Editorial: From Now On, I Will Only Buy Android Smartphones That Carry The Nexus Name

Having taken in all that Google had to offer through two days worth of keynotes, I’m left with one standout thought, stock Nexus devices are the only way to go these days. That’s not to say that Sense or TouchWiz aren’t good, on the contrary, but if there are any concerns over future updates, stock Android and Nexus is the only way to play. So here’s my take, Google announces Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and while it’s more evolutionary, than revolutionary, it’s packing enough features that it’s a desirable upgrade for any Android smartphone owner. Which leads me to my concern and what I’m betting is the same concern as many of you, when will we get it on our smartphone? For Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S owners, that question has already been answered, mid-July. Unless of course you want to go the hacking route and install it now, but that’s a story for another day.

The bottom line is that while there is a lot to love about Android, perhaps the single most disappointing aspect of Android ownership is the unknown update timetable. With every Android purchase these days, I can’t help but feel I’m going to sit there wanting, waiting and hoping the next update comes and in a timeframe that doesn’t make me weep like a baby.

So, I’ve made a decision, from this moment forward, I’m only buying stock Android devices, which will likely be those that carry the “Nexus” name. HTC, Samsung, LG,  and Motorola are not disavowed in my world, except they’ll just have to make the aforementioned Nexus device I’ll buy. One of the reasons I’ve kept an iPhone by my side is the certainty that I’ll get an upgrade at the same time everyone else does. Sure, I may lose some features depending on the age of my device, but when the upgrade drops for one, it drops for all iOS devices.

My one disclaimer is that a job as a tech blogger affords me the opportunity to try multiple devices so of course I’ll experiment with all sorts of Android skins in the future. However, any devices that I actually buy, from my pocket, will only be those in the Nexus line. Still, none of this changes my aggravation and frustration with Android updates and that I’m already wondering just how long it will take my Galaxy S III to receive Jelly Bean. This device is just over 10 days old and I’m already questioning if I’ll receive Jelly Bean before year’s end. Is that a tad bit dramatic? Sure, it hopefully won’t take till 2013 to get Jelly Bean on Samsung’s flagship device, but the fact that I can even raise that as a concern is leading me straight into a Nexus-only Android lifestyle. I hear the weather in Nexus-ville is beautiful year-round.

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  • http://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

    i’m with ya on this one Dave!  as much as i love HTC phones , my next phone will be a Nexus.

  • Mr Guest5

    Totally Agree! ONLY NEXUS from now on.
    I’m a happy Galaxy Nexus user. I used to be a Sense/Touchwiz sucker waiting many months for upgrades if any. The hardware is as good as the latest software update. Pure Android is the way to go since it is how it was designed, and getting quick updates directly from Google rocks. 

  • Palus85

    Cant wait for my nexus s to get Jelly Bean. Cant wait for nov 5th either. New phone time!

  • Jimmy Jimmy

    I had the exact same thought sitting here looking at my HTC Sensation, which can easily handle Jelly Bean, but doesn’t have the support from HTC, and the hacking community doesn’t really focus on as much anymore either.  Even if the specs aren’t as great as whatever is out at the time, I’m going to go with the next Nexus device for the software and community support.

  • Palus85

    A HTC G3 Nexus would be awesome

  • http://www.gadgetsteria.com The Gadgeteur

    As a mainly iPhone user, I applaud your realization and agree with your reasoning. Stock Android is so much better than anything any manufacturer has pushed out thus far.

  • TheReder

    Root. Rom. Be happy.

    If you’re waiting for the manufacturer/carrier to feed you updates, you’re doing Android wrong. That’s the true beauty of the open platform.

    • http://twitter.com/Sielanas Sielanas

       I disagree completely, end-users shouldn’t have to tinker to get updates. If we buy a computer OS, we don’t have to mess around to get patches, they’re there to take. LG/Nvidia are horrible for keeping Tegra2 drivers to themselves while showing no interest in releasing ICS for their devices. In this case, you can’t even do it yourself since the manufacturer is working against us.

      • TheReder

        You don’t have to tinker.  You can sit on your hands and wait, or you can be proactive about getting the exact experience that you want for your device. My laptop didn’t come running ubuntu out of the box, but I tinkered and got it working the way I wanted it to.

        I understand where you’re coming from, especially with Nvidia dragging their feet on updates and keeping their drivers under wraps. That’s pretty inexcusable. 

