

      • Luv4greenleaves

        How did this work out for you?

  • AhhYo

    The price T-Mobile is sell is way too much then other cellphone companies. If they stayed competitive, then it would be worth investing. I would hate to see what T-Mobile is going to sell the Samsung Note at.

  • Jvf251991

    Got my Galaxy S3 at Tmobile for $390. Kind of expensive but worth it. I love it. Pebble blue is such great color

  • s10shane

    i called customer service and they still have no GS3’s yet. tired of this BS wait. 

  • Andrew Marty

    I bought mine June 22nd, pebble blue, 16GB, put 2 day shipping because i knew they wouldnt have any left ahhh all u guys r complaining lmao, yup i paid $390 with 2 day shipping, i had the mytouch 4G it was time to upgrade & im so happy with my S3 :D

  • http://twitter.com/telecon telecon

    You can go get a GNex unlocked for less.

    • guest

      who cares the phone is old

    • Nunya Beeswax

      And you can get a Wildfire for a lot of less……. Your point?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GNEZGHWNE4EMGIBST7WYQ3P2RA Bob J

    Well its official that today is NOT the release date. Customer Care, and Retentions is no help. They have zero stock and I was told they can’t do anything with the price as of right now but that may change later.

  • kickrockstmobile

    the hell with tmobile,i had to change my grandfathered unlimited (real unlimited) to a value plan to use the g3(and as givin discount off my bill and was told to call back or go pick up the g3 wednesday(today) and guess what no fuxin phone!!! so im on a 2yr contract bullshit plan and no phone. tmobile has reached a new level of stupidity with this release.i should cancel my contract and go to another provider and guess what! still would pay less then if i got the phone full price with tmobile.

    • Nunya Beeswax

      Samsung didn’t deliver as promised on this phone.. Cancel your contract if you like, and but the scarcity of the device has absolutely nothing to do with T-Mobile.

    • Tonytraumado

      something very similar happened to me about two years ago, exept that back then data wasn’t limited, because they said i had used my upgrade on a mytouch slide and didn’t like the phone/ returned it and tried to get the first Galaxy phone and they said “no you used your upgrade already” left tmo for verizon and never looked back. 

  • 1coolazn

    called tmo this morning to order mine through customer loyalty…. to make a long story short, they didn’t have ANY! as far as i’m concerned, they didn’t sell a single one. when i asked about picking one up in store, i was told the tmo store may not honor what was quoted to me because the quote and upgrade were done through them. needless to say, i now have to wait until this weekend…. but i’m chalking that up to more like MID-JULY, since no one, nor their great-grandma, can tell me when they are expected to release the phone through CC. WTF! 

  • guest

    worse released ever,cant even find one after the 21 of june released what a joke 

    • Nunya Beeswax

      We have plenty of them in sales. I sell them all day, and every day. Haven’t had them unavailable for a single minute yet.

  • edub1906

    Surprisingly enough my local Walmart got in 1 (and only 1) S3 yesterday and I was able to pick it up last night for $198.  They had no clue that they even had the phone until I asked someone over the phone to check their stock in the back.  Even though I could have still went a 1/2 mile down the road to Costco to pick it up for $249.00, I was very pleased with the Walmart deal.  I saved almost $60.00 by going to Walmart vs. Costco when you factor in that Costco would have charged tax on the $329.00 price before discount.  No way I was going to pay $279.00 through TMobile.  I knowsome people have been told by customer care at TMobile that they will give them a $100 discount on the phone, bringing the price down to $179 (remains to be seen), but you can still not order it over the phone.  I have mine in hand so I am totally stoked.

  • DES

    After talking to tmo sales rep in store and having the phone priced at $330 with classic plan, I said if he could price match walmart $199 manager said no. Two days later I get a call, talk to a higher-up WE can do better then walmart at $99 classic plan. I said if this is true get me 5 phones and i’ll pay me ETF and switch to you. Crossing fingers for a call tomorrow to go pickup the phones. They did want my business after all =)  TY tmobile stay classy.

  • Abe_The_Babe

    I tried 2 different T-Mobile stores and Customer Loyalty to see if they will price match and they said they couldn’t. Went down to Walmart in West Hills, CA and bought the last of 2 Galaxy S3’s that they had received for 198 + tax = roughly $215. Saved me about 180 bucks.