So, What It’s Going To Be? Galaxy S III Or HTC One S?

With the Galaxy S III launch coming in just under two weeks, the HTC One S already on store shelves and the Ice Cream Sandwich update just three days away for the Galaxy S II, T-Mobile customers have some excellent Android choices. Sure, I know at least a few of you wish the Galaxy Note was already available and it will be — soon. For now, the Galaxy S III has the spotlight and rightfully so, it’s arguably the best Android smartphone on the planet. That is, unless you’re a HTC fan.

We know what the Galaxy S III is coming to store shelves with and it’s packing a punch, even so there are still a group of disappointing Exynos supporters angered by the inclusion of the Snapdragon S4 processor. We know that the Galaxy S II is still a formidable device and the inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich makes an already great device, better. The HTC One S is part of HTC’s trifecta of smartphones hoping to turn the company around and I know I for one, love it.

So I leave you this question over the weekend, what’s your next T-Mobile Android device going to be?

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  • SparklingCyanide

    definitely getting the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III 32GB on day one, I just really wish T-Mobile had offered a pre-sale like everyone else… 

    • deeoh1084

      i know… i called T Mobile customer service just in case to see if they will pre sell the device to me and obviously “NO” was the answer…. but i’m in a dilemma right now should i get the blue one or the white one tough choice

  • Emmanuele18

    Htc s is like a cheap version of the one x if it would have been the one x then it had a chance to compete

    • Ian Harrington

      How do you figure, comparing the At&t X to the T-mobile S and they come out to about the same. They have the same processor since AT&T can’t use the higher end processor on there network. The one S benchmarks higher the the X, and reading most reviews people perfer the One S’s screen saying the X feels too large. So I think you might be confusing the S with the V. The V is definitely the “cheaper” version.

      • Vim

         I’ve read a ton of reviews, and pretty much all of them rate the X over the S.  A few of them may prefer the S’s look or feel in their hand, but that’s not enough to compensate for all the other advantages of the X.  And of course the S is going to benchmark a little higher, its cheaper lower resolution display doesn’t have as many pixels to push around.  And speaking of the screen, I challenge you to find even two reviews that say they prefer the One S’s pentile qHD screen over the One X’s IPS 720p HD screen. That statement about most preferring the One S’s screen was an extreme exaggeration on your part.  The size of the handset has nothing to do with the quality of the screen.

    • Stream

      If anything the One S would be a sleeker, luxurious toned down version of the One X. I’m probably going with the GSIII but ill take unibody anodized aluminum over plastic or polycarbonate any day.

  • Billy Kan

    Already got my One S.

  • Kirbi182

    Galaxy S 3 with out a damn doubt, the one s is nice but no nfc no removable battery no memory card slot, three strikes is all it takes 

  • Wilma Flintstone

    LOL Come on David, is this even a real competition? 

    GS3 is hands down better than the One S.  Doesn’t matter though because I’m getting that Note and one of the Nexus devices that come out in November. :D

    I am going to wait until the price drops a bit before I get the Pureview 808.

  • tspx23

    selling my carbon blue note for white s3, can’t wait.

    • Wilma Flintstone

       How much?  And is it International or AT&T?

      • None

        Where do you buy international phones?  Do they carry bloatware?

        • tspx23

          international phones have very little bloatware. I always root my phone and delete all the bloatware anywas though so doesn’t matter to me.

        • 21stNow

          I prefer Expansys, but Negri Electronics is a popular source for international phones, as well.

      • tspx23

        ATT with T-mobile 4g and the latest ICS release. Love this phone but am going to try out the S3 for what it’s worth :).

        And I’m not sure yet! Depends on how much the S3 will cost me lol

  • ArcticWolf

    Is this a joke? The One S is garbage compared to the GS3.

  • Danafortner

    Keeping my Sensation with ICS until the next nexus drops

    • Raul

      I’m in the same boat but i have an upgrade waiting to be used and the SGS3 is just too good to pass up. I can always resell it for the new nexus if it matches up spec wise

    • niftydl

      That is at least 6 more month, an eternity in Android time :P Getting the S3 to hold me over. Hopefully the next Nexus won’t be another disappointment.