  • Brie

    +1 with you as well.  Running my GNex with JB right now :),  I could and still can wait for the official OTA update from Google but hey, that’s GNex for you.  …………yet, still waiting for the official update to ICS for my SGT10.1 WiFi from Samsung, yes you can root and flash to the SGT10.1 but the camera does not work and apps tend to crash every few uses.  JB would be great on the SGT10.1 as the hardware is fantastic BUT you cannot use it to its full potential as Samsung  just doesn’t give a s**t. 
    Nexus ALL THE WAY!

    • Mr Guest5

      Rooting is Ok but from my experience it makes the phone buggy. Nothing beats official Google releases.

  • Stephanie

    I only get Nexus phones for Android as well. Learned that a long time ago. I had Nexus One, Nexus S, and now GNex. And I’ll get the Nexus 7 tablet and whatever Nexus phone is next.

    • Stephanie

      Oh and I should mention I only get the UNLOCKED versions of the phone…no hassles to deal with cell companies keeping updates from me either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.sanner Chris Sanner

    hah….I’d just come to the same conclusion a few days ago.

  • http://twitter.com/ClarkKent113 Kal-El

    Yeah it’s getting more and more frustrating. I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 since last October and I’m STILL waiting for ICS (it was announced it’s finally coming sometime this summer) but it’s ridiculous that my tablet had to wait that long for it.

    I’m trying to sell it and get the Nexus 7 now and I’m tempted to even wait for the next batch of Nexus phones coming out instead of pulling the trigger on the GSIII just because of this whole update situation. 

    • Trace

      I’ve had a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for 7 mos and I’m seriously considering trading it in at GameStop for a Nexus 7 when they start offering that service next month. WAY more tablet for a lot less and stock Android will ensure I am always current.

      The whole Nexus line of phones has intrigued me enough to wait and see what comes next, and has disuaded me from a SGS3 purchase (that and the price).

  • http://twitter.com/KelvinJan Kelvin Jan

    I actually just ditched my t989 gsII because I figure with future iterations, it’ll take forever to get them. I rooted my t989 but still, there’s lot of bugs due to things not being released and we always get it later. Nexus devices usually get the new iterations first because it’s a “Google” experience. I just bought an unlocked galaxy nexus from the play store and look forward to the huge dev base and rooting community. =)

    • odemata

      I’m about to do the something. I have the t989 and its a good phone. Really good but I miss having my galaxy nexus and the knowing that it will be supported.I know that being Samsung Flagship phone theyll do what they can for support but I just don’t like how they left out some things in ics For example no lock screen controls for google music.

  • Rick

    I own the Nexus S and I totally agree.  Even though I don’t have the best hardware, I am always showing off my “Ice Cream Sandwich” phone to my other Android friends, and very soon will be showing off “Jelly Bean”.  Meanwhile my friend languish in the land of I-might-get-an-update-someday. The new phones from Samsung and HTC are very compelling with the new camera features, but not enough to make me ditch the pure Google exerience. 

  • mmeyer4663

    When do those 5 new devices come out later this year?  :-)

  • jonathan3579

    Welcome to the Nexus pool, David. It does not get much better than here. Hopefully Google will keep all future Nexus devices low priced like the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Dan

      Google Play Music? I haven’t had music on my phone in a year.

  • BigMixxx


    Are you moving from an iPhone? I guess the world will be ending in 2012.

    I feel you there. I wish, however, an sd card slot. I have a ton of music i listen to.

  • jobber99

    former Nexus S, Nexus One (Briefly), and HTC HD2 (where the updates come fast and furious anyway) owner, and rocking the Galaxy Nexus now (although i spent $560 on it, not knowing 6 months later it’d be $349) and yeah, I only buy Nexus devices as they are the Chosen Ones

    • Spanky

      Don’t feel bad, I spent $720 on my GNex. Don’t regret it one bit.

    • http://twitter.com/SpriteMichaeler Michael Rasnic

      That’s how technology works. You should have known it’d be much cheaper in a few months. Moore’s Law and all…..Not to mention, we see it every time. 

      • jobber99

        one thing i didn’t know is that google would be undercutting everyone and selling it for $399 then $349. if you look at previous devices, i sold my Nexus S AFTER the Galaxy Nexus came out, so it was well after a year from device launch, for $300. and i sold my Nexus One AFTER the Nexus S came out, for $260. these are used prices. 

