Update: T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available Tonight

Update: T-Mobile has updated their support doc to reflect the update will begin at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific.

Heads up Galaxy S II owners, Ice Cream Sandwich is ready and waiting. Right on schedule, T-Mobile has released the ICS update for the Galaxy S II smartphone via Samsung Kies. T-Mobile dropped word via Twitter back on June 1st that the update would launch and right as the clock struck 12, the update started going out. You can hit the Samsung link below to grab their Kies software and begin your journey to Ice Cream Sandwich glory.

Now the real question, will the Galaxy S II with Ice Cream Sandwich provide enough incentive to keep you from grabbingthe Galaxy S III?

Download Samsung Kies then go to T-Mobile’s support page for directions on how to perform the update.

  • Youngtexas_balla06

    I think I’m in love…… #teamIceCreamSandwich

  • Blitz

    Screw you all I am going home

  • JDMNivek

    wow….i love it finally 

  • Ubaldoalfaro

    do i leave my memory card in??

    • No_Remorse

      I did…what’s the worst that can happen  :-D

  • Mysta316

    do I need to unroot to get this?

    • No_Remorse

      No need to unroot; it just DL’d for me and is installing as I type…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VPAND22ESSWLNRA4Z4WF3XNXQM Hi

    Is anyone getting a lag when they text…. like the screen expands

  • JDMNivek

    yeah im getting a lag all around

  • Jayclip

    My phone is rooted.. will it still let me update it?

    • No_Remorse

      No need…I just did it successfully with a rooted phone

      • john97

        How do you do it with a rooted phone? Mine keeps saying failed

  • No_Remorse

    ICS successfully installed! I do like the fact that I can disable some of the bloatware…

    • Younggodde

      How did u disable some of the bloatware

      • No_Remorse

        Settings -> Applications -> All. Click on the bloatware to disable, then click on the “Disable” button in the upper right-hand corner,

  • Jpascall007

    nothing is happening when i start up kies. is there something i should do to get the update?
    Brooklyn NY

  • frustrated

    its saying that “you are not in the correct kies mode , go to settings , apps , development , the USB debbing , but when i do such it’s not recongized  by my computer

  • http://twitter.com/Gmclardy Mike Clardy

    so against all odds, I successfully updated my GSII via kies on an iMac using OSX! really thought I was going to run slap into a brick wall tonight.

    • Pappasan D

      ditto, but i was successful.  i love the new look so far.

  • eJ

    IM HAVING A ISSUE sorry for the caps but anyways Ive done all the instructions I get to where I connect my phone and in the kies sections it just says connecting but nothing brings up is there something I need to do please help

    • mike2001ny

      pull down the notifications and you will see USB connected, click that and you should see the Android is green, click connect and wait for it to turn orange then wait few secs and kies will recognize

  • Raymond

    How to root T989 4.0.3

  • Nadinevaldez1430

    Can someone help us with the switch?:(

  • Jpascall007

    what should i do when i connect to kies. its not giving me the option to update. am i doing something wrong?

  • Arkweld

    Installed but thanks to TouchWiz you can barely tell the difference. T-Mo disabled the application management features too so you still have to put up with their bloat ware. You can’t delete it even in the app manager.

  • eJ

    I honestly wish this was an over the air update like seriously I cant be the only one Stuck in kies where is just says connecting I even tried to manually put in my serial number and model number and still wont connect  says It cant find 2 drivers ran all the trouble shooting… did a restart on my phone ( turn off and back on) and also pulled the battery is there any other help anybody can offer that might allow me to get the update or should I just hold my breath for an ota

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OQQQOOIVUCFVUTLXDDJ4TGLH6Y unknown

      I’m about to go to bed but try uninstalling kies and restart the computer. Then install kies from the tmo news article on ics then maybe try restarting after that. Then after the computer loads everything on the desktop plug your phone in first to the computer then open kies and wait for kies to show whatever its going to show. A window should pop up and say there is a firmware upgrade. If not, try going under tools in kies and click on firmware upgrade and inialisation. Also make sure your phone has a lot of battery left before starting anything. Hope this helps. :)

    • GoatChode

      reinstall kies, do a factory reset, kill your anti virus on your computer, update through kies……my phone is running as smooth as butter. I installed a galaxy s3 theme for go launcher along with the water drop app…i dont even think that i want the galaxy s3 anymore!!

  • Dumbazz

    Haha I know this would be too good to be true.
    The only keyboard that you can use the full new voice to text is the shitty samsung keyboard!
    Swype updated but it uses that shitty dragon dictation version.