  • ResidentJack

    Really? So What’s it going to be, Poop from a Diaper or Steak??? Or did you not know that the S in One S stands for “SUCKS!” 

    • Bgale14


  • farfromovin

    Yeah David. Normally you put up real great stuff here but really? These two devices aren’t in competition. Processor- Tie , Network speed- Tie, Ram- SGS3, Display- SGS3, Storage- SGS3, Battery- SGS3. The only thing someone would pick the One S for is Sense.

    • Deaconclgi

      Sense is causing all kinds of memory issues on the One S…..hogging RAM and causing applications to reload. Sense itself crashing and reloading, making the phone UNUSABLE while the loading circle swirls and other elements crashing and taking more than 30 seconds to load.

      Example, the Sense laden text messaging UI….I had to wait almost a minute to be able to read a text messaging because messaging was “Loading”.

      All the horsepower of the S4, the optimizations of ICS and 1 GB RAM all for naught when Sense brings the entire phone to a horrible, time consuming, unbelievable, screetching halt.

      It is at those moments when I realize that HTC’s Sense efforts have done nothing more than hinder the user experience and cripple otherwise fantastic hardware.

      Too bad I’m a week outside of my return window.

      • John doe

         Sounds like you got a bum phone, no issues here. I would reset or take it in for an exchange.

        • Deaconclgi

          Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Bgale14

      What about Beats Audio. Big thing for music listeners.

  • Ian Harrington

    Love my One S. Way too many haters for it. I had a chance to use the GS3 and was not impressed in the slightest. Too many of these guys see a “new phone” coming out and start thinking it is loads better. I will admit it would have been nice if it had NFC included on the One S but the Battery Life is the best I have ever had since my non-smartphone days, talk quality is awesome, and I have yet to fill up the 16 gb it comes with.

    GS3 can stay on the shelves for all I care. My One S kicks ass

    • Matlock

      I have a Galaxy Nexus with 16Gb of onboard memory, and it is killing me to only have that and no expandable mem card slot. Also, after having such a gorgeous screen on my Gnexus I could never go back to a qHD display, plus ive never been a big fan of the S-LCDs! The only thing the One S has that I like so far is the Camera, which blows my Gnexus away! If T-mo would have gotten the One X instead then maybe, but I have grown so tired of Sense that I just dont care for HTC anymore. And Yes, I have played with Sense 4.0, and I still dont like it. I will applaud HTC on the fact that they streamlined Sense, big time. I honestly prefer Touchwiz to Sense. Def looking forward to the Galaxy S3 to hold me over until the new Nexus devices see the light of day!

      • IRIE4IPIER

        The One S has a Super Amoled qHD screen.

  • charles4

    Keeping my Galaxy Nexus and waiting for the next, not buying any non pure google crap. I’m sorry for my attitude but my past experiences taught me that google’s official phone is always the top choice and for me the only. 

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Nexus One users are pretty upset with Google though.

      • IRIE4IPIER

        Why, it got updated to 2.2, then 2.3, it isn’t capable.of running ICS smoothly, and I still have the phone.Its better off with Gingerbread.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Yet Sony has figured out a way to get ICS working smoothly on the Xperia Mini Pro.

    • None

      Unless you are on Verizon and have a Nexus phone.


      You are correct, I have the gs2 from tmo and our best ROM on xda has network and data connectivity issues. Wish I had gone with a gnex. Almost bought last week but stopped myself because the next nexus devices are close.

  • Drew

    Although the HTC One S has a great build quality, so does the Samsung Galaxy S2/3. However, it would be great if the Galaxy series were built with better materials then plastic.

  • Guest

    Same as Charles4,

    I don’t need T-Mobile to subsidize my phone purchase with their crappy offerings.

    When the next Nexus phone releases, I’ll happily get that and pass the Galaxy Nexus to my wife. 