  • Harddude5

    Hopefully Google will continue Web sales. If so I will only buy from them

  • JulianHaro

    “That’s not to say that Sense or TouchWiz aren’t good…” Nope, just say it, they’re not good.

    • http://tmonews.com David

      You know, I don’t mind Sense 4 that much, actually the email client is the best I’ve ever used out of TouchWiz, Blur, LG’s client etc.

  • JB

    I totally agree with you on this one! Though my SIII is rooted and I can flash a Jelly Bean ROM when a stable one is available, the general consumer side of me feels I shouldn’t have to wait with baited breath to see when (or if) Android’s next iteration will drop on a phone. 

    I have a feeling that Google is trying to strike a balance between bleeding edge tech and low entry price point which that in itself will make a Nexus purchase all that more alluring… Though I’m almost certain that the technophile side of me will win out, so I’ll end up getting another phone in addition to any Nexus branded device. It’s a curse I tell ya!!! 

    The one downside to a Nexus branded device (for most, not necessarily for me), I think they are going the way of non-removable batteries and no SD support, since they are heavily pushing their cloud service… It’s almost a non issue being that Android is getting more and more stable with each release (and I have an external battery pak) and I almost never use all of my on board memory (or external memory when applicable)

  • 16309A

    I am also sitting here wondering if/when my One S will get Jellybean.  I’ve only had the phone a month and love it, but still, if it’s out there, I want it!!

  • Nathan S.

    Yes, I will likely never buy another phone through a carrier provided that Google is still offering devices.

  • http://twitter.com/MEDIOLIMS Demetrius Smith

    I’m all in with ya on this one. I’m selling all of my android phones starting today and i’m going to order a galaxy nexus by next weeks end and from this point on will only buys a Nexus device. 

  • mooggyy

    I too agree and will be treating myself to a galaxy nexus for my upcoming birthday.  No its not the latest and greatest spec’d 95 core 67 jiggawatt phone with a built in human but you can bet that google will look out for its own. The updates are tested on their flagship devices.

    • http://dualshockers.com Joel Taveras

      And with Google’s 18 month guarantee, you know even if they end up dropping 5.0 for the new phones in Nov. GN is still supported. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • 87230

    Sense, Touchwiz and Motoblur are for the masses. Gimme the pure Android experience! 

  • KPB

    It is pretty sad but I understand it completely. Unfortunately, even sticking to a stock android phone isn’t enough. It has to be a nexus device. Still haven’t seen any official word on if the G2 will ever be updated to ICS let alone JB. 3rd party roms are pretty good but the camera and gps still seem to be a little flaky in most because they’ve had to just tinker with the drivers to get them working with no official ICS driver released yet.

    • rtechie

      The G2 is not getting an official update to ICS. On T-Mobile, only the Galaxy S II, HTC Amaze, and HTC Sensation got updates. It is very likely that only the Galaxy S III and HTC One S will get Jelly Bean.

      I’m running ICS on my G2 right now.

      Everything works but WiFi calling and 3rd-party camera apps. It’s beginning to look like those features will probably never work since T-Mobile uses a completely different WiFi calling app for ICS (not even remotely similar) and there doesn’t appear to be a proper ICS driver for the camera.

      • J-Hop2o6

        I believe Tmo Wifi Calling works now with EdKeys Wifi Calling fix. Its apart of the G2 ICS rom I use now (Andromadus Mimicry). You have the option to install it before completely flashing the ROM via Aroma. Hopefully we can get some JB love on our G2 since its only a incremental update (even tho its a great update–what ICS SHOULD’VE been).

        • rtechie

           Thanks, I just got the new ROM (mimicry) installed yesterday and it works like a champ!

        • J-Hop2o6

          Good to here that. I noticed you in the thread today. Enjoy! My G2’s days are number tho. G-Nexus will be my next device. Then maybe the upcoming Nexus device(s) right when they come out. We’ll see.

        • rtechie

           That will probably be my next device as well, if I’m not blown away by the Galaxy Note.

  • Kristoff119

    When Google said the Nexus S would get 4.1, my thoughts were exactly the same: Nexus or nothing!