  • Vlad2277

    My new ics freezing or slowing down here and there.
    Either it doesn’t like some apps or maybe best way was to do clean install after factory wipe.

    • Pudakis

      im having the same issue is there a way to reinstall

  • Younggodde

    Can someone help me out with disabling bloatware plz

    • No_Remorse

      Settings -> Applications -> All. Click on the bloatware to disable, then click on the “Disable” button in the upper right-hand corner,

      • Df3

        On some apps you have to uninstall updates before you can disable but I was able to get rid of  a bunch of crapware this way. The others that I couldn’t disable I stopped the apps and they didn’t auto-reboot so that worked as well.

  • Nelsonhcabrera

    There is a lot of freezing period anything u open and the texting it’s bad I don’t wan the ics anymore unless ur gonna fix asap

  • Jvf251991

    Wth everytime I’m updating it downloads then it starts downloading something else after then it says failed? I tried about 5 times! And the 2nd download takes hours!

  • Darren Russinger

    Will there be an ICS upgrade for the S1??

    • http://tmonews.com David

      I believe that is a negative, so sayeth Samsung.

      • Darren Russinger

        So long Samsung.  Hello HTC.

  • Chris Mahnke

    I have tried numerous times to get the ICS update firmware for my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy s ll and everytime I do it, after it says it has downloaded, I get a message that says” Insufficient Disk Free Space(requires at least 3000MB). I have killed out alot of apps and old photo’s and the movie Transformers II and still it won’t take the update. What am I still doing wrong? Is there a step I need to do for it to work that I am not doing? Help me please!!!

  • GoatChode

    I like this new face unlock feature….the browser now looks like bing or something. I dont like the fact that the contacts tab is gone from the dialer. its alright i guess, if you just click on your contacts icon to begin with. overall, i like it. just gotta get used to it. take my advice and dont expect it to look like the original nexus ui. im running go laucher with a galaxy s3 theme. its so awesome!

  • Wasim

    Hi, I have t989 samsung it doesn’t work for me when I tried to update the phone on ice cream sandwich. can anybody share me their views is it really available as mentioned on this website..

  • Heytamtam

    Cannot get ICS update as Kies does not recognize my SGSII phone.  Read multiple forums and tried various things….seems to be a recurrent problem…. but still no luck.

  • Xsugarsweetiex

    Email has stopped working now i have updated to ice cream sandwich…..any tips on how i can fix this?

  • Sparkle198114

    Has anyone noticed that you can’t search your apps anymore from the google search on ICS 4.0.4? ?? Why was that taken away?

  • mackenzie

    It says my phone isnt allowing the update?

  • $22032848

    This guy talks a good game, and is a master of spewing forth utter bulltish and LIES. I have NOT been able to update my T-Mobile Samsung SII SGH-T989 to the new Ice Cream Sandwhich version. When I select “Update” in the phone, it always says “no Firmware available” and it still has the Gingerbread, and I cannot update it. T-mobile’s Websites send you round-and-round never getting anywhere. That Klies is utter junk, and doesn’t allow me to update ANYTHING…all it does is display some stupid Ringtones and picture files that are already on the Phone. What good does THAT do?!?!? To make matters EVEN WORSE, T-monkey recently did a minor upgrade that took away my “Program monitor” Application…which Used to be under the “Customize homescreen” application and I used it frequently to see which Apps and services were constantly running in the background, but now it’s not there any more, after the update. I STILL can’t get rid of the god-forsaken T-mobile Visual Voicemail App that has 10 out-of-10 Negative Reviews by all people who have ever used that Program, making it the most hated app ever devised, that people can’t get rid of, off their own phones. I also have this really weird bug now, that if I’m put on hold now, on companies’ automated voiceprompt things listening to elevator music, the phone locks up, and EVERY SINGLE button becomes unresponsive. The ONLY button I can use – Is the Power button. So, I end up hanging up on them – AFTER waiting on hold for an hour or two – when they come back and prompt me to enter a number on my Keypad, but it’s frozen, and I end up hanging up on them, after being on Hold all that time – because that is the only key that will work – that isn’t frozen. If you want to talk about frustrating …. that is the most frustrating thing that you could possibly think of … especially, after being on hold all day long, waiting! I know that there are lots of other people, too, who cannot upgrade to the Ice Cream Sandwhich that we were promised a full two years ago when we bought the Phone.