  • Carlos

    I have my sg2 pending ice cream sandwich until the note comes.

  • noobie

    gs3 or HTC ONE X, htc one  s carried by TMO is a piece of crap= inferior .

    • Bgale14

      Your name seems appropriate for your post. = noobie = never actually used a One S

  • Get_at_Me

    I voted Note. If it sports the s4 chip, its a done deal.

  • MarcusDW

    What? You guys don’t want the 3rd Sensation model within like 10 months!?

  • Quill

    Note for me, S-III for the girlfriend.

    HTC screwed the pooch: no replaceable battery, no expandable memory? Forget it.

  • Adoubet

    I do not understand your title. The phrase should be “so, what is it going to be?”. Your title without the inappropritate contraction says, “so, what it is going to be?”. As you can see when you loose the contraction your title is grammatically incorrect and makes no sense. The Internet is destroying the written English language along with “Internet journalists”!

    • Mirad77

      Prof. Adoubet, am kinda surprise u come to a tech blog for grammar lesson. Seems u have nothing better to doing with ur time. What a loser.  

      • GetHooked

        Mirad77, let me guess, you are another example of our failing public school system? I think that would make you the real loser, loser.

    • Lilguy13

      This ain’t grammer class bitch,.move along.

      • Deaconclgi

        When I write an article on MyNokiaBlog, I correct errors that are brought to my attention if I don’t catch them myself.

        I don’t mind MNB readers helping me tidy up the articles.

        Adoubet is correct in what he/she wrote and it is a shame that you felt the need resort to insults, even if this is within the confines of the internet.

        I hold nothing against David as anyone can make a grammatical mistake but your comment against Adoubet paints a stereotypical blemish on the content of your character.

        The internet only hides the tangible make up of your personality but exposes your mindset by the words you choose to submit for all to see and attribute to….YOU.

        I’d rather a reader point out my errors so that I can correct them rather than have an article re-tweeted, copied or linked with errors that I can’t fix on the other sites.

        • CrankyBear

          That’s all fine and well, but for two things:

          1) Adoubet didn’t merely point it out, s/he was practically bemoaning the downfall of the internet. That’s not constructive, that’s just being a douche.
          2) The comment really didn’t add anything to the forum itself.

          If it said, “Hey, you may want to change the title to the correct form. Now, my feelings about the phones are ….”, then you’d have a point.

        • MarcusDW


      • iLiterati

        You should have written: “This isn’t grammar class, bitch. Move along.”

        Lilguy13, may I suggest you get hooked on phonics, my internet tough guy friend?

        • MarcusDW

          No, you may not.

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      The trouble with your grammar lesson is that you made serious grammar errors when giving it. The law does not permit you to comment on one’s poor grammar when exhibiting it yourself.

      Preliminarily, the first sentence is a waste of space. You say “I do not understand your title.” Obviously you did understand the title because you then proceeded to (feebly) attempt to give the author a grammar lesson.

      Anyway, you then write “Your title without the inappropritate contraction says…”

      1. You misspelled “inappropriate.”

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      A better way to say it may have been something like “Without the contraction your headline reads….”

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      *end “Engrish” finger wagging*

      • MarcusDW

        Thank God the polizia was around lol!

    • CrankyBear

      If you’re going to be a grammar nazi, you might want to spell “lose” correctly. You just made yourself look like an idiot on top of being a tool.

  • Manit Suri

    I want the One X on T-Mobile, nothing against One S, I want a bigger screen.  

    • Bgale14

      When did a 4.3 inch screen become too small?

      • odesho mirza

        I really want an answer to that too! how come every android user has a case of huge thumbs to were a 4 inch screen is too small lol. i have my htc g2 and the size is amazing (3.7 inches). i get lucky because it has a hd keyboard but what about the iphone users… they have the smallest of screens!

        • Ohgeez10

          The answer to your question is that Manit Suri is probably like me. I make a few calls per week on my phone….and thats it. My primary use is web surfing, emails, text, FB, twitter, instagram, games, GPS (all the time), etc.