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    To add a dissenting voice — I totally understand why everyone feels this way, but I’ve played with the GNex as well as GSIII, and just couldn’t see spending even $350 on the GNex. As with the other Nexus phones (I owned the Nexus One), it is, to my eyes, fairly lacking in the “looks” dept… I just wouldn’t be too jazzed to carry it around. Somehow even the screen seems to pale in comparison to the screen on the GSIII (don’t know why that is, when they’re so technically similar; I’ve tried jacking brightness all the way up on the GNex, but it just doesn’t seem to dazzle like the GSIII’s). Add to that the fact that stock Android itself is (again, to me) drab and unattractive… I don’t particularly care for the ICS/JB menu & UI designs, etc. (I know 3rd-party launchers can address a lot of that.)

    I really appreciate what TouchWiz brings to the table — not just aesthetics, but the added features like removable homescreens, quick toggle buttons in Notification shade, etc. But is that enough to justify spending a ~$300 premium on a (nicer) phone that will be far slower to see updates? Maybe not… But if the Nexus phones continue their trend of middling hardware and unappealing aesthetics, it’s hard to be excited about them, unless updates are absolutely your main concern (which I respect too).

    [Note — I’ll add that I’m still, pretty happily, using stock Froyo on a Vibrant — just to demonstrate where I fall on the “gotta have updates!” spectrum… :) I do think the new JB features look great, tho.]

    • Louie 23

      Good for you! and keep buying carrier branded phones. That is also veryimportant for the Android ecosystem.

  • Kristoff119

    Too, true: your G2 and my G2x are forever stuck with our cookies…

  • Asfd

    If only subsidized Nexus phones were available on ever carrier.  :/  Not everyone can buy the phone at non-contract price.

    • Mirad77

      if u can’t afford $350 then how do u afford GS3 plus everything that comes with it? broably u should get the og moto razr.

      • Dakota

        esp if you only use less than 2gb like most people you can save a boatload on a prepaid plan – youll save more than half of a contract plan and youll start saving money in just a few months

    • http://dualshockers.com Joel Taveras

      Then you can afford a GS3 on Classic plan, that’s for damn sure. Maybe you should be a MetroPCSnews.com or something. :P

  • Kenny O

    I completely agree. It’s a shame that there are some incredible new phones like the HTC One X and Galaxy S3 on the market right now and the only one that I would currently want to buy is the Galaxy Nexus. Sure you can go the rooting/flashing route, but that rarely ever guarantees a completely stock and bug free experience. I’ve been running an ASOP based cutom ICS rom on my Sensation since back in February, while they have all been good enough to be my daily drivers – none have been completely prefect. Even Cyanogen is still in nightlies and they are usually first to the party. 

    IMO Google should release 3 Nexus Phones – a low (or just keep one last gen phone around at a reduced price), mid and high end phone. This way everyone could have a pure Google experiences and proper updates at the price point they desire. 

    • rtechie

      Custom ROMs that are based on the shipping ROMs  are almost always MORE reliable than the stock builds because the ROM developer usually fixes bugs. This has a dramatic affect on some phones like the LG G2x, and Motorola Droid 2 where the shipping ROMs have nasty bugs.

      Your problems with ICS will tell you how much effort the carriers are putting in. Virtually all the remaining problems with most ICS builds relate to carrier apps and problems with the camera drivers.

  • RL

    I reached the same conclusion this week. I am now officially out of excuses for buying a Nexus and out of compelling reasons to buy the provider’s phone. Oh, and for Nexus for T-Mobile, it is unlocked. That is another bonus. I am buying one next week and showing off my new Jelly Bean to the GSIII and HOS owners.

  • http://profiles.google.com/woode29 Woody J

    It’s the only way to do Android!  I started with the OG Nexus, now I have the Gnex.. putting my pennies away for the fall when El Goog unleashes the next batch of Nexi!

    • Mirad77

      No one so far has put it the best way like you just did. You took the words off my mouth.

  • mreveryphone

    $350 for a off contract 720p display dual core phone that will be running jelly bean here in a couple of weeks is a no brainer

  • Cycad007

    I love my HTC One S & would agree with David’s opinion wholeheartedly except I want…the Nexus device to have

    1. Wi-Fi calling enabled
    2. Ability to tether my *soon-arriving* Nexus 7
    3. Removable battery (my biggest compliant with the One S…otherwise I love it)

    • oryan_dunn

       T-Mobile just needs to release WiFi calling as an app in the play store.  They can test it on devices and limit it to those that work (I’d assume they test with at least the nexus devices).  That’d be a smart move on T-Mo’s part.

      • http://dualshockers.com Joel Taveras

        They can even make it so that the App only appears for GN using a T-Mo sim. Really dropping the ball on that one. 

        • rtechie

          Exactly right. I think Google should somehow REQUIRE carriers to do this (you can’t bundle an app unless you put it in play). This would also make life easier for custom ROM builders.

  • MarcusDW

    Spoken like a true Android fan.

    David you spoke for everyone when you wrote that (even though some of us won’t go Nexus only) in the fact it is very frustrating to buy these phones and have to immediately wonder if it will continue to get updated.

    My GS2 should have as equal of a chance to get Jellybean as the recently released GS3 and I would say that they should both get the update on the same day BUT TouchWiz has new features it still has to bring to my phone.  This will be the excuse if I do not receive the update…

    They both can CERTAINLY run JB but we are left at the mercy of both Samsung as well as T-Mobile and that casts the darkest cloud of doubt in regards to this manner.

    • Vim

       Samsung makes some really nice handsets but their OS update history is atrocious.  I’d say the odds of the GS2 getting a 2nd Official update are about as great as a leopard changing its spots.   Odds are better that HTC’s Amaze and Sensation will see an official JB than Samsung’s GS2.  Luckily for Samsung owners in the know, there’s always XDA…

  • Xavier

    i agree for the most part.  but if the nexus’es dropped or annoucned on Nov 5 aren’t quads, and there is a quad offically available here by that time…i might go try out that quad phone in hopes it gets j.bean in a timely fashion.

  • anonymous

    Since no one is defending skinned phones, I’ll give it a shot:

    There’s certainly a market for skinned phones. Many people, probably many more than read this blog, are probably more than happy and satisfied with their skinned phones. I’m speculating, but I think most people walking into the T-Mobile store probably don’t know what “ICS” or “Jelly Bean” are, let alone “Google I/O.” Many of these people are the same ones that won’t know or care about the differences between Android 2.3 or 4.0 or 4.1. For them Sense, TouchWiz, etc. provide a user interface that is arguably more aesthetically pleasing (Sense with its iconic clock face, and TouchWiz, with its “iPhone-like” look) and probably easier / less intimidating to use. I think it’s this market that HTC and Samsung want most; us power users that demand stock Android are probably a much much smaller piece of the pie.

    I’m assuming HTC and Samsung wouldn’t continue to sell skinned phones it they didn’t sell. They certainly have sold both Nexuses and skinned phones side by side; HTC’s Nexus One was a dud (sales-wise) and I’m almost sure it was outsold by it’s skinned kin. I’d be curious to see sales figures of Samsung’s Nexuses versus the Galaxy S line, but I’m almost sure that the skinned Galaxys continue to outsell the Nexuses. It’s been over 2 years since the Nexus line came out, and around 2 years since we’ve all known that new Android OS’s will be pushed to the Nexus line first, and over 2 years since power users have known that if you buy a skinned phone, you will not receive updates as timely, if at all. Yet as the latest figures for the Galaxy S3 show, we continue to buy skinned phones at record paces. Even David has a Galaxy S3, and I’m not even sure he owns a Nexus. ;) 
    In contrast, when a new version of iOS comes out, the new features are heavily promoted by Apple. Siri gets commercials with celebrities, FaceTime gets lots of promos, etc so that the general public knows the differences between the new iPhone’s features and the old versions.

    • http://www.worldintouch.com/ Benjamin Morris

      “Many of these people are the same ones that won’t know or care about the differences between Android 2.3 or 4.0 or 4.1.”
      This is true, until I show them Google Now, or how smooth JB is, or some other new feature. They go, “wow, does my phone do that?” And I have to say, “sorry your phone doesn’t support it.”
      Why not?
      Because you have sense, or TouchWiz, etc.
      And so the conversation goes with them asking questions and me trying to explain about manufacturer and carrier modifications. Of course I always end up recommending they just buy a Nexus next time.