          This is where screen size does make a difference. I had the HTC Amaze (4.3″ screen) and currently have the SGII (4.52″ screen) and although on paper the specs don’t sound like much, when in actual use…it does.

          I thought about getting the Note but it seems that that SGIII might be better for me. Little bit bigger screen but more pocket friendly.

        • MarcusDW

          I’m with you on all counts!

      • MarcusDW

        When 4.5″ came out.

  • Cgutta69

    I I have the One S and I am disappointed. I will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Deaconclgi

    Well, I have my One S and the latest software update has brought a gargantuan improvement in battery life and better multitasking (the web doesn’t reload as often when multitasking).

    My GSII is awaiting ICS and I don’t need 3 ICS phones……….my next phone will be……(long reality tv pause………then commercial break….)
    ……………808 PureView

    12MP Zeiss on my N8 just doesn’t do it for me anymore….

  • Mavictb

    SGSIII for me and HTC1S for my girlfriend (she likes how the one fits her small hands). The shortcomings of the one are not an issue for her usage.

  • JonnyBoy

    Drawbacks that I saw with HTC One S:
    1. No SD Card
    2. No removable battery
    3. The three dot Menu bar on the HTC One S was horribly annoying
    4. The battery life was pathetic
    5. The size of the screen was too small…
    Overall I’m not upset that I returned the HTC One S – holding out for the S3 is well worth it for me.

    • Klutz

      Know exactly what you mean, I did the same for my One S and went back to my GSII. Absolutely hated the limited space, plus all that you mentioned, dead on..

    • MarcusDW

      Samsung is very smart by retaining the menu button.  I too can’t stand the ICS standardized on-screen menu button.

  • Kindredkian

    Neither. Just release the Note and take my money already!!!!! If it has the S4 I’ll be one happy Note owner.

  • Jt Vo

    As a HTC G2 user, I am still in love with it. I am currently looking to upgrade because I do like these bigger phones. However I am really upset at what Tmobile is getting, they don’t have the note currently and they do not have the HTC one X. The one X is beautiful, and the one S is just lame. I was somewhat excited about SG3, but finding out it is also going to be release on AT&T really bothers me. AT&T gets EVERYTHING. 

    • odesho mirza

      i am also a G2 user and I will finally give it up for a gs3 because its probably going to be big enough to replace my love for the hd keyboard. nothing will completely replace it but i sure hope it does.

      • MarcusDW

        Just a heads up but you’ll never use the KB in Landscape once you start using a portrait KB with this HUGE screen.

  • John doe

    HTC One S all the way, the camera is amazing.

  • Keila

    i have the GSII and the one s and I def love the one s right now. It is so sleek and thin and I primarly use it for instagram and pictures in general. Granted I do love my 4.52 inch screen on my GSII I am currently using my new one s and I love how thin it is and useful it is in the palm of your hand. Def the one s for now but since I got 2 lines my next to replace the GSII is def the GSIII

    • LC

      I got to hold an SIII today when our Samsung rep stopped by our store today, and it felt even better in the hand than the One S does. It’s such a fantastic phone.

  • impasse

    thinking about trying my luck with retentions at upgrading two eligible lines since february without data plans to two gs3s, been with t-mo since 2004..we’ll see how it goes!

  • mreveryphone

    Selling my one s for the gs3. The one s is nice but the features on the gs3 are nice

  • Tlovett7

    Reading the comments on articles like this with everyone arguing about which 600 dollar phone is better because of an extra .10 inch screen size or an extra hundredth of a mhz processor, especially to the point of calling one “Garbage” is absurd. It makes me miss the days when a phone was just for making phone calls and you had to be tethered to the wall with a spiral cord just to do that.

    • WhatEver

      Sounds like you’re in the wrong place.

  • GK Punk

    I was originally going to get an HTC One S, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

    • SnakeEyez

       Lulz!!! Genius

    • swagmonster

       Only the Avatar can bring balance to all 4 wireless carriers.