    • JB

      Good argument, as I’m sure if EVERYTHING was just vanilla Android it would be a stale, stale OS. If it wasn’t for custom UI’s and our wonderful development community, there would be no one to keep Google (outside of Apple) on their toes.. imagine what jelly bean would be like without Sense/Touchwiz, developers, ect… Variety and choice is definitely the bread, butter and beauty of Android…

      It’s not that I’m against skinned phones, actually I’m glad that they exist.. being that I, for one, would probably be one of the first ones to jump on the latest and greatest device from HTC/Samsung and as you said, there is for sure a market for skinned devices. However, part of me says don’t make this power horse of a device and then take forever to release an update for it. OEMs and Carriers need to be more proactive about these sorts of things. Or maybe Google needs stricter guidelines on updates or not release updates close together…

  • Theblaqman

    Welcome to the club.  I got  the GNex for the same reason.  I was tired of waiting for the official ICS update and the roms all have broken video recording by default.  My last two devices both left me waiting for the update until the next version of android was out (waiting for Gingerbread, then ICS came out, waiting for Froyo, then Gingerbread came out).  So frustrating being a version behind and then T-mobile EOL’s the phone while I’m still waiting, pretty much guaranteeing the only way I can get the updae is to buy another phone.  I can’t hate.  I know the businesses are doing that to force us into a yearly upgrade cycle and sell more phones to make money.  But as a consumer I found a plan.  Buy the Gnex.  When the update comes out, I have it on day one.  When my T-mobile contract runs out, but the newest phone they have with my upgrade then ebay it and put the money in savings for the next Nexus phone.

  • Dtanner01

    If Google continues to build their own “branded devices”, they really need to add memory card slots (micro SD cards) to phones, tablets etc. Just because they want people to use their “Cloud”,  doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with it. I know that I’m far from being the only consumer that prefers to have my ringtones, contacts and apps backed up and accessible on a memory card.

    The Nexus Galaxy appears to be a great phone but the lack of expandable memory puts me in line for a Galaxy S 3.

    • niftydl

      I agree, but I see this as a sad trend that will not stop. Google does not want you to own any of your own data and basically store everything in their cloud. This way they can harvest even more information and sell you streaming services. I am kind of glad at least there is enough pushback in Asia to make Samsung leave the microSD slot in their device. Sigh, first world problems but no expandable memory = no buy. Google thinks they can charge $49 for an extra 8 GB on a tablet, BS.

      • Miradd77

        Serousely niftydl, that is what every body charges out there( apple is $100 for 16GB more=$50 for 8GB). The price will go down with time, so call Google for lack of sd card not size.

  • 30014

    If anyone is foolish enough to buy a non-nexus android device don’t blame Google when your phone takes months to get updated or maybe not updated at all. Blame yourself, the manufacturers, and the carriers. I’ve had my galaxy nexus for 4 months and never again will i buy anything other than a nexus phone.

    • fixxmyhead

      pfft i hear this same story everytime. 

      nexus= sub par hardware

      s3, one X= better and already have jb ports  plus software will always come to these devices courtesy of xda. u can always upgrade software but u cant update hardware

      • 30014

        If the software is optimized you don’t need cutting edge hardware dumb ass. If you don’t like the nexus then by all means don’t buy it. You do you and ima do me.

  • rtechie

    About 50% of the reason I have an Android phone is the ability to run custom ROMs.

    I firmly believe the best solution to this problem is to encourage device makers to unlock the bootloader (they’re all going in this direction) and to release their source code and drivers to the community. And for carriers to distribute all their custom software through Play. This will make it a lot easier for people to build custom ROMs and will solve the whining by the carriers and manufacturers who don’t want to support older devices. It’s it more of a PITA than the OTA carrier updates, yes.

    Will this approach ultimately serve more users? Definitely. Most carriers are simply not going to devote the resources to push out updates for most phones. This was exactly what happened with Windows Mobile.

  • Mike Haddox

    1st world problems…

    • Louie 23


    • fixxmyhead

      i know huh.

  • C Alejandr00

    People even tech people still dont get it the focus of manufacturers like samsung and htc … focus on mass production of android phones they cant asure any update because people who buy budget phones dont care about them only people who buy 500 dollar ones care it is not google’s fault or android. I would be the same if they make devices with iOS. But i learned that last year and got my worry free nexus . I am never going back

  • Mueller2051

    here my two sense First off I
    am not the type to never say I would buy one kind only and not the other that
    to me a narrow way of thinking “Chevy rules no Ford rules kind of
    argument” I have worked on all brands of electronics and no one company
    make every thing great. With that said I usually go with what seams the best
    after doing research and what feels good in my hands. For example I own the htc
    amaze but I will not be buying a htc ones s with no removable battery and sim
    card option I don’t want to be attached to a cloud for my music base. The best
    and most interesting thing I look forward too with goggle selling there own branded
    phones are that they can, if they market the product aggressively, change the
    way we buy phones. I love that an unlocked phone from goggle give me the
    freedom to use different carriers if I so choose. I would love to see a day
    when I can choose my phone then the sim from the carrier I prefer and not have
    to buy a ford because the only gas station if owned by ford and no other cars
    are allowed in the station. I would even be happier if the carrier gave me a sign
    on bonus to use on my purchase to sign a two year contract with a phone of my
    choosing (lg motorola, htc. samsung, sony, etc) So go google make 5 devices and
    market it well you have a future to change the way phones are sold in America
    it hopefully lead company like amazon to follow suit creating even more compotation
    to tmobil and at&t   I like having freedom
    to choose and choices that the reason I never liked the I phone there control
    over what I can use and where I can shop has never thrilled me.

  • https://plus.google.com/102862831744598656090/about Wesley Griffiths

    Google announced their new PDK at i/o. If this thing ends up making it much easier for manufacturers to update their devices and drivers, perhaps updates for these custom phones will be released quicker. We can only wait and see for the moment. It would be a big boost for Android if it works though.

    • https://plus.google.com/102862831744598656090/about Wesley Griffiths

      I’ll probably always be a Nexus customer though unless they really screw it up somehow lol.

    • jordanjay29

      PDK = Android Update Alliance without the alliance.

      We’ve been here before. OEMs could have taken advantage of this program last year, but they didn’t. They’re too eager to sell people the next device than they are to support their current one. A PDK might convince them, it might not, but I doubt that all OEMs are going to be stepping in line to push updates in a more timely manner.

      I’ll bet we get a show of it from Samsung and HTC, but it’ll likely be some underdog like Acer or LG who actually follows through on it but doesn’t have the market share to make a real difference.

  • Seanmmvi

    For me to get a nexus phone, it will have to be able to take advantage of T-Mobiles HSPA+ 42mb speeds…. plain and simple… ” oh but Sean, you wont notice the difference between 21mb and 42mb ”  shenaniganz, when i had my Galaxy S4G and went to my Galaxy SII, the difference between the two modems was clear. i saw a huge improvement in real world internet/networking applications, which was backed by speedtest, on the SII.

    mandatory features of a Nexus phone for me to get it:
     -Micro SD card slot ( this shouldn’t even have to be talked about, but unfortunately it needs to be )
     – 4.5″+ High Res screen
     – HSPA+ 42mb modem
     – 2500+mah battery
     – support HDMI out
     – on screen software buttons (would be a plus )
     -notification light
     – camera button!!!!! <<<<!!!!

    • Louie 23

      The Galaxy Nexus has one of the BEST notifications light I can remember. As good as my old BB Bold. There is an app Light Flow for the GNex that totally controls how the notification LED works. Very bright and visible. 

    • pops87

      It sucks, but a lot of new devices are not including expandable memory. Everyone seems to be going in the direction of cloud storage. No microSD was the reason i didn’t get the galaxy nexus.

  • JgomezstI

    Price of gs3 (off contact) = a nexus 7 & a galaxy nexus phone. Help what should i do? Pro and cons

    • NateK

      paying that kind of money for a phone with an outdated software (GSIII) would bug me to death. And by the time you get the update (probably early next year as past experiences show), there will be a newer phone out already.

      • fixxmyhead

        outdated software yea but its the s3 a real high end flagship and development will be high and it will get jb fast. as a matter of fact theres already a beta port and this happened in like a day. if u want a nexus go ahead but id rather have better hardware cuz the software always comes from xda if u have a flagship. even the one x has a port too

  • Spanky

    I’ve stated this over and over – after getting the Galaxy Nexus (my first Nexus device), I will always have a Nexus handy. Although I’ll be getting the GSIII when I make the move to AT&T next month, I’m keeping my unlocked GNex to ensure that I will get to enjoy timely updates.

  • http://www.neiltantay.com/ Neil T

    The S3 xda community is growing to be huge.. so it’s only a matter of time before S3 owners get 4.1 on a custom rom.  They already started on the One X and S3 and have a couple of things ported already.  Yes, the nexus gets it first, but if you can wait a couple of weeks, then the phones with the biggest xda communities will get it soon after.  

    • JB

      Very true… There are actually some unconfirmed reports hanging out there today that an Official Jelly Bean update is coming sometime in Q4 for the S III… which that probably means sometime late next year.. haha

      Either way, We’ll see…

    • Numlock3

      Did the custom ROM thing once with  my Sensation. It is not the same, I had a lot of trouble with my phone missing incoming texts, camera malfunctioning, etc.