  • Sigmacrash13

    I’m fine with my One S, I mean does everything I need it to do ans great camera, screen looks great to me, sense 4 is cool after u get the hang of it and Everyone complaining about no SD card slot are crazy like 16 gb of memory isn’t enough for you? What the hell do u download that u need more memory?

    S3 looks like a great phone but much greater than the One S I don’t think so

    • Acnjr28

       Yeah I agree with you. One S is fine. Plus I think HTC make the best quality phones. I don’t trust Samsung products much since I had bad experiences with them and don’t care for their products expect their LED TV which suprising I’ve been pleased with. I prefer stock Android but the One S is great with me.

    • Lance G.

      I keep my music on my phone so yes, I do need more than 16 gb that’s on internal. Your use is not everybody’s.

      • Sigmacrash13

        Trust me I have a lot of music on my phone and have up to 9 gb of it and I still don’t need an added SD card. Yeah my use is not everybody’s which is why that was just my.opinion on the matter just think people make a huge deal over the SD card slot

  • Cycad007

    I’m happy with my HTC One S.  I’m sure the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be an amazing phone….IF Apple doesn’t succeed in stopping it in court!

  • Lance G.

    I’m going with the GS3. I need the extra memory and I’m not sure how the One S works with modding. There are plenty of times when I need to remove the battery. 
    Also, I figure if the next Nexus is worth the switch, I can easily sell it.

  • TMoFan

    Personally I’m looking for a worthy upgrade from my G2, and that phone is the mythical G4x. Sadly I’m beginning to realize that that might just have been a rumor, which would be a damn shame. I’m probably going to hold out and see what comes of these Nexus phones.

    Slll is a great phone even if the quad core didn’t make it over here. For once Samsung did the release right and didn’t play favorites.

  • Jb8von

    Neither. I’m holding out for either the Nexus devices in November (keeping fingers crossed) or some of T-Mobile’s first LTE devices next year.

  • LCDFan

    Neither. I’ll never have another super AMOLED screen.

    • Acnjr28

      I feel the same way but I went with the One S since I love HTC. I ugly screen bothers me but I’m dealing with it.

    • niftydl

      I wish LG would make better phones, those Super IPS screens are just fantastic. Sigh.

  • cm

    I just returned my One S yesterday because of the issues I was having (that the update didn’t fix) – getting the S3 instead!

  • goodboystay

    I’ll have another…..I mean no other….phone other than the one I have for now. I anxiously await this fall for the new Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • CrankyBear

    I’m coming off the Vibrant, which was decent when I first bought it, but I was sorely disappointed in the GPS, and it began having issues with locking up and serious lagging. It left a bad taste in my mouth for Samsung. However, spec-wise, the GS3 slightly trumps One S, and it has a removable battery (important for those times if the phone freezes). I’ve also heard too many reports of the One S overheating.

    However, there’s a good chance the One S will be free in next weekend’s Father’s Day sale, so I will probably get it to take advantage of that sale, then test the snot out of it, focusing on all the issues II’m concerned about. I will turn on WiFi, run YouTube, play music, etc. to test battery usage, and leave the GPS and run Google Maps searches to test the overheating issue. In the meantime, I’ll play with the S3 when it comes to the stores. If I’m dissatisfied with the One S, or simply like the G3 better, I’ll exchange it during the 14 day period. I know, it won’t be a true exchange, since I’d have to pay for the G3, but at least this way I’ve taken advantage of the sale if it turns out I prefer the One S.

  • BrianTessier

    I have the Sensation running ICS, and since these are both upgrades, but not significant upgrades (IE dual core to quad core, or to a newer version of android, S3 to S4 is major, but not enough to warrant buying a new phone), I will be sticking with my current phone for now. Like others have mentioned, I’m very interested in seeing what comes out with all the new Nexus devices later this year. I’m really hoping one has a HW keyboard, and I will buy it in an instant.

  • Freddroid

    I was ready two weeks ago to pull the trigger on a One S during Wirefly’s sale, but now I’m glad I waited. Camera specs are a big deal to me, but it looks like the GSIII has HTC matched in that department, plus the bigger screen. My son has a GSII, and I love the size of its screen, so I know the GSIII will be even better with .3″ more and 720p HD.

  • Going_home

    HTC One S hands down.

    Anything with Touchwiz on it is out of the question.

  • Terry

    I have been a hard core HTC fan for quite a few years. But HTC has UTTERLY lost it’s way.  I was beside myself waiting for MWC. It was a bitter disappointment!  The One X is more rightly called the Sensation II.  The One S is a Sensation 1.1.  There is NOTHING compelling about these phones.  I am jumping the fence to Galaxy S III on the 21st.  THAT is the pone HTC HAD to ship.

    I was disappointed because 4 cores is better than 2 right?  Well not really.  The Exynos processor doesn’t really outperform the S4 where it’s going to matter.  And its not like you’re trying to crack encryption with the thing anyway.  I hope the S III turns out to be as awesome as it looks; I think it will.

    • SalesRepTrent

      Oh I will be cracking encryptions using my phone. ;)

    • Grammatica di Polizia

      I agree. I was an HTC fan, big time. Although I had the G1 and thought that a great first Android phone, where I really started to be impressed was with the Touch Pro2. I especially liked the feel and quality of the keyboard and overall build.

      And I loved the HD2. After I installed Android 2.2 that remained an awesome phone even after newer, faster phones debuted.

      The disappointment in HTC started when I bought the Sensation. That flagship phone had a horribly underpowered speaker. I could not hear callers, and I could not watch movies because the external speaker was underpowered too. I got rid of that phone quite quickly because of the audio issues.

      Enter the One X and One S. Right after I read the rumored specs I lost interest, completely. No microSD slot, a non-removable battery, definite deal breakers for me. I am not sure why HTC would do such things. If the motive is money (Apple makes money by making the iPhone without a removable battery) IMO that strategy is misguided.

      I too am looking forward to the SGS III. Samsung sold me on the Samsung Galaxy S series when I bought the Vibrant. The 4G and SGS II did not disappoint either.

      I was concerned that the SGS III might establish a trend, moving toward no external storage and a battery that is not user-replaceable. I was pleased to see that all iterations of the SGS III will have both an SD slot and removable battery.

  • MarcusDW

    Imagine the Galaxy S 4 lol!  It’s only about 10 months away from revealing itself.

    • Terry Kessler

      But the Galaxy S 5 is less than 24 months away! Just hold out! It’ll be better than any phone ever EVER!

      • MarcusDW

        Ha ha ha yeah! I’m gonna skip the 3 and the 4 for that sucker!

  • max….

    I have an amaze and I hate the screen! It makes everything look so ugly and dead…..blah Samsung products look too cheap but the htc one s is too small and limited…and I’m giving my phone to my mom since she’s has an old BlackBerry -.- I guess I will go with her old BlackBerry till I can make up my mind or htc finally comes out with something good

    • Vim

       You must have a bad screen then.  My Amaze looks absolutely fine, and I’m very picky about displays.  If I have a complaint about the Amaze it’s the terrible battery life.  I carry a spare everywhere I go.

  • nathan118

    Galaxy Nexus.

  • watbetchh

    Not the HTC One S for several reasons.. HTC Sense, bad HTC reception as usual, no removable battery (WTF), Beats Audio sucks (the DAC in the GSIII should be much better without the beats stuff), no menu key, like TouchWiz way more than Sense, much larger battery, larger screen, HD screen, better cameras (yes, it’s true – especially for the FFC). etc…

    • niftydl

      Oh man, I thought I was the only one who even cared about the headphone output quality. I kind of gave up trying to find a DAC similar to quality to the iPhone on an Android device. The reviews of other S4 based phones claim the audio outputs are much cleaner, I hope that will be the case on the 21